Spouse of Assembly Candidate Darcie Green Changes Name, Can’t Erase His Violent Past

Darcie Green’s new husband bucked convention by taking the Santa Clara County education trustee and State Assembly candidate’s surname, billing the move as a tribute to feminism and his bride’s father. But Rick Alexander Green, a 35-year-old personal trainer known until his November nuptials as Rick Alexander, may have had other reasons for changing his name.

Court records dating back to his divorce at the age of 19 depict the newly minted Mr. Green, né Ricardo Alejandro Monzon, as a batterer of women and serial offender. For the past 17 years, the father of five children by three women has racked up multiple restraining orders and criminal convictions for domestic violence.

Darcie Green, who last year served as president of the Santa Clara County Board of Education, said she knew about her husband’s record and believes he’s a changed man.

“I am a very strong feminist and absolutely stick up for women every day I breathe,” said Green, the 2015 president of Democratic Activists for Women Now. “I wouldn't marry someone who would diminish my ability to do that.”

Since the Greens announced their engagement on a Summer Jazz Fest stage last August, Monzon has branded himself as an ally of feminists. He often accompanies his politically ambitious wife, who is running for East San Jose’s 27th Assembly District seat, to events promoting gender equality. But his violent behavior isn’t as much a thing of the past as many, including Green, seem to have been led to believe.

Monzon was enrolled in batterer intervention classes as recently as 2014, according to probation reports, while a restraining order issued against him by a former partner extends through late 2018. He admitted in a phone interview that he’s unsure how many restraining orders have been filed against him.

In the fall of 2013, one of Monzon’s exes, a South Bay police detective, requested a protective order for herself and her two children. Reporting him was a last resort, she said, but she could “no longer live in fear and under” Monzon’s control.

In July 2011, Monzon and another ex-girlfriend were driving to his parents’ house after a night out drinking. According to police reports, the pair began arguing about his past relationships. Monzon then grabbed her by the hair before tossing her credit cards out the window. When they arrived at Monzon's home the woman began walking away, but he chased her down and struck her in the mouth with his elbow. He reportedly told her, “I can hurt you.”

After a struggle, the woman ran to a nearby house and frantically knocked on the front door, begging for someone to call police. Officers arrived and took photos of her bloodied and swollen lip. Monzon was arrested and convicted of battery, driving with a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher and doing so with a suspended license.

The woman filed a restraining order against Monzon over the incident, and she would later tell police that he had a “mafia-like attitude” after the order failed to stop harassing phone calls.

Two years earlier, Monzon ran afoul of the law by violating a restraining order protecting the mother of his two oldest children—his first wife, whom he married in high school and divorced before his 20th birthday amid accusations of spousal abuse.

Records show that family court judges granted his ex-wife’s request for a restraining order when she filed for divorce in 1999 and continued to renew it at least through 2012. Three other criminal cases show up on Monzon’s record from 2005 and 2006, but San Jose Inside could not review them by press time.

Source: Santa Clara County Superior Court

Source: Santa Clara County Superior Court

“The reality is he’s had a very hard life, a very troubled life,” Green said, adding that she never felt her husband was hiding his past—despite the fact that she was unaware he fathered a fifth child. “He is finally on a path that will have much more success than he's had in the past.”

Monzon told San Jose Inside in two phone interviews he cut short that he didn’t “want to get into specifics,” but that he feels terrible about what he’s done and wants to use his story as an example of how people can change.

“I have made a series of bad choices in my life,” he said. “Unfortunately, I do feel horrible for people who were hurt in those situations. It’s painful to have to re-open these things so publicly. All I can do is just hope that something positive can come out of this. I will spend the rest of my life trying to make right the wrongs I have done.”

Some of the women he has victimized, however, said they think Monzon remains a ticking time bomb. The police detective who dated him for about two years described how things took a turn for the terrifying after a months-long "honeymoon" phase.

The worst abuse, according to the detective's petition for a protective order, happened early one August morning in 2013. In her restraining order, she describes how Monzon erupted when she cut him off as he was telling a story. He allegedly threatened to turn her “entire world upside down” by telling her the police agency she worked for that she knowingly dated a criminal.

“Monzon then ripped my shirt, bra and underwear off my person by force causing pain to the creases of my skin and red marks,” she wrote. “Monzon refused to allow me to get clothes or a blanket to cover myself. Monzon continued yelling and telling me he deserved someone better. Monzon then took my car keys to both vehicles and looked for my firearm (which I do not keep at home)."

