San Jose Police Shoot and Kill Carjacking Suspect after Wreck

San Jose police officers shot and killed a carjacking suspect Wednesday night, after he began firing at officers from the scene of a serious traffic collision he caused, police said.

In a series of tweets that began at 7:28pm, San Jose police reported that officers shot a carjacking suspect near West Hedding Street and Park Avenue, at the city's western boundary with Santa Clara.

Another three tweets, all posted in succession at 10:07pm, police added more details.

The first reported that an armed man driving a stolen vehicle attempted a carjacking in Santa Clara, but was unsuccessful. The next tweet reported that the suspect was driving back to San Jose when he caused a serious traffic collision in the intersection of West Hedding Street and Park Avenue, and that he fired on officers when they arrived on the scene of the collision.

The final tweet reported that officers returned fire, striking the suspect at least once, and that the suspect was taken to a local hospital where he died.

The final tweet also noted that no officers were injured in the shooting and that the people involved in the traffic collision received minor to moderate injuries.




  1. Thank You! ..for your efforts at attempting to keep law abiding citizens SAFE,
    Mis-Guided Advocacy by
    Supervisors, Council Members, and Political Groups
    that have Advocated in one way or another
    to Weaken,
    Limit and
    Undermine proven Law & Order initiatives
    and programs in San Jose and the Bay area –

    Essentially neutering Short-term and Long-term actions
    of Police to Provide a Safe City for Taxpaying Residents.

  2. SJPD: Great job! Glad to hear that none of you were injured and you prevented further damage to innocent citizens.

    My condolences to the friends and family of the suspect who decided to shoot it out with the police. Irrespective of whether he had mental issues or was merely a career criminal embolden by the permissive attitude that we take toward crime, it is sad to see someone die.

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