Mayor Sam Liccardo Rejects Pay Raise Proposed by Commission

Last year, San Jose voters passed a ballot measure that would move salary-setting power from the City Council to an appointed commission. The goal was to end the longstanding practice of councilors setting their own pay increases.

On Monday, the inaugural three-member Salary Setting Commission made a stunning recommendation. Commissioners Eileen Consiglio, David Burckhard and Douglas Ludlow suggested upping Mayor Sam Liccardo’s yearly pay by $58,000 to $190,000 and that of each council colleague by $27,500 to $125,000.

According to a survey by the commission, that would bring the council more in line with other major cities. San Francisco Mayor London Breed makes $326,000 and Libby Schaaf in smaller Oakland pulls down $203,000 in annual compensation.

Consiglio, Burckhard and Ludlow said boosting pay would help attract strong candidates.

“The commission felt strongly that the salary should empower good candidates who can devote their full time to the position,” they wrote in a joint letter to David Sykes.

A host of residents begged to differ. Even Liccardo said that’s not a good look if the city’s going to ask other employees to tighten up in the face of looming budget shortfalls.

Liccardo said he’s pretty sure this isn’t what voters had in mind when they passed Measure U last fall. “Our city colleagues don’t earn salary increases of that nature, and we have ominous signs of budgetary challenges ahead,” he wrote in a memo to the council Tuesday. “That’s why I’m calling for a reduction of the mayoral salary increase to something more modest.”

Instead of a 22 percent bump up, Liccardo pitched a 3 percent annual raise—max. He didn’t weigh in on the proposed raise for the rest of his colleagues.

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  1. Crime on the rise, homeless people crapping in the streets that are falling apart. Cops that stand around and watch as foreigners beat up citizens, No Eiffel Tower to obstruct air craft. What do they think this place is PG&E?

  2. Well, for once I approved LICCARDO’s option. SHAME ON those A$$ES COMMISSIONARES! We approved the measure to prevent abuses. It is unethical for a public official to have the power to increase his/her own salary. Public office is not meant to make public officials RICH. That is the mentality of Latin American politicians. The first thing this New Mexican president AMLO did was to reduce all public officials’ salaries including the judiciary and his own. He also took the tax breaks for the rich away. Carlos Slim almost had a heart attack over this. He and his richy friends for once are paying taxes! Let us not become Latin American. Reduced public officials Salaries now. We should recall the SANTA CLARA COUNTY supervisors that voted to increase Rosen’s salary. We will recall Rosen, so hopefully, he will get zero pension. RECALL ROSEN!

  3. Not taking this is what looks good to the average joe, but this isn’t the reality. When you take a job you should be compensated at a market value. If the mayors position or the councils stay low then it pushes out some who would be qualified to serve.

    Also, we voted this in place. Who is he to say the voters were wrong? If a politician is willing to do it for a reason of possible good will they have entered the grey area of decision making. I truly don’t believe a politician should go against a law recently passed by the people, for whatever reason.

    If he wants to donate the money to the city, a nonprofit or what not that is his choice. He shouldn’t effect the rate of pay for the next person in line for the seat.

    There is a lot wrong with this decision and the only thing good is that it looks good to the electorate.

    • Police officers and other get a 3% increase, so this makes everyone equal. Voters approved this measure to prevent abuses from politicians not for them to increase their salaries by 10 or more percentage increases. If people do not like the pay, they should leave. We obviously do not have the most talented as city leaders. They all come after the money and power. Once the pay is more of the average Joe politician, then maybe the talented and truly concerned for the city may come. LICCARDO, do not donate your money to local non-profits. Your executive friends at Gardner, AACI, FACES, and others make more money than you. Non-profit is very profitable in Sillicon Valley!

      • Are you a licardo cheerleader? Did you read the memo Liccardo sent over to the commission? He just gave himself a 3% a year for the next 5 years LOL What a great guy. Lets watch the police raise over the next 5 years. It absolutely will not be anything close to that. The cops fought for a 5-3-3 and that was after they were torched to the ground on staffing. LAUGHABLE

  4. I would like to see the salary and benefit increases for San Jose politicians tied to the rent increases allowed for rental property owners of rent controlled housing units.

    If rents can only go up five percent, politician pay can only go up five percent.

    What goes around comes around.

  5. So they “work” for four years and then get a lifetime pension? Can Sam collect his council pension… While he is mayor?

    Santa Clara mayor and council driving the market rate down… As they are basically volunteers… Sooooo you get a greater city in Santa Clara by having volunteers run the place… Why isn’t Liccardo adopting that better system?