Another time, she stated in the same document, Monzon barged in, threw her on her bed and choked her neck for a few seconds while demanding the password to her cellphone.

Monzon's first wife, who asked to withhold her name, said she questions the redemption narrative trotted out by the estranged father of her two children. “We all make mistakes,” she said. “I know I have, and I’ve paid for things I’ve done. But for people to sit there and say that he’s a changed man, a man of honor, they don’t know him like we do.”

Monzon’s 15-year-old son, who was born while his parents were seniors at James Lick High School, said he worries that his father will hurt more women.

“I believe, knowing my dad and all these charges against him, that sooner or later he’s going to do something,” he said. “I don’t think Darcie’s going to be the type of woman to let him get away with it, though. People are watching now.”

Several people in Green’s inner circle expressed concern about her and Monzon’s whirlwind courtship. The engagement came after only several months of dating, seemingly out of the blue, friends said. Meanwhile, Monzon has become a fixture in Green’s assembly campaign.

Green, who has branded herself as one of the more vocal feminist leaders in Santa Clara County, said her husband’s history of violence against women is “irrelevant” to the 27th Assembly District race, which pits her against San Jose Councilman Ash Kalra, former city Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen, East Side school board trustee Van Le and activist Cong Do. “I don't want to dismiss anyone who feels wronged by him,” Green said. “This is a story with an arc.”

Green’s campaign manager, Rich Robinson, said he’s confident that his client’s record speaks for itself. Matt Rexroad, a statewide political consultant, agreed that Monzon’s past likely won’t become an election issue.

“Most of the time we give spouses a pass,” Rexroad said. “It could come up, but it’s rare. Anyone who makes it an issue will have to link it to her performance.”

Green served on the Alum Rock Elementary School District before receiving a rocky appointment to the county board of education, which has had its fair share of issues the past couple years. Green was also involved in an embarrassing DUI arrest with Assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina) in 2012.

Her current relationship raises questions about how a professed champion of feminism reconciles those values with dating a person recently convicted of hurting women.

Angelica Ramos, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley (NWPC), acknowledged such concerns but noted that Green’s nascent marriage is “not a reflection on her professional record, which speaks for itself.”

Josh Koehn contributed to this report. 

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Green is obviously a woman of impeccable judgement, perfectly suited to politics. I wonder if the name change came on the advice of her political consultant?

  2. “Monzon’s 15-year-old son, who was born while his parents were seniors at James Lick High School, said he worries that his father will hurt more women.”

    Considering that Monzon’s contemptible behavior has been well-documented by his ex-wives, former girlfriends, and the criminal justice system, the propriety of including a damning (but purely speculative) statement from the man’s teenage son is questionable. Juveniles — especially in cases involving their parents, should be utilized as witnesses only when they’ve actually witnessed something, and even then, only when their participation is dictated by necessity. At all times should every effort be taken to shield their participation from public eyes. Yet here we have a teenage boy sought out by a reporter and solicited to make a public statement about what his father may do in the future, all for a story about nothing more important than a political issue.

    Whatever is the current nature of that boy’s relationship with his father it is not a relationship between two adults and should not be treated as such by the news media. By publishing that statement SJI has made permanent an opinion the young man may or may not hold in the future (such is the capriciousness of the immature mind), but it is a publicized statement his father (a man with a history of violence and self-serving behavior) will likely never forget. The potential ramifications of including the young man’s statements are many, the justifications are non-existent.

    Is this another example of journalism’s new standard of no standards?

    • The son’s comment may have been solicited by the reporter but he clearly made a choice in the previous article by The Fly on this topic (dated 12/29) by posting a comment with his name calling out his father. He’s a teen and therefore still a minor but nearly an adult and maybe he’s owning his relationship with his wayward father and the consequences and repercussions should be cause for worry for the father not the son.

      Ms Green exhibits poor judgment. Its hard to ignore the hypocrisy of being such a vocal in your face feminist who then marries a convicted spouse abuser. He has an ongoing history of criminal activity against women and a total disregard for the law (DUI while on a suspended license) A spouse has great influence and so to expect people to disregard his criminal activity and abusive nature while trusting her is ridiculous. Several folks try to reason that her record speaks for itself and the record of poor judgement is what is concerning. Would we trust a drug addict politician if their voting record showed they always voted for harsh drug abuse laws? Absolutely not! Why should we excuse her poor judgement because she says she’s a feminist who champions women’s rights and issues when she lives with a wife beater???

