Silicon Valley Players Floated for California Attorney General Job

It’s often said that losing the 1998 San Jose City Council race to Cindy Chavez was the best thing to happen to Tony West, an attorney whose resume already boasted positions under President Bill Clinton’s DOJ, the Northern District of California and then-California Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

A decade after his bid for local office, the prominent African-American litigator went from co-chairing Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign to serving as the administration’s assistant attorney general of the DOJ’s Civil Division.

As California AG Xavier Becerra joins Joe Biden’s cabinet as head of Health and Human Services, West—who’s currently Uber’s top legal officer—is now being floated as a potential successor for the state’s prosecutor-in-chief.

West won high praise in a USA Today op-ed penned by Ben Crump, attorney for families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Should Gov. Gavin Newsom tap the Bellarmine-, Harvard- and Stanford-educated West as AG, the appointment could appear a little dynastic given West’s marriage to former California AG and VP-elect Kamala Harris’ sister, Maya Harris. But as a person of color, he’s a strong candidate given the intense public pressure on Gavin to bestow the position on someone who represents California’s diversity.

Though his name hasn’t come up in any speculative reports about who will fill Becerra’s shoes, Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen raised the prospect himself on his political website: “Would you accept a position in the Biden Administration or perhaps as Attorney General?” The answer to his own question, he wrote, is “yes.”

As a white male elected prosecutor in a nation where 95 percent of elected prosecutors are white and male, however, it’s unlikely Newsom will give him much thought.

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  1. Xavier Becarra, as head of Health and Human Services. Congrats to you.
    Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Xavier Bacca-ria. You know, the guy that Biden nominated for Secretary of Health and Education?

  2. Jeff Rosen is a prospect for incarceration. He is the top criminal in the Santa Clara County! I will be writing Newson a letter today to share all I know about Jeff Rosen’s criminal behavior such as protecting criminal law enforcement. I voted for Kamala from the beginning because she was always the most qualified based on work experience. I do not know if his brother in law is qualified or not. These offices should not go to someone just because they are people of “color.”Barbara Lee and Karen Bass are not at all like Kamala. Those two are dictatorship apologists who care more about their “revolution” than the people. Jeff Rosen cares more about his career and social status than the people he “serves.” ROSEN, remember that former SJPD and Santa Clara County Sheriffs’ deputy who engaged in Domestic Violence, Spouse Financial Abuse including IRS fraud, child pornography, and attempted to choke his biological daughter? That is one of your skeletons I will be sharing about with Gavin Newsom. I said it from the beginning, Kamala Harris will be the president of the United States. The COVID 19 is serious and will kill many. My eyes will see your end Jeff Rosen!

  3. Check this. Racist Brian Doyle informed the City Council that only he, the City Attorney, can put on the agrnda.

  4. > I voted for Kamala from the beginning because she was always the most qualified based on work experience.

    This is the political equivalent of believing the earth is flat.

    > Kamala Harris will be the president of the United States.

    Only if the election steal succeeds.

    Kamala the Commie did not win even one delegate in the Democrat primary. She dropped out of the race BEFORE the Iowa caucus.

    Democrats don’t even like her.

  5. Get this. Doyle told the Santa Clara City Council that he alone decides whether to settle lawsuits.

  6. You see bubble, she knows how to play cards too! This is why I love her! By leaving the race at the time she did…she is the VP. She will be president…remember this! The extreme left calling her a cop and the extreme right a Commie. But centrist democrats and republicans elected Biden and Harris! Thank you Lincoln Project…Never Bernie and Never Trump people formed a coalition that could not be stopped! “El que ríe al último ríe mejor.”

  7. > You see bubble, she knows how to play cards too! . . . By leaving the race at the time she did…she is the VP.

    Well, silly me! She had me completely fooled!

    I had no idea she was so clever.

    > She will be president…remember this!

    She and Gerald Ford will be the only presidents to never receive a political party convention delegate.

