San Jose Police Find Stolen Custom Car at Homeless Encampment

This past weekend a custom trailer was stolen from ‘The Hot Rod Shop’ near downtown San Jose, police report. San Jose detectives said the trailer contained a valuable custom car.

"Alert patrol Officers located the empty trailer on Galveston Av near a homeless encampment" near the San Jose Mineta International Airport, police said. They investigated further and found the car in the encampment.

The vehicle had been concealed and was being dismantled.

"Thanks to some good old fashioned police work the owners were reunited with their stolen property," police reported.

There have been no arrests in the continuing investigation.




  1. Oh yes, all of these homeless people are responsible and we need to cut them some slack. Meanwhile, these drug addicts are cutting up stolen bikes and cars, staring fires and polluting our waterways. Is it any wonder so many of us a fed up?

  2. And they say we should welcome these drug-addled thieving vagrants into working people’s neighborhoods.

  3. Who are “they” our unhoused needs housing for those that want it and we need to make a way for this to happen

  4. Mental Ilness plays a big part in this and also the fact that these individuals are lost they don’t have a clue where to go , or how they’re going to take a shower , use the bathroom etc . They do stupid stuff like this to try and find a way to take care of themselves because they don’t have the proper raising probably to figure out how to work or nothing it’s just I don’t know they’re confused but they do need help if the city or state will hurry up and house them somewhere the city will have a lot less crime

  5. Right-on Regina – San Jose Can’t Build that New Jail soon enough. Auto theft is a felony.

    California auto theft laws:
    “As a felony, the penalty will be 16 months, 2 years or 3 years in jail and a fine of $10,000.
    The jail time for auto theft increases if the vehicle stolen was particularly valuable,
    resulting in 1 additional year in jail if the car was valued at more than $65,000 and 2 years additional if it was worth more than $200,000.”

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