Report: Shirtless Man High on Drugs Leads Police on Freeway Foot Chase after Being Tased

shirtless man reportedly high on PCP led law enforcement on a freeway foot chase Tuesday morning, after a taser did little to slow him down.

Video of the incident, which was posted to the YouTube account of SuperMarioIV, shows traffic slowed to a crawl as law enforcement came into contact with the suspect during the morning commute along Highway 880.

A female officer is seen running in the opposite direction of the camera when a man emerges from a group of officers (go to the 50-second mark). The suspect avoids the female officer’s attempt to wrap him up, knocking her to the ground. He then runs by the camera with what appear to be taser wires attached to his back.

“Guy’s tased,” says SuperMarioIV.

The following video contains profanity at the end of the clip. —Editor

The suspect then cuts across traffic and appears to avoid nearly being struck by a car in the far right lane before heading for the shoulder as officers from the San Jose Police Department and California Highway Patrol give chase.

KLIV 1590 reported that the man was tased a second time and taken into custody. Police told the station that the suspect—who was charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and being under the influence of a controlled substance—and three officers suffered minor injuries.

UPDATE: SJPD provided the following summary of the incident:

At approximately 9:40 A.M., officers located an adult male on S/B Highway 880 near Stevens Creek Boulevard exhibiting the signs of being under the influence of drugs. The suspect was shutting down the freeway with traffic cones. Officers attempted to detain the suspect, but he ran in different directions on the highway.  The suspect physically assaulted two officers and resisted arrest. The suspect was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

The suspect was transported to a local area hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect will be booked into the Santa a Clara County Jail for  two counts of battery on a peace officer, under the influence and resisting arrest.

Three officers suffered minor non-life threatening injuries.

No other information is available at this time.


  1. An example of police work in the future…. Its not worth it anymore to overcome the SUSPECTS escalation of the situation. Unless you are confronted with deadly force, just let him go. Same with burglary, auto theft, assault, theft and all warrant arrests. This is what the haters have been pushing for and this is what we will become. The criminals can rule the streets and the citizens can protect themselves from these low level offenders…. Its becoming the new way including san jose. Cameras will protect the world from the evil police Are you listening Josh?

    • Its not worth it anymore to overcome the SUSPECTS escalation of the situation.

      I don’t think this is any different than what’s on the rulebooks in the past. If a suspect doesn’t have any weapons, and isn’t putting anyone’s life (sans their own) in mortal danger, then this is how it must be handled. I think cops have gotten in the habit of reaching for their sidearm too much over the years, and the result is lawsuits. Even Chief Landsdowns apology couldn’t stop this lawsuit.

      Unless she had a polearm, a diminuative 90lb Vietnamese woman with a footlong blade could have been subdued with less than deadly force. Pepper spray, bean bag round, tazer, take your pick. Personally I would have used a 3′ baton to the weapon arm until she dropped it.

      Either way though it’s time for US based law enforcement to look at how police in other countries are handling tough situations. UK has had some nice viral video’s of them subduing knife armed suspects. It’ll be a nice day when the kids start posting videos of US based cops doing the same good work.

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