Former Congressman Mike Honda Mulling Possible Run Against San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

Former Congressman Mike Honda is reportedly considering a run for local office. The 76-year-old Democrat told the Mercury News on Thursday that he’s “not saying no” to the idea of challenging San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo in his re-election bid.

Honda served eight terms in the House representing Silicon Valley’s 17th Congressional District until 2016 when Stanford University professor and former Obama appointee Ro Khanna ousted him on the second try. Honda’s reputation took a hit when he became the subject of a congressional ethics investigation into claims that he used House staffers to work on his political campaign.

Though Honda historically counted on support from labor unions and the leftward wing of the Democratic Party, Khanna spent his inaugural term in office positioning himself as a stronger progressive than his predecessor.

In a contest with business-friendly Liccardo, however, Honda would be considered the more progressive candidate.

Though one other candidate—Quangminh Pham—filed paperwork to run against the mayor, the 2018 race has pretty much been a one-man show. Liccardo finished the opening fundraising period with about $545,000 in donations, giving him a considerable head start over Pham and any other potential challengers.


  1. At first I laughed. But then I thought that Mr. Honda must know something I don’t. There’s a lot of stories floating around about Mr. Liccardo’s personal and professional weaknesses that are not openly discussed. Perhaps Mr. Honda is aware that one of them may surface and relatively soon. Perhaps this will enough to jeopardize what is expected to be an uneventful mayoral re-election. Perhaps even a former Congressman who couldn’t hold his own seat will be the beneficiary.

    • > There’s a lot of stories floating around about Mr. Liccardo’s personal and professional weaknesses that are not openly discussed.

      We’re very courageous here on SJI. WE’LL discuss them!

      So, DISH!

  2. Liccardo is a giant bag of hot air. He’s all about the liberal buzzwords. The citizens are now paying the consequences of his failed policies. Now the WillowGlen bubble people, the ones with all the SAM lawn signs, are the victims of his soft on crime pension wage reform BS. Anyone but Sam will be better.

  3. Given how anxious Chuck Reed is to be replaced as San Jose’s worst mayor ever, I think Mike Honda can count on his vote.

  4. Just great, This would be like having to choose between Tojo or Pancho Villa. Aren’t one party system wonderful?

    • Ironically it’s Empty Guns & his alt-right extremist comrades whose anti- American rhetoric has driven tens of thousands of South Bay voters from the Republican Party. Then they have the audacity & unmitigated gall to complain about the “top two candidate” voting system (proposed by a Republican by the way) that prevents conservative candidates from appearing on the General Election ballot. It’s their own hateful & divisive agenda that’s responsible for their eroding political clout,as most voters have now become Democrats or Independents because they find being associated with such people appalling. As long as they continue to attract only the most bigoted & intolerant minority of enraged voters their lack of competitiveness will only continue to grow larger & larger. It’s entirely their own fault & they have nobody to blame but themselves for the laughable predicament they’ve created. They’re just a bunch of losers,big losers at the ballot box & destined to be angry & pathetic losers for the rest of their miserable lives. Fortunately for the rest of us these “deplorables” only recourse at this point is bitching incessantly about their presently untenable situation,so they’re easily ignored & regularly ridiculed by their more intelligent neighbors. Their political views certainly are appalling,but always certain to provoke raucous laughter at their expense. A bunch of brainless sideshow freaks to point at while their dimwitted antics evoke gasps & guffaws from throngs of adults & children alike. Or it could just be divine retribution,because if there is a God he/she must surely hate these people with a passion reserved for Satan himself !

      • So Herb since you changed your name from the village blacksmith, you still can’t frame a sentence or paragraph.

        South bay has been flooded with alt left wing Illegal aliens, and pot smoking crazys that have drained out of the United States and third world hell holes looking for brainless do gooders to sign them up to vote for corrupt politicians that would like to destroy the country.

        As I returned to this city this week I couldn’t help but see trash that lines the streets and freeway. The stench of burning crap from the homeless encampment at 101 and 13th street, and stolen shopping carts making the sidewalk impassible.

        Herby if this is you idea of a democrat run eutopia you deserve what’s coming next. Detroit!

  5. > Though one other candidate—Quangminh Pham—filed paperwork to run against the mayor, the 2018 race has pretty much been a one-man show.

    Right now, Pham is at the top of my list for mayor in 2018.

    How about SJI doing it’s part to break the news blackout on Pham.

    I’ve decided that I cannot vote for anyone who has ever been mayor of San Jose. Nor, can I vote for anyone named for a car.

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