  3. You can not sit here and tell me she don’t know about his past. You know dam well she was advised by political consultant to play the I don’t know his past role. I know my spouses passed so come on that is a load of sh**. I hope he has really changed as she feel he has and she isn’t his next victim.

  4. I pray she is not his next victim. Sometimes true colors come out later on in a marriage when you lease expect it and you really cant sit here and tell me she had no clue about his past.

    • You should instead pray that God has compassion for your selfless soul, for judging others without know are having the least bit of idea, of the whole story

      • So then we shouldn’t pray that he don’t harm her as he has in his past. Guess you think its ok then. You need the praying

        • At the end of the day, anonymous people don’t know who Rick is, nobody should be judged by there past, what happens in the past needs to stay in the past. Before praying so he *doesn’t harm her, you need to pray for your soul and perfect yourself before you can speak upon anyone and their mistakes!! May God’s light shine upon you!

          • Not true at all! People, especially public figures (which is exactly where he has insinuated himself these past few months) should be judged on their past behavior. Child molesters are judged by their past (check the online sexual predator list); DUI drivers are judged by their past offenses (check suspended license etc) Criminal convictions are asked for on job applications because potential employers DO judge based on past activity. Some people change, many do not. It is ridiculous to expect that the public wouldn’t take interest in our elected officials and their families and people who have great influence over them in our vetting them for higher office.

            How naive (or is it stupid?) do you expect the public to be?

          • Please learn to use the word there and their correctly. Your grammar needs work so others can clearly understand what you are saying.

          • Your comment is sheer nonsense. So are you saying for example that we shouldn’t judge a murderer by his past. Do not lecture us

          • Wow Kenna is Grammar where you draw the line…beating up on women numerous times is disgusting…but I guesa you are cool with repeat offenders. If he didnt learn that was wrong to hit a woman the first time – he NEVER will

  5. Jennifer and Josh:

    Good work!

    This is the type of up close and personal perspective of members of the political class that the public and voters rarely get to see.

    I realize that the political class is very much bothered by “negative campaigning” and negative articles in the press, but my perspective is that “negative” is where the truth comes out.

    People are so sick of the sunny, saccharine “profiles” that portray politicians as “caring about the children” or “fighting for women/minorities/the homeless/the little guy/dogs/ cats/furbish louseworts” that they just put such stories in the category of background noise and tune it out.

    It’s amusing to learn that Darcie Green’s political consultant is . . . Rich Robinson.

    It’s hard to decide who should be more embarrassed.

    • Out of this whole article, that singular statement is pure poetry, so compact and expressive! Launched on the east side, he achieved velocity and covered a lot of ground, then landed and settled down once and for all with Darcie. It’s incredible that she doesn’t even have an A.A. degree.

        • So that in a meeting with State attorneys, she won’t say “Relax Bro” when things get difficult.

        • > Why does it matter at all whether she has a degree or not?

          It mostly doesn’t matter if a person has had the type of life experiences that gives him or her good insights human nature, the human experience, and the issues of civil society.

          In Green’s case, though, she has promoted herself as some sort of policy shaman on “education” (good God! she was on a school board) and therefore she should have some credible knowledge of how people get to be “educators”, and what is good or not good about the process, i.e., SHE should have a college degree.

          • How many pieces of paper she has is not being used to being to say “her education policy knowledge or advocacy is bad” it’s being used in an unfair and elitist way….?

  6. I would like to point out one thing…it’s been published that Rick was her senior prom date….here it is stated that Rick was married to his now ex-wife and had a 2nd child during their senior year. So…correct me if I am wrong…did Ms. Green take a married man and father of two children to her senior prom? Wow. If they all went to James Lick, then it stands to reason, she was aware that he was married and a new father. Says a lot about her choices back then and her choices now.

      • So he was probably just a father to be since his child wasn’t born until his senior year. Yeah, that’s much better.

        • Actually…the child born in 2000 was their 2nd child. Not judging, just pointing out that this marriage produced 2 children. Much better for sure lol

    • Your wrong therefore I’m correcting you, for your ignorant mind, you can rest ashore knowing no he was not married nor in a relationship, in all sense of the word, with anyone at the time of prom were he went with Ms. Green. Impregnating someone or becoming pregnant by someone does not in anyway signify that the two are in a relationship. This is the reason why so many mothers are single parents, by the lack of knowledge instilled by there parents implying that if a man gets you pregnant, or if you get pregnant by man he will stay and you’ll become a family. Completely false, but now you know the truth.

