Home Depot on Blossom Hill Engulfed in Flames, Threatening Businesses, Homes

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Firefighters Satureay evening continued to battle a five-alarm fire burning out of control after nearly six hours at the Home Depot store on Blossom Hill Road near Oakridge Mall.

The fire, which began around 5pm and was first reported by the San Jose Fire Department on Twitter at 6:11pm, threatened nearby businesses, resulting in the evacuation of animals from an adjacent pet hospital, and shelter-in-place orders for residents and workers in the vicinity of the mall.

Heavy smoke visible for miles made worse by high winds prompted the safety precautions.

As of 10pm, no injuries had been reported.

The fire and the large plume of smoke from the fire at 920 Blossom Hill Road can be seen for miles all around the Santa Clara Valley.

Aerial images of the blaze broadcast by NBC Bay Area showed flames roaring from the out of control fire.

Fire officials and the San Jose Police Department are also asking motorists to stay away from the immediate area.

All animals being cared for at Wagly Veterinary Hospital and Pet Campus, located at 932 Blossom Hill Rd., have been evacuated, according to the San Jose Fire Department spokesperson.

Families looking to reunite with their pets are being asked to go to Golfland San Jose, located at the corner of Winfield Boulevard and Blossom Hill Road.

This is a developing story. 

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