Racist Emails by Ex-Milpitas Commissioner Raise Eyebrows

Despite being out of the spotlight for a few years, ex-Milpitas Planning Commissioner and failed council candidate Rajeev Madnawat seemed to take a page out of the Donald Trump playbook this month in emails that launched into a racist, profanity-laden tirade about residents from “shit hole countries” winning elections.

The unhinged diatribe to Milpitas Councilman Anthony Phan included baseless claims about Phan being a prostitute and part of the “marijuana mafia.”

“You win and fuck up this country because this city has a lot of Viet voters and they vote based on racism,” one of the emails viewed by Fly read.

The emails went on to tell Phan that he would “fight with [him] on any forum.”

Phan said the slew of emails made him “really nervous,” and that Madnawat’s comments on Vietnamese-Americans were “disturbing and repulsive.” “These remarks have no place in our civil discourse and I condemn them strongly,” Phan said.

Madnawat seemed to have a bit of amnesia about the whole ordeal and denied threatening anyone, though he used the same email address and similar language with Fly as he did with Phan, sending 21 emails and calling one reporter a “prostitute," in response to a request for comment about the correspondence with the councilman.

This isn’t the first time the patent attorney has made threats against local electeds.

During his 2014 council bid, he emailed lobbyist and ex-Councilor Armando Gomez that “once I go after someone I don’t leave them until they are lifeless or in prison.”

Police looked into the matter, but later dropped it citing no real criminal threat. At the time, Madnawat told the Merc his remarks were “one of those stupid things you do once in your life.” In this case, lightning seems to have struck twice.

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  1. Gosh, Brian Doyle of Santa Clara has a potential client there when the new council fires this bum for keeping minorities out of Santa Clara elections.

  2. Pattern repeats again and again, police never go after “privileged” males. Madnawat, you got little b@lls. Do you call your mother prostitute too?

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