Downtown San Jose’s Tabard Theatre to Close April 2

When the curtain falls after the last performance of the Tabard Theatre Company’s production of "Once," it will be for the last time, the San Pedro Square theater announced today.

The announcement was posted on the theater company’s website and in an email newsletter to theater patrons:

Jonathan Rhys Williams, Tabard Theatre Company executive artistic director.

“It is with a heavy heart that today I must announce that The Tabard Theatre Company will be closing its doors on April 2,” said Jonathan Rhys Williams, Tabard executive artistic director. “After three years of battling increasing costs, decreasing ticket sales and the on-going effects of a global pandemic, we are simply no longer able to make ends meet and therefore will be unable to complete the current season.”

Rhys Williams said in an email  today that the theater, formerly Theatre on San Pedro Square, at 29 N San Pedro St., will be permanently closing in just over six weeks.

Open since 2001, the Tabard Theatre, formerly the Theatre on San Pedro Square, at 29 N San Pedro St., had a storied history during its 21-year tenure hosting San Jose mayoral forums, live comedy shows and live music performances. The theater’s immediate proximity to downtown San Jose’s nightlife gave it prime real estate in Silicon Valley.

“We remain very excited about our upcoming production of “Once,” which will play as planned, March 10 through April 2,” said Rhys Williams. The eight-time Tony™award-winning celebration of life through music and storytelling “will be our swan song,” he said.

“All of our currently scheduled events and concerts will go forward as planned through the end of March,” said Williams.

“Over the 22 year history of this organization, the Tabard Theatre Company has meant so much to many of you as artists, technicians, volunteers, staff, and of course as subscribers, donors and patrons,” he said. “We thank everyone who has supported us over the past two decades, and particularly through this very challenging last three years.”


  1. Like anti-vaxxers go to the theatre. The only culture MAGA folks expose themselves to is yogurt.

  2. “Karma” – what a cynical take. While I didn’t agree with the vax passports from the very beginning for *ANYWHERE*, I find it distressing that you could care less that a theater/business is closing after 22 years. The Tabard Theater didn’t cause the pandemic or propagate the worst of the regulations imposed on people — that was the government, especially these California Democrats in power and our idiot Governor. Direct your anger to them, not this theater.

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