SJ Mayor Hospitalized After Colliding with SUV While Cycling

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo struck an SUV while riding his bike on New Year’s Day, according to a statement from City Hall. The collision took place around 12:30pm on the 600 block of Salt Lake Drive, mayoral spokesman David Low told reporters.

“The driver of the vehicle pulled over and stayed at the scene, while Mayor Liccardo was taken to the hospital to be checked out,” Low explained in an email Tuesday.

Liccardo, 48, is expected to stay for a couple more days at San Jose Regional Medical Center, where he’s being treated for “minor fractures” and other injuries that “are not considered overly serious,” Low said.

In a comment through his spokesman, Liccardo thanked first responders from Fire Station 19, the San Jose Police Department, the team of doctors who treated him and a pair of onlookers who rushed to help after the accident.

Low said the mayor is in good spirits. Liccardo quipped: “Fortunately, the doctors state that all defects to the head were pre-existing conditions.”

Throughout his tenure on the City Council, Liccardo, an avid cyclist, has tried to make the city safer for bicycles. Recent efforts include adding bright-green buffered bike lanes throughout downtown.

Shiloh Ballard, head of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, said she’s “very, very glad” that Liccardo is in stable condition. She added that she looks forward to collaborating on bike-friendly policies as he continues to serve on the Valley Transportation Authority board and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

“He’s one of [Silicon] Valley’s best champions of bike-friendly cities ...,” she said. “We look forward to continuing to work with him to make the streets safe for all.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Always good to joke about it. In that vain; I do think he is going too far in highlighting the need for bike safety. Moreover, his quip regarding a “preexisting” condition when he might have suffered a TBI will be disappointing to many of his friends in the BAR. Finally, was the driver a Republican? Conspiracy theorists want to know. . .lol. BTW: Wishing him the best in his recovery—even from the “minor” fractures (read broken bones) and other injuries (unspecified).

    • > Finally, was the driver a Republican? Conspiracy theorists want to know. . .

      No known or suspected Republicans were sighted near the site of the incident. Or, for that matter, anywhere in San Jose.

      Democrat insiders should probably be worried about signs of independent actions by rogue SUV’s.

      • Though I own a Highlander and had a house just three blocks way, I missed the opportunity as I was home all day! Must have be a Dem as that is all that lives here.

    • > Finally, was the driver a Republican? Conspiracy theorists want to know. . .lol.




      A guilty conscience is forever restless, and the TRUTH demands its freedom!

  2. Get better soon, Mr Mayor. Hope there are no lasting injuries.

    Interesting that this happened on what looks to be a quiet residential street. Must have been a freak accident.

  3. It’s fairly strange to be hospitalized for multiple days over “minor fractures” and injuries that are not serious. So is he getting super star treatment not accessible to the rest of us, or are his injuries more serious than claimed? Here’s hoping it’s the former.

    • The sjpd star team responded and classified the minor injury accident as a major injury incident. Do these incidents always require so many officers to close a street off for this many hours? I guess the PD must still love Liccardo.

  4. Mayor was “allegedly” hit by a driver or maybe he ran into the vehicle unintentionally or maybe bike rage. The investigation is ongoing so keep all asinine comments for the final investigation report. Hopefully the police won’t be influenced by knowing who signs their checks.

  5. One of my boys was run down twice in San Jose. These were Hit and Runs. He was in bike lanes. Lit up like a Christmas tree. A car driver who saw second hit and run, got plate. Police found H and R car,, no current registration,
    No insurance, found driver, on parole for Hit and Run. and a few either MINOR felonies. His grandmother said he was home at time of Hit and Run. Her car, she said, she only “drives it to store and mall”. remember no insurance, no papers.
    Its a joke about bike lanes in San Jose. I feel all unregistered car should be crushed. Charging owners plus 1000 hours sweeping bike lanes. Great exercise. with go-pro cameras. If the a sweeper get hit, county will cosign on Fiat 500 or free creamation, or deportation to Detroit. rent is 5 cents on dollar compaired to San Jose.

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