    But Gerald Ford never tried to win a convention delegate.

  8. Jeff Rosen is absolutely the most corrupt Democrat in California. As Newsom comes under fire for his PPE winery problems, and mishandling of race, police misconduct, homelessness and EDD benefits during the COVID crisis, appointing Rosen would create the natural and probable consequence of Newsom being recalled sooner than later.

    Let us not forget , Harris already gave Rosen a free pass on public corruption when Rosen stole public funds to give kickbacks to DAO employees who supported his political campaigns:

    In June 2020 Jeff Rosen was blasted by the Washington Post for filing a bogus whistleblower complaint against Sajid Kahn:

    Then he was mocked for being a DA Karen and 650 Public Defenders wrote about Rosen and made it clear a corrupt white prosecutor living in the shadow of his own corrupt deeds was running out of runway when it came to his pollical career.

    Can just see the headline now : Gavin Newsom appoints DA Karen as California’s Attorney General . NOT!

  9. Mr. Rosen would be well-qualified for the job.
    The appointment should be based on that alone, not color, race, gender, etc.

  10. Sorry, Tony West, I consider you disqualified from becoming Calif AG. You went off and joined the morally bankrupt company Uber, and since you are its top legal chef, that kinda tells me something about you. Should have done your homework, my friend.

  11. > “Would you accept a position in the Biden Administration or perhaps as Attorney General?” The answer to his own question, he wrote, is “yes.”
    . . . . .
    > Mr. Rosen would be well-qualified for the job.
    . . . . .

    I’m getting strange messages through my tinfoil hat.

    Is anyone else hearing this?

  12. Isn’t it amazing that Brian Doyle and other racists like Burt Field dont want minorities elected to office?

  13. This looks like DDA Jay Boyarsky who has been running ahead of Rosen’s political campaigns for years. Who in their right mind , other than Jay, Sandford Law Professor Michele Dauber, and all the white collar criminals Rosen protects, could ever say Jeff Rosen is well- qualified for anything other than indictment? I really am interested based on my research.

    Let’s review-
    Rosen prosecuted William Lynch for beating up the priest who molested him as a child. Meaning Rosen is well qualified to protect child molesters.

    Rosen maliciously prosecuted several men for rape, domestic violence and other violence against women cases from 2012-2017, to get re-elected, but did not go after any woman who made false allegations in all those crimes where the men obtained factual finding of innocence. Meaning Rosen is well- qualified when it comes to protecting fraud, forgery , perjury and false claims.

    In 2015 Rosen prosecuted Brock Turner to climb into the Dauber mob train. Rosen and Kinerci played every trick in the book , while ignoring three women who were actually raped in San Jose and Los Gatos. As soon as he was re-elected, and Channel Miller got her book deal with all the press Rosen’s prosecutors, and PIO Sean Webby were paid to bring her, Rosen dropped other rape cases . Meaning Rosen does not protect victims of sexual violence, he uses the political cases to get re- elected.

    Rosen prosecuted attorney and real estate fraudster Valerie Houghton and her husband Terry for real estate fraud and white collar crimes, for five years. Then dropped the case ” In the interest of justice ” as the IDO office noted Terry Houghton fraudulently obtained his criminal defense at taxpayer expense, for five years. Meaning Mr. Rosen protects lawyers and realtors who support him politically, even when those lawyers are criminals.

    Rosen ignored a 2015, 2018 and 2020 complaint about divorce attorneys who are committing crimes with their clients. Meaning same as above, he protects crooked lawyers who grow up to be crooked judges and private judges.

    Rosen was so busy worrying about his political campaigns and field trips, he never investigated a human trafficking case involving a little boy who wants to go home to the Philippines. Meaning Rosen is using immigration for his political campaigns, but not to protect actual victims of human trafficking and hate crimes.

    Rosen ignored ALL the excessive force cases involving our police agencies, so the FBI had to come into Palo Alto.