      • First of all, I am far from ignorant. I could take the time to correct your numerous grammar errors, however, I am just going to point out two of them because they happen to be pet peeves if mine and also because we should never miss an opportunity to learn something. (1) your = denotes possession …. You’re = a contraction for “you are” (2) the popular expression is “rest assured”…not rest ashore. A beached whale rests ashore…however, the rest of us can rest assured that the information in this article is correct. ;)

        Moving on….

        While I do not need a lesson on how a baby is made, I thank you for the explanation. It seems to me that you are missing some key points on the timeline of events. As public record shows, divorce was filed in December of 1999. Senior prom was in May of 1999…so yes, they were still married, no matter how “big a mistake” it was. And if you come at me with the classic aldulterer’s line of “our marriage has been over for a long time”, please spare me and everyone else.

        Next…the issue of him being a new father. Their SECOND child in 3 years is currently 15, which would make him an infant at the time of the senior prom. So yes…doing basic math can tell us all that (1) he was married and (2) they had a new infant child, so clearly they weren’t all THAT separated.

        Be careful before you go around calling people ignorant and misspelling words and omitting commas. It’s a slippery slope.

          • I’m the ex wife and our divorce was petitioned in 1999 but was finalized in 2003 my son Roman was born Feb 29, 2000. If you want to see my final divorce papers and my sons birth certificate I will share gladly. We were together and I was pregnant unless you were there in my bed you should not speak on this.

        • I know Rick on a very personal level as we were in a relationship during 1999/2000, and had stayed in touch for many years after.
          All I will say is that I am not surprised by any of the media attention regarding his behavior towards women, and certainly not surprised that Ms. Green was not aware of some pretty crucial facts regarding his romantic relationships and child rearing with other women.
          It saddens me greatly to see the scope of his transgressions, and the number of women that he has hurt. I hope that Ms. Green can find the strength in herself to walk away if she is ever in danger.

      • It’s funny that you take the prom issue as a cause to champion. You’re right, getting pregnant doesn’t necessarily indicate a committed relationship. He could simply be a player who used women without protection. Is that better? However, he DID marry the girl he got pregnant in high school, they had a second child together before divorcing at 19. So obviously, you are incorrect in stating that there was not a relationship with the baby momma from high school. Darcie made a bad choice for prom date, it happens. That is the very least of her poor decisions.

      • It is also pretty disrespectful to the mother and former wife to imply that she wouldn’t know she was in a relationship. From the son’s comment and posting in the previous article it seems like it was a good thing that the relationship ended and that they’ve moved on to try to be in a better position. While one can never discount vengeful actions it seems the court documents would support the claims of the son and former wife and not Mr Alexander Green nee Monzon. Shouldn’t the public thank them for bringing to light these issues BEFORE the election? Wish that would have happened in the Shirakawa case where he got reelected by landslide right before his criminal activity came to light. An informed voting public is a good thing. I prefer having ALL the information about candidates that is relevant before I cast my vote and a proclaimed champion of women’s rights and causes who marries a convicted wife abuser and habitual abuser with restraining orders will NOT be getting my vote.

  7. I would like to point out one thing. It’s been published that Rick was Ms. Green’s date for her senior prom. I believe we have all seen that picture floating around on FB. In this article, it states that Rick was married and fathered his second child with his wife during their senior year. It is clear that Ms. Green’s senior prom date was a married man with 2 children. Also, since they all went to James Lick High School, it stands to show that Ms. Green was well aware of both his marital and parental status in 1999 when she took him to the prom. Wow…. This sure says a lot about her choices back then and her choices now.

    • Going by what is written seems like Ricks first marriage was a big mistake the only good that came from it would be the children . Also going by the records he was separated at the time he and Darcie attended her prom.looks like he has found the woman to make him change.If she does this for one man what can she do for our community.Looks like someone is using this site as a way to air out personal anger. if you have a family you should focus on your new family.

      • Anonymous opines: “if you have a family you should focus on your new family.” And abandon your old family, Anonymous? Do you owe back support to your “old” family?

