GOP Congressional Contender Ron Cohen Waxes Conspiratorial About Obama Family on Twitter

For someone whose Twitter bio claims he rarely tweets because the platform is “too manipulated,” Ron Cohen was quite prolific this week.

The Republican, who’s challenging Rep. Ro Khanna’s re-election in the 17th Congressional District, took to Twitter to rail against immigrants, cast doubt on the rape allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh and promote a conspiracy theory about Michelle Obama being born a man.

Cohen, a 59-year-old CPA from Fremont, began an extensive thread about the former First Lady when someone responded to a since-deleted tweet about the rumor.

“She really annoys me,” Cohen tweeted on Friday. “It is fine with me that she is transgender. I just wish she'd be honest and proud about it. Look at her hands. Look at her frame. Her face gets more feminine as time passes.”

The right-wing D-17 contender went on to suggest that Barack Obama is secretly gay and that Sasha and Malia had surrogate parents because of Michelle’s inability to conceive as a biological male. Basically, the same wackadoodle plots hawked by Twitter outcast and snake-oil salesman Alex Jones.

“To me, it is a theory, because I will never have a DNA test to prove it,” Cohen tweeted along with side-by-side photos of the couple he believes to be the birth parents. “But to my eyes, it is highly, highly probable.”

Cohen shared his take on Kavanagh’s accuser, too. In one tweet, Cohen calls Palo Alto professor Christine Blasey Ford’s “setting conditions for the procedure and timing of her testimony to the Senate” a “profound signal” that her case is “weak, or non-existent.”

In another Twitter post, the congressional hopeful says HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s comments about the Kavanagh allegations being part of a “centuries-old socialist plot” would be correct if Ford’s claims turn out to be false.

Cohen’s latest string of incendiary tweets is pretty standard fare for the self-described “fiscal and social conservative” and member of Alameda County’s Republican Central Committee, who believes “immigration without assimilation is invasion” and that “anchor babies are illegal aliens—period.”

Click here to read some of Cohen’s latest comments, including his condemnation of transitional shelters for the unhoused (“It is a waste of taxpayers’ funds and a blight on the community. Social Justice Warrior, progressive baloney”) and his praise of ICE.

Though he’s running to represent one of the bluest and most diverse regions in the nation and a district where half the constituents are of Asian descent and a third are foreign-born, Cohen still managed to secure more than 22 percent of the vote in the June primary. Cohen didn’t respond to a call for comment.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. How vile! I admit I don’t like Khanna, but I guess I will vote f9r him, because this crap is too much. Michelle Obama served as First Lady. Ok, I disagree with her, but she deserves respect. This is revolting. Enough!!@ what happened? It makes me sad.

  2. > this crap is too much.

    > Michelle Obama served as First Lady. Ok, I disagree with her, but she deserves respect.


    Please explain yourself.

    I have no idea if Michelle Obama is transgender or not. But I thought we were all supposed to be respectful of people who are transgender.

    What “crap” are you taking issue with?

    There are places on this planet where the law REQUIRES “non-cis” people to be addressed by their preferred pronoun.

    How is anyone supposed to know if Michelle is transgender or not and what her preferred pronoun is? And if Michelle’s identity is “non-cis”, why are you calling it “crap”?

  3. This guy is really nuts. And totally cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Just because of the build of her body she is secretly a man? I hope he never sees me. I am 6’1. Athletic. I took too many jokes in high school. And that is what he sounds like. A teenager. Grow up, dude.

    • Thank you so much. I bet you are one cool gal. I owe you a drink for your good sense. But no arm wrestling.

  4. Mr. Cohen: stop carping about Obama. He has drifted into obscurity where he came from and where he belongs.

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