Do You Recognize This Man? SJPD Seeks Stalking Suspect

San Jose police are asking the public for help identifying a suspected stalker.

SJPD says the man in question showed up at various times of day and night from Oct. 4 to Dec. 8 at Mission Grove Apartments, where the female victim resides.

“He has appeared at the victim’s door on eight separate occasions,” SJPD spokesman Officer Steve Aponte wrote in a bulletin to reporters today. “The suspect knows the victim’s name, despite the fact that she has never met him.”

On Dec. 3, police say, the victim’s neighbors chased the man on foot to his car, which they reported as a newer model black Honda Civic. The license plate number is unknown.

A few weeks later, at about 11:15am on Dec. 28, police say the suspect returned to the victim’s apartment and fled before officers showed up.

“The suspect is still unidentified,” the SJPD announcement states, “and is becoming bolder in his attempts to contact the victim.”

SJPD describes the suspect as a brown-haired, brown-eyed white man who appears to be in his 30s or 40s. He was last seen wearing a tan flat cap, black face covering, a black leather jacket, light blue jeans and black shoes.

Police urge anyone with information about the man to contact the SJPD Assault Unit at [email protected]. Those who want to remain anonymous can call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 408.947.7867 or submit a tip online. Tipsters who share details that lead to an arrest and conviction may qualify for a cash reward.


  1. Interesting they seem to care about this, in my experience I had a stalker nearly run me over with a car and the detective refused to investigate anything at all. Let alone ask media to assist, or was this Spotlights idea? Hate to tell people but this article shouldn’t give them any false hope that SJPD will ever be of service in a serious situation. If anything, be careful how inept they are, the detective also put my friends name as the suspect when I left that information for contact. They’re so irresponsible that they can’t even get the suspect correct and we shouldn’t wonder how innocent people end up in jail. You’re more than welcome to contact me for the entire story that also included being told to come back with a penal code by the main desk or a detective admitting she leaves untouched human trafficking reports on her desk for over a year. Requested assistance with an advocate and that was refused to despite federal disability being stolen as part of the crime. Hard to really believe they care about this victims situation, you shouldn’t either and help victims in San Jose.

  2. What is the follow up on this, does anyone know? Hope the guy by some miracle saught counseling or otherwise ceased his behavior….

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