    Why aren’t you voters demanding it? Oh wait… You like being railroaded by downtown mayor’s… Who charge pg&e energy rates… 40% more than Santa Clara.

    Why do you stay?

  6. Public servants should not be paid more than their employers, the taxpayers.
    What do they do to substantiate these salaries and benefits?

  7. Well look at Magdalena Carrasco. Broke, in debt, no physical address. Then along came City School. Carrasco is now rich, owns several homes, and a sort of husband, sort of not, ready to make millions. East side voters got the benefit of a council member, soon to be county supervisor that received freebie trips to anew York to study Yankee Games and chocolate factories, with two ex aides banking cannabis money. Why does Carrasco need a salary, she steals plenty without paying taxes on it.

  8. EVERYONE, now we have corrupted Dave Córtese asking for support to become a state senator! Wow, these local public officials are so out of their minds. They have created their elite group of equal minded power and money oriented politicians as city counsels and county supervisors. I urge local people of all political parties to run against these snobs. Zoe Lofgren retire now! The SANTA CLARA COUNTY Judiciary, ROSEN, city officials, and the county supervisor are a big public corruption gang!

    • > EVERYONE, now we have corrupted Dave Córtese asking for support to become a state senator!

      Not so fast, there. FEXXY.

      I look at you as part of the problem.

      Liccardo, Cortese, and the entire claque of “progressive” local politicians make their living by pandering to every primitive tribe and identity group that can dream up a name, bang a drum, or hoist a bullhorn.

      They have pandered cravenly and obsequiously to the Woman Tribe as much as they have pandered to any other tribe.

      YOU have been pandered to!

      Why should anyone believe your fake outrage at the grifting and corruption of the lizards who bleat nonstop about “advancing your issues”?

      I’m skeptical.

      • Bubble, once you stop being a caveman and butthead, then we can have a conversation about you primitively rational.

        • > Bubble, once you stop being a caveman and butthead, then we can have a conversation about you primitively rational.


          I’m just the messenger.

          Direct your hate rays to the candidate, his behavior, his campaign, and his party.

  9. Sam gave himself a pay raise. Along with Madison Nguyen and Pete (split town) Constant. When they were freshmen council members. Madison said she needed to vote yes so she had money to buy a Christmas dress for the Christmas party. (Watch the video) Than they proceeded to dismantle the police department. And exacerbate an already violent trend in homelessness. The notion a pay raise gets better candidates is nonsense. There is no data anywhere to support that. They got a commission to do the dirty work. Next year it will pass quietly without any press.

  10. Listen…we all know, yes, don’t deny it people, that our council members are completely corr_ _ _ (corrupt or correct). I just don’t get it. We are Silicon Valley. We have people living among the commoners making over $2mil a year and we have the commoners making $45k to 68K a year. And then we have our political socialites that decide our fate over our city….Well, if you ask me…(that’s just a saying) – One SHOULD NOT GET A RAISE until ALL of the CITIES’ unsightly issues have been dealt with, have a plan, a proposed and well DOCUMENTED plan (not one of just hot air bullsh**).

    So, people – what will it be? Can you give us your to do list and what the goals are of the city are so it can get back to a normal town that basically works, lives and can take a decent vacation without going into debt? I think the “to do list” has these main topics and until these can get some kind of workable and projectable outcome, NO ONE SHOULD GET A PENNY!!! I can’t believe we are even wasting our typing skills to discuss such a pathetic topic.

    Here are the main items on their “to do list”.

    1. Make a “to do list”
    2. Make a decent “to do list”
    3. Make a “to do list” that is do-able

    No, seriously though:
    1. HOUSING! it sucks….fix it!
    2. Homelessness…it Sucks….fix it!
    3. PG&E, WATER, COMCAST, AT&T… Sucks…fix it!
    4. Health insurance….it Sucks!…..fix it!
    5. All the above….Sucks! fix it!

    There you go. There is the list. Council members – please fix and when you do….you can get your fuc_ _ _ _ raise…

    : )

    • For Tina M.
      I totally agree with you ? on everything you stated back in April 2019 in regards to our San Jose City Council members!! They ALL should only get a pay raise when they ALL work to get your perfect “To do list” completed. That to do list has everything that desperately MUST BE ADDRESSED & REALLY SOON!! In any workplace if you don’t meet your goals/fix what’s on the to do list, then you don’t get a pay raise; it’s just that way–earn it or loose it!!! I agree ? with all you said & thank you Tina!!
      Just curious…do you know of any progress being made in regards to what our City Officials are doing about the important “homeless issues”?

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