UPDATE: San Jose Shooting Suspect Taken into Custody

Police evacuated homes in the area of North 4th Street, where a shooting suspect barricaded himself Wednesday night. As of 9am Thursday, the suspect had been taken into custody.

The scene that was evacuated is the same area where police found a man suffering life-threatening injuries from a shooting reported at 5:15pm Wednesday in the 900 block of North 4th Street. On Thursday morning, San Jose police said they'd classified the shooting a homicide, marking the city's 12th homicide this year.

Shortly after 8pm Wednesday, San Jose police said they had closed North 4th Street in both directions from East Hedding Street to East Younger Street. They also closed between 3rd and 5th streets. Police urged resident to avoid the area.

Though officers have not released information on the shooting motive, at 8:48am on Thursday, officials said they'd taken the suspect into custody after a self-inflicted gunshot wound that was potentially life-threatening.


  1. Good Job SJPD!

    Too bad the suspect’s “self-inflicted gunshot wound” was not fatal.

    But, look on the bright side.

    The Ambulance drivers, Emergency Room Personnel, Surgeons and their staff, the Jail Ward, the Court System and final disposition of the suspect; be it confined in prison and or mental health lock-up, all get work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Don’t forget all of SJPD’s time and efforts having to deal with the suspect’s poor life-style choices.

    San Jose Police Officers should be paid more.

    A lot more.

    David S. Wall

  2. Mr wall, (notice i did not capitalize your name. i left it small to match your brain.) Reason being is because you have no idea what this person or these people have gone thru or are going thru. It really is disappointing how people like yourself are so one sided and judgemental without even having an inkling as to what the whole story is. You have no clue. I believe you are right in the sense that police offic ers should be paid their worth as they deal with alot more than they should, however for you to sit there and insinuate poor life choices and what not is asinine. You dont know jack about who this person ius or the scenario but you jump at the chance to make the police look like victims for having to deal with this. a person lost his life think about that. Did you feel the same way about the officer who murdered George Floyd and comment on his poor life choices? bet you didnt. why not? Because you are a hypocrite racist. GAURANTEED.

  3. Yeah for reals people like you is the reason why he have racism in this world the . For your info the person who shot the victim was his babys mamas brother who just got out of prison from doing 17 years so you see the victim didn’t even have a chance he was a good father RIP ELOY CARABAJAL YOU WILL BE MISSED … SO GOOD BLESS YOU SIR

  4. “ babys mamas brother who just got out of prison from doing 17 years.” Is there an a Ebonics professor who could convert these statements to English? Or is this the Spanish language version of a Ebonics?

  5. Only if you ignorant people knew the real story. You look really stupid. First of my brother(victim) never made it the hospital. SJPD left him there for dead from 515pm that day to 1-2pm the next day until they cleaned up the crime scene. So all these media outlets saying he died on the way to the hospital or at the hospital. IS FALSE.

  6. Yeah something like that don’t u “smart” people have something better to do with urselfs didn’t ur parents ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. I sure hope you guys ain’t parents becsuse if you what are you teaching them. Anyway who is Floyd the victims name was Eloy Carabajal and for you people who want to act like u don’t understand slang I apologize Eloy was shot and killed by a man who just did 17 years in prison he is the brother of Eloys ex girlfriend who he has kids with . RIP

  7. Happy ending wtf the victim was killed. You people. Must not have nothing better to do hopefully something like this happens to your family stupid ass

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