Lockdown Lifted at West Valley College after Two People Found with Replica Firearm

A lockdown at West Valley College in Saratoga was lifted Monday afternoon after two hours when two people with a replica firearm were detained, authorities said.

The college was on lockdown for more than two hours, after the college sent out alerts shortly after 11am that an armed intruder with a rifle was seen at the Saratoga campus.

The lockdown was lifted about 1:30pm, but all classes were canceled for the day as an extra precaution, school officials said.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office did not release information about the pair detained, only saying on social media about 1:30pm. that “there is no active threat at this time and the campus is safe.”

As of 11:10am, police were searching for a man carrying a long rifle, according to an alert on the school's website.

People on campus were encouraged to run off campus if possible and leave their car and belongings behind, hide if they do not know where the threat is or fight if the intruder comes to their hiding place.


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