Darcie Green Assembly Campaign Makes Strange Accounting Errors

Darcie Green’s state Assembly campaign had a few stumbles to begin the year, mainly because her husband tried to gloss over his rap sheet involving violence against women. Green subsequently lost some support in her organization Democratic Activists for Women Now (DAWN), after blaming the media for “sensationalizing the issue of domestic violence.” When it comes to how much financial support she lost in her Assembly bid, that’s been difficult to ascertain. Green campaign disclosure forms for the end of 2015, due at the beginning of this month, remain unavailable on the Secretary of State’s website. Green’s camp apparently decided to go old school and mail or fax in its forms—it won’t clarify—after the deadline. The decision is highly unusual, as online filing is easiest. But San Jose Inside contacted the SOS to acquire the forms, and it appears there’s a good reason why Green doesn't want anyone to see her numbers: she’s being trounced in fundraising. To date, Green has reportedly pulled in just more than $20,000, according to forms filled out by hand. Her biggest challengers—Madison Nguyen and Ash Kalra—both raised more than $300,000 last year, according to readily available forms on the SOS website. It seems Green’s campaign treasurer, sister Desiree Green, has made several accounting errors in handling Darcie’s run, as well as her 2014 county school board campaign. Funds for the two campaigns were at one time commingled, according to an amended filing from last year. While the candidate and her sister refused to respond to requests for comment, people close to Green admit she’s been acting unusual for a person chasing a lifelong dream of serving in the Assembly. A trustee for the county board of education—she was president just last year—Green has apparently done almost nothing to build on early support from organizations like the Latino Caucus, which threw her $4,200 as far back as last June. Any contribution received above $2,000 requires a campaign disclosure form to be filed, says Jay Wierenga, a spokesman for the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission, so it’s clear Green’s flouting of transparency laws goes back quite a ways. The last time we came across an East San Jose politician with late handwritten filings and a nepotistic treasurer, George Shirakawa Jr. was still living the high life. It may not matter for long, though, as Kalra, Nguyen and other candidates—Cong Do, Van Le and even latecomer Andres Quintero—look to be lapping Green when it comes to green.

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  1. Hoo boy! Don’t think Ms. Green is gonna win. She needs to do some serious soul-searching as to why she picked up a serial wife and girlfriend abuser

  2. I want to thank San Jose Inside for pulling the veil on this fraud of a candidate. Imagine the horror within San Jose if the truth to her incompetence would NOT have been exposed and she was actually elected to office. Makes one wonder how many dirty/corrupt/scumbags have escaped such detailed reporting and were actually elected. Again ….. thank you San Jose Inside for removing this scum from public policy decisions. God knows the level of corruptnesss this woman and her dirtbag husband would stoop to. See ya !!!!

    • > Makes one wonder how many dirty/corrupt/scumbags have escaped such detailed reporting and were actually elected.

      Yes, indeed.

      I wonder about this all the time, and my conclusion is that the answer is: A LOT!

  3. Darcie Green is a LOSER. I cannot believe anyone would giver her a cent for her joke campaign, joke career, joke husband, joke never-graduated-from-college. Sad Joke.

  4. I can think of a number of reasons not to vote for or financially back Darcie Green… But “dirty/corrupt/scumbag” is not only poor English it’s also not among those reasons. The article itself is light on facts and heavy with innuendo, especially given that MOST of San Jose’s politicians have at one time or another fallen afoul of the very complex campaign spending rules, which differ depending on whether the office is local, State or national.

    The comments are reprehensible… And obviously reflective of the low nature of the readership…

    Imagine the horror!

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