    A blogger had to reveal racists cops, because Rosen wasn’t investigating them. When it was discovered, it resulted in 15 criminal cases being dismissed. Meaning Rosen is releasing criminals the police arrest and put in custody because Rosen has let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

    Rosen supported WomenSV , a non-profit run by Ruth Patrick Darlene, that has a mission of helping ” affluent” women, as Rosen ignored women who didn’t own pricy Los Altos homes.

    Rosen hasn’t been concerned that Intero Real Estate has an unlicensed realtor getting appointed to sell off homes in family court, for 26 years.

    In 2016 and 2017 the Santa Clara County Grand Jury issued reports noting Rosen is one of the worst DAs in the state. The county lawyers gave him a Get- Out- Of – Jail card for the harm Rosen has inflicted on defendants and victims in the 10 years Rosen has been in office.

    In 2020 as the streets erupted over police misconduct issues, Rosen prosecuted the protestors, not the police using excessive force on protestors and journalists.

    During the Summer of 2020, Rosen drafted and filed a Whistleblower complaint against Sajid Kahn , while Rosen bunked in place in his Los Altos home, wasting public resources with the spare time he has due to a virtual commute.

    Rosen spent 2020 using his top prosecutors ( DDA Filo, Tran , Gibbons- Shapiro ) to shut down and prosecute small businesses not complying with COVID , while he turned the other way on big businesses violating the same orders when those businesses supported his political campaigns. Meaning Rosen is selectively protecting residents and businesses based on how it politically benefits him.

    Public records show Rosen used public resources in 2019 and 2020 to take his top prosecutors on a filed trip to Alabama to study ” civil rights”, as he violated the civil rights of Santa Clara residents. Meaning Rosen thought public employees making over $300,000 a year needed education more than the students in the county’s public schools.

    Rosen spent public money to produce YouTube videos. at $5,000 per pop, and that have less than 2k views, so he could use those videos in his political propaganda that also promote Cindy Chavez and Karyrn Sinunu Towery, two women connected to the public corruption in our local courts and government positions.

    As 49 AGs take on Antitrust activity of Facebook, Rosen continues to cover up other Facebook crimes as Facebook employees are connected to his office and continue to cover up Rosen’s dirty deeds ( Saher Staphan and Kasey Halcon).

    That is off the top of my head based on the records, interviews and research I have done on Rosen. But really interested to hear how you think he is ” well- qualified ” for an AG appointment?

  14. Yes, I do. I question your research and partisan opinions.
    Facts and evidence are necessary. You have your conclusions and allegations. Where are the facts and proof?
    Stay safe.

  15. Probably, California should select a REALLY, REALLY good attorney general because it sounds like California may have to defend itself from the Feds for massive election fraud.

    You didn’t think Joe Biden’s 64% to 34% victory over President Trump courtesy of Dominion Voting machines was a “far and honest” election, did you?

    “Donald J. Trump

    Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime. Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners,….”

    And, oh yeah, “ballot harvesting”.


    California cannot legally certify it’s electors.

    Is Joe Biden still President-Elect without California’s 55 electoral votes?

  16. WHAT?!

    YOU’RE KIDDING ! ! !

    President Trump has just announced that he is replacing Attorney General William Barr with . . . .

    = = = = >>> JEFF ROSEN !

    “Donald J. Trump
    Just had a very nice meeting with Attorney General Bill Barr at the White House. Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job! As per letter, Bill will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family…

    …Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, an outstanding person, will become Acting Attorney General. Highly respected Richard Donoghue will be taking over the duties of Deputy Attorney General. Thank you to all!”

  17. > Damn I thought Brian “Keep Santa Clara White”
    Doyle had it

    Would you care to be a little more explicit about your ethnic prejudices?

    If you replaced all the “people of color” in Santa Clara with white people, what would be different?

    If you replaced all the “white people” in Santa Clara with “people of color”, what would be different?

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