Ro Khanna to Hold First Town Hall

Congressman Ro Khanna on Wednesday will hold his first town hall meeting since the election at Ohlone College in Fremont.

Khanna has been pushing buttons on both sides of the aisle since taking office, and he has been appointed to the House Budget and the Armed Services Committee. He also serves as vice chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group that focuses on economic justice and protecting civil rights and liberties. The caucus also promotes global peace and advances environmental protection, which has pitted members directly against executive orders President Donald Trump has made in his first month.

Congressional town halls are a common practice in the second month of the year, but many Republicans have chosen to eschew tradition as they face a backlash over a range of issues, including reports that the Russian government interfered with the presidential election and even consorted with Trump’s campaign. Republicans and Congress have not expressed an interest in investigating these reports, which cite the U.S. intelligence community.

Khanna won a rematch last year against Mike Honda, unseating the eight-term representative in large part due to a House ethics probe that dogged the incumbent for more than two years.

In his first Town Hall meeting, Khanna intends to discuss what is being done to protect the community’s interests on all fronts, from healthcare and environmental protections to how immigrant communities may be targeted by deportation forces. Khanna will also talk about recent legislative activities regarding campaign reform and his economic agenda.

When:  Wednesday, Feb. 22
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Where: Ohlone College
43600 Mission Boulevard, Room 3201
Fremont, CA  94539

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