City Could Partner on Park Renovation

Tuesday’s City Council agenda includes discussions about entering into an a park renovation project, continuing to suspend bonus payments to retirees, and the city’s revolving door policy.

Here is more information about some of the key City Council items:

• The city will consider a partnership with Archbishop Mitty High School, which would contribute supplemental funding for the renovation, operation, field maintenance and joint use of John Mise Park. A number of local residents have spoken out against the partnership, declaring that John Mise Park be protected as a grassy, open space rather than developed with artificial turf. Mitty’s long-term and exclusive use of the sports field, as well as additional parking during certain hours, also prompted backlash to the plan, which would require substantially more money contributed by the city. Mitty would be responsible for $550,000, or a little less than 16 percent of the city’s max contribution of $3.5 million.

• The council could also continue to suspend payments from the Supplemental Retiree Benefit Reserve. A vote will take place on whether or not to amend and restate Resolution 75635, which would suspend the distribution of funds of the SRBR. Resolution 75635 was created in 2010 and declared that no funds from the SRBR be distributed for the Fiscal Year of 2011-2012, which led to a cut in compensation for firefighters last year.

• Eric Rosenblum, who served as a division manager responsible for the city’s South Bay Water Recycling program, is requesting the city waive its revolving door policy for him. After more than 25 years of service, Rosenblum left the Department of Environmental Services at the end of March and now wants to do consulting work with publicly and privately-owned utilities and business that are interested in using recycled water.

With no meeting scheduled next week because of Memorial Day, several issues have been deferred to the June 5 meeting, including the consideration of several historic landmark nominations and giving City Attorney Rich Doyle the authority to outsource more work to the city’s legal firm, Renne Sloan Holtzman & Sakai LLP. The contract would increase the firm’s compensation by $300,000.

Click to see the City Council Agenda for May 22, 2012.


  1. “However, Mitty has indicated to staff that it has some
    concerns regarding the liquidated damages provisions of the City’s prevailing wage requirements.”

    Will those Mitty employees have medical insurance that gives them access to birth control too?

  2. Really ? they haven’t learned from allowing one of the people under Russell Crosby to continue to work for The firm directly dealing with the pensions? An Obvious conflict of interest but hey lets doit again

  3. GOD POINTS????….Wow Pete is guaranteeing his kids early admission to Mitty.  Good for you Pete.  Have the taxpayers pay for a couple spots at Mitty for you.  Will Bellarmine partner with Roosevelt Park?  Valley Christian partner with Great Oaks Park?  Presentation partner with Wallenberg Park?  No wonder the city is in a financial mess….Oops I forgot…Darn Pensions, yes thats the ticket!!!!

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