Teacher Who Allegedly Coughed on Baby Charged with Assault

A former schoolteacher who allegedly deliberately coughed on a 1-year-old baby’s face has been charged with assault, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Nancy Nordland is accused of removing her mask, bending over the infant’s stroller and deliberately hacking three times into the baby’s face at a Yogurtland in San Jose. The incident happened after an argument with the child’s mother, Mireya Mora, over whether the stroller was far enough away to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The shocked employees and customers inside the store on June 12, 2020 tried to confront the woman, according to the DA’s office, but she quickly fled the scene without paying for her frozen yogurt. Nearly a dozen local tipsters told police they were positive Nordland was the woman in the video within 24 hours after the San Jose Police Department released footage of the incident.

When questioned by police, however, Nordland apparently tried to convince SJPD that they had the wrong suspect.

Nordland claimed to be in Oregon with family on that day and said she planned to stay there until the school year began again. Her alibi was foiled when Nordland’s principal at Alex Anderson Elementary School in San Jose told police that the teacher was actually at school on June 12 cleaning out her classroom.

“All of us must practice empathy and patience as we work together through this pandemic,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen said in a statement Friday. “Taking your frustrations out on someone’s child is unacceptable—and criminal.”

Nordland, 66, will be arraigned on the misdemeanor charge on April 27 at 9am at the Hall of Justice in San Jose.

Janice Bitters is managing editor for Metro Silicon Valley. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter at @janicebitters.


  1. For sure it was childish… but criminal? Seems like Jeff Rosen is looking for air time. Is he up for election again soon. That would explain the nonsense.

  2. So, this incident makes sense now – as teacher unions have been spitting in kids and families faces since December 2020, when they stopped ignoring all science, and made school reopening a political, negotiating tool. This lady was just ahead of the curve, and more transparent about not liking kids.

  3. Says the guy who’s own kid or grandkid did NOT get coughed on DURING A CONTAGIOUS PANDEMIC by a random woman other than said lady just taking a few steps back, huh?

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