San Jose Police: Woman Who Coughed on Baby Claimed to be Victim of Mistaken Identity

A former schoolteacher wanted for assault after allegedly coughing on a baby’s face apparently tried to convince SJPD that they had the wrong suspect.

Despite having no alibi and being singled out twice in a photo lineup, Nancy Nordland told police that she was out of state at the time of the attack and was a victim of mistaken identity, according to investigative records newly obtained by San Jose Inside.

San Jose police say that on the evening of June 12, Nordland deliberately hacked on a year-old child in a stroller at a South Side Yogurtland. They say the woman apparently did so after getting upset that the baby’s mother, Mireya Mora, stood closer than the 6-foot distance mandated by pandemic-related public health orders.

“The victim pointed out to the suspect that there was a pink line on the floor indicating where the victim was supposed to stand in order to observe social distancing,” San Jose Police Department Detective Daniel Bowman wrote in a summary of Mora’s account. “The suspect then went to an employee of the store and asked the employee to direct the victim to move away from the suspect.”

An employee reportedly obliged, telling Mora to step back a bit to give the woman more room. Mora did so, she told police—just not enough to the woman’s liking.

“The suspect then approached the victim, took off her mask and coughed three times on the victim’s son’s face,” Bowman recounted about Mora’s interview.

Mora says she immediately raised the canopy of her son’s stroller as the woman proceeded help herself to some frozen yogurt. Then, despite protestations from employees, Mora said the woman left the store without paying.

Det. Bowman asked: would Mora recognize the woman if she saw her again?

“Yes,” Mora replied, per police records.

Would she want to press charges?

“Yes, I do,” Mora reportedly answered.

Minutes after the coughing incident, police reports say the baby’s grandmother flagged down SJPD Officer Miguel Lopez—who was driving a marked patrol car on Great Oaks Parkway—to tell him about what just happened. Lopez said he searched the shopping center for someone who fit the cougher’s description—white, elderly, above-average height, curly blonde ‘do—to no avail.

While SJPD tracked down leads, Mora spread word of the attack in an interview with ABC7. In the local TV news segment, Mora accused the unknown cougher of discrimination, saying the woman directed the attack on her Spanish-speaking family even though white people in the store stood at about roughly the same distance away.

Once the TV report aired and police a short time later issued surveillance footage and a plea for the public’s help identifying the assailant, tips began flooding SJPD phone lines.

On June 22, according to police reports, a local K-12 campus secretary told investigators that “without a doubt,” the suspect is one Nancy Nordland, a resource specialist for the Oak Grove School District with a registered address in Redwood City.

On June 24—a dozen days after the attack and two since the ABC7 report made the case one of public interest—Det. Bowman finally made contact with Nordland. The resulting statement, as documented by Bowman, was full of denials and claims of ignorance.

After explaining the reason for calling, Bowman said Nordland asked for the date of the Yogurtland incident. When he told her June 12, she allegedly claimed she was up in Newberg, Oregon, on that day for a nephew’s graduation, a niece’s baptism and because she lives there part-time. “Before I could ask any more,” Bowman went on to write, “she stated that the Yogurtland had been ‘closed for a long time, since school got out.’ I explained that it was open on June 12.”

When asked if she could come down to the police station to give an official statement, Nordland allegedly demurred, saying she would be up in Oregon until the South Bay school district she works for went back in session.

“She told me again that there was a graduation party, as well as a baptism, that took place in Oregon on the weekend in question,” Bowman wrote. “I asked specifically, ‘So you were in Oregon on Friday the 12th?’ She responded, ‘Yeah, that if that was the Friday, yeah, because that would have been, that would have been, ummm, yeah. So, the party for my nephew is Saturday.’ I said, ‘OK.’ She said, ‘So I’m sorry. I’d have to look up on the calendar to tell you what day is which these days because we’re home all the time.’”

SJPD would have to wait until fall, Nordland told him, according to police reports.

