Occupy Oakland Strike Done for Now

After a day-long “general strike” in Oakland, which lasted well into early Thursday morning, Occupy Oakland protestors have removed barricades at the port of Oakland entrance. On Wednesday, a crowd of more than 3,000 people marched to the port of Oakland.

Protesters erected fences and blocked the main entrances, making it impossible for any trucks to enter the port. The strike was peaceful for the most part, but several businesses—Chase, Wells Fargo and Whole Foods Grocery—were vandalized by masked marchers dressed in all black. Members of Occupy Oakland denounced the vandalism, with some trying to stop the destructive actions.

The protest continued Wednesday night as people marched up Broadway Ave., and some protesters temporarily took over over a vacant building on 16th Street. Some started fires and used homemade pipe bombs to fire M80s. Two people were injured after being hit by a car. The protests, which lasted through early Thursday morning, reportedly included 30-40 arrests by Oakland police.

Again, tear gas canisters and flash grenades were used on the assembled crowd.

The city streets that were the site of the protests are reportedly littered with debris and graffiti after a long day and night of protestors clashing with police.


  1. I want to see how Mr.“I used to be a Cop” Constant deals with the 99%ers as they take over San Jose City Hall with vengeance.  I bet he puts his foot in his mouth, he and Reed know so much as they are omnipotent and have all the answers to mysteries and wonders of the universe.

  2. Police Officers should show solidarity with the protesters.  As long as no violence occures they should refuse to move the protesters.  If they do we all know this is a difficult procedure.  In the event injuries do happen this council and staff will blame the actions of the police. If you don’t believe it think about this.  Of ALL the events surrounding the occupy protesters how many cops have you heard have been hurt? Nobody cares.  Officers wake up.  Why put your job, future and family in danger.  This city does not care.  They have demonized you in pay, retirement and benefits.  DO you really think this mayor chief or c.m. will stand by you?

    • The officers should go and open up the doors to city hall so the protesters have a warm place to sleep, bathrooms and ready access to those government officials they need to talk to.