“She asked if she was under arrest for something,” Bowman wrote, “and I said no. She asked what had happened, and I explained that I was investigating an argument that had happened in the Yogurtland, and I had several people who had recognized her. She asked, ‘Do I have a twin walking around somewhere?’ I said I didn’t know.”

Bowman asked if Nordland could put him in touch with anyone who could vouch for her whereabouts at the time of the alleged crime, to which she reportedly replied: “Probably, yeah. But they’re in Oregon, I mean, you know?”

Bowman said he pressed her again, asking if she wanted to provide some kind of alibi.

“You know what?” she replied, per police records. “I’m, uh, I’m kinda getting uncomfortable with this situation because I think this is a false accusation.”

The woman then asked if police needed her sister to go to San Jose to vouch for her and that she was “completely mystified” by Bowman’s inquiry.

“So what, what, what, what, you just need someone to call you” the woman asked, per the police report. “Or you need somebody to swear a statement? Or—I don’t understand. I mean, why would you need somebody to do anything if I’m not under arrest?”

“Because you’re under investigation,” Bowman said he told her.

“Wow,” she replied, per police records.

Bowman told her she could have a family member call him, or she could provide receipts or some other evidence to convince him to move on to another suspect. He apologized if it was indeed a case of mistaken identity, he said, but that if she could prove she was in Oregon at the time of the assault, he could move the investigation in another direction.

“Should I be worried about this?” Nordland reportedly asked.

“I told her that she had nothing to worry about if she was in Oregon at the time of the assault,” Bowman wrote in his official narrative of the call.

Unfortunately for Nordland, employees of Oak Grove School District told Bowman in subsequent interviews that they were almost entirely certain he had the right suspect.

When asked if Nordland looked like the suspect in the surveillance footage, police say the Alex Anderson Elementary School principal replied, “It does, unfortunately.”

The principal—Sarah Kates-March, whose name is redacted from the police documents  provided to San Jose Inside—told SJPD that Nordland was not in Oregon on the date of the coughing attack. In fact, the school administrator said, she’d been at a graduation for the San Jose school that day and spent the latter part of that same afternoon cleaning her classroom in preparation for summer break.

About six days after the attack, Kates-March said Nordland dropped off her classroom key with the school secretary, leaving behind a date-stamped text exchange to prove it.

Police further tried to confirm Nordland as the suspect by presenting a photo lineup in which Mora positively identified the Oak Grove educator multiple times.

When police went to the Nordland family’s San Jose address, neighbors reported seeing her at the house within a week of the coughing incident—including once in her garage, fighting with her husband, whom they identified as Karl.

Attempts by San Jose PD to reach Nordland were unsuccessful. As were those by this news organization—both for this story and past updates.

Reached by the Mercury News recently, Nordland’s husband, identified in the report as Todd, told the newspaper that his wife “has been on the internet of things she did not do.” The husband also reportedly told the news outlet that Nordland has fielded death threats “as a consequence” of the public attention. “Shame on you for reporting and investigating and propagating this fake news,” he added, according to the Merc.

According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, Nordland remains on the lam, wanted on a single misdemeanor count of assault. Sources with information on the case are asked to relay tips to Det. Bowman at 408.277.4161

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. I am pleasantly surprised that the SJPD put so much effort into tracking down Ms. Nordland.
    I remain confused regarding why the baby’s mother, Ms. Mora, remained in line for her yogurt after this attack on her child. The baby’s abuelita was with Ms. Mora, so she could have left her baby with her and followed the cougher. Even if Ms. Mora didn’t want to confront the cougher, she could have got a license plate number that would have helped the SJPD ID a suspect.
    Something ain’t right here.

  2. John, that is an easy question to answer for a woman and a mother. You never really know who the other person is or what is happening in her mind. If that was my child, I would stay by my child and even bought the yogurt. The baby was more likely than not upset. Thus, the yogurt would help an upset baby be calm and happy. She had a baby and an elderly person to care for. If the woman have continued her attack, on my baby, I had taken her eyes out with my own nails. Plus, staying promoted physical safety for all. A mother bear avoids confrontation in order to prolong the care and lives of her babies. If this is not possible, she attacks and even kills.

  3. There was a father whose five year old boy was killed by a neighbor while the boy was riding his bike. The boy was shot in the head. The father remained by his side asking for help. That is a very predictable behavior of mothers and fathers, generally speaking. Do you have children John? If you do, ask yourself why would be more important to you to follow this person than to stay by your child?

  4. I agree blaming the victimizers for not following the criminal is wrong. Clearly the criminal in this case is a Lier. She could have easy showed receipts to prove she was in Oregon. If she drove gas receipts if she flew air lines ticket stub. This criminal has just done what Guilty People do deflect & claim ignorance. Why is she hiding if she is so innocent? Wouldn’t she want to clear her name with some proof that she was not even in town on the day in question?

  5. > Wouldn’t she want to clear her name with some proof that she was not even in town on the day in question?

    I have the same question about Gavin Newsom, Sara Cody, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.

    At some point in time, wouldn’t their consciences bother them, and wouldn’t they want to clear their names of the crime of irresponsibly spreading coronavirus fear porn?

  6. Bay Area Defense Attorneys,

    I humbling ask you to consider reaching out to either Ms Nordland or her husband and offer your services or even pro bono legal advise. Perhaps you can suggest Ms Nordland surrender herself privately, she can answer questions, get booked, post bail, and begin preparing a defense so this process can move forward. My limited knowledge of the process is that charges have been filed so some sort of arrest warrant has been granted. My interpretation of the sentiment of the stakeholders is these charges won’t get dropped in the near term.

    The reality is Ms Wadsworth is going to continue rubbing out these Schadenfreude-induced dopamine hits for her faithful. History predicts this is about to take a turn for the worse, perhaps with a long narrative piece involving one of Ms Nordland’s students or perhaps an in-depth expose on one of her offspring that has run into some trouble, carefully worded piece to fit the current zeitgeist. What I can say with some confidence is that this public flogging will continue and to feed the next high, it will get more ugly and humiliating, to Ms Nordland and, in the long run when scent of blood has faded, to those who derive pleasure from such things.

    In hopes of saving our collective soul and whatever is left of our humanity by avoiding continuous video loops of a throbbing mob rapturing over Ms Nordland perp walk, I implore you to show some mercy to everyone and reach out to the Nordland family. Let us get her processed and begin to get this behind all of us.

    My Sincere Thanks,

  7. > Perhaps you can suggest Ms Nordland surrender herself privately, she can answer questions, get booked, post bail, and begin preparing a defense so this process can move forward.

    What would Hillary do?

    It sure as hell wouldn’t be “surrender privately”.

    It would be every trick and stratagem in the very thick book of Clintonist scorched earth politics.

  8. but the media and law enforcement would be on Hillary’s side, unlike the tag teaming of Ms Nordland

    but perhaps you are right, I am trying to bring things back to a Aristotelian Mean

    old habits die hard

  9. This topic is about a adult that should knw better and if thrs witness to what happened why in da hell the police go and pick her up like they would any person if they were blk or Mexican but NO!shes white so of course they aint doing nothing yet! And another thing this aint got NOTHING TO DO WITH CLINTON OR ANY STUPUID POLITICIANS!

  10. Hey Todd

    Go get your wife, clear this up, have her appologize and let her take her lumps. SHE KNEW BETTER.
    It was a BABY. If she was mad at the mother why not cough on her? She TARGETED the BABY on purpose. I can speculate as to why but I won’t. A teacher attacking a BABY. WOW!

    Quit victim, race and parenting blaming.

    She is the one making everything worst by lying and going on the run; prolonging this entire ordeal for something she’s literally going to get off paying a fine for and maybe some anger management.

    It’s a misdemeanor, she just “retired” and at her age it’s not likely she is going to be in the job market.

    The longer she hides, the worst it will be for her on several platforms if she doesn’t come in soon.

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