    • I can’t speak for others….but it’s not about casting stones or passing judgement. It’s about being honest and using your position to advocate for the truth and let’s be real…the SAME struggle is had by MANY people in ESSJ. She had the opportunity to connect to so many people going through the same thing. She had the chance to connect with other women who are in her same shoes. Instead she painted him as a perfect man, bragging about his greatness and essentially giving him a pass while not advocating for other people in the same situation. It’s not about passing judgment, it’s about pointing out a missed opportunity and revealing the truth

      • I agree with women and man. She is not for the people from the East Side has she makes it sounds like. She in it for her self and her further her career as I see it. Yes she is human and I am sure a good human but what she is preaching to the community is not what she practicing her self. I know a parent who tried working with her when she was on the Alum Rock Board and just got words from her no actions as a board member. I see that as a let down to a community that she grew up in herself and she should be the one who understands what that community needs more then anyone else. Action is what the community needs to see not words

    • As another man said, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Ms Green sounds very mixed up and has placed herself in a potentially dangerous situation

    • Your message is not to judge others, but how else are we supposed to evaluate people running for office? Darcie Green is asking to be judged by being a politician. There is no safe space in politics.

      • Jedi you are correct and Ms Green and Mr Alexander Green Monzon made the mistake of trying to get a little free publicity for her campaign by making a big deal about his name change by her social media posts of “this is what feminism looks like” and play it like he was a champion of progressive women’s issues and simply honoring his wife and her father. They both knew full well his back ground, they both knew that there was the potential for someone to step forward and call him out on the name change reason and when you claim you are the spokesperson and champion for a cause like they both now do you have to expect there will be some level of public scrutiny especially when you are running for state office. This isn’t others going after them it is them using poor judgement about the public’s interest and level of disbelief. She should seriously consider firing her political consultants if they signed off on this poor publicity stunt that has backfired so badly

        • @D27 Voter – I agree with you. This was all done for attention. They brought this on themselves, first with the public proposal at the Jazz Festival, then with the public posting about his name change.
          Voters like me would have had no clue what the new husband’s background was without the articles SJI has written about them. Now I know, so no vote for Ms. Green, for anything, ever.

          And SJI first published a cute article about the two of them (and earlier apparently noted something about the proposal on stage at the Jazz Festival) – and I think the commentators on that article brought out information about the man’s background and name change which piqued the interest of SJI, which then led to this second article and all of these comments.

          FYI – The campaign consultant is Rich Robinson – it would be interesting to know if he signed off of making the name change public, not having done the background research/not having been told by the new Mr. Green what was in his background.

          • I would say Darcie Green’s campaign is officially in the “wheels off the bus” stage now. And the campaign is clearly being run by “Barney and Friends”.

          • Is RIch Robinson the guy who ran Xavier Campos’ campaigns against Magdalena Carrasco that got so dirty & eventually illegal (thanks to Shirakawa)? If he is then that’s even more evidence of Ms Green’s poor judgement!

  8. Why judge someone by there past we’ve all made mistakes and we all like to be forgiven I believe a person can change

    • Of course people should be judged by their past, particularly when it is their recent past. I find it ironic that Green is a past president of the Santa Clara County Board of Education and nearly all of those who are supporting her here appear to be illiterate.

      • Well Pete wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have never done something wrong, not the least bit. Not you or your parents, doesn’t matter if the events happened yesterday they have become a part of the past which can only be changed by future or present day actions!!

        • Mr. Monzon-Green’s actions aren’t simply a “mistake.” His actions can best be described as a pattern of behavior, indicating a high likelihood of repeating those behaviors.

          Mistakes are those things which happen once or twice.. After that, it’s no longer a mistake. We’re not talking about a thespian messing up their lines here.. This is a psychopath attempting to exert his dominance over multiple different women which he fathered children with.. WAKE UP!

          • Darcie Green should have 911 on her speed dial on multiple phones. Psychosis doesn’t just vanish, even after decades of therapy. Hubby is a ticking Hydrogen bomb.

          • Your past is a picture into your future…mistakes are no longer made after 2, esp. if they are the same ones. Get a clue folks!!!

  9. How many couples are out there with a partner that was made some type of mistake in life yet still are trying to make it work because they see the good in that person. this is the type of people we nee more of.

    • how about just decent, honest, and intelligent people? Maybe that wouldn’t be enough “drama” for modern voters.

  10. woman and man correct me if i am wrong going by school records his second child is a leap child born 2000 not 1999? if your using this site to air out anger i am sure the people are not interested.

    • Yes…you are correct. I misread. However, my mistake only furthers my point. Their son was born in February of 2000. That means that their son was actually conceived sometime in April or May of 1999. Divorce petitioned in October of 1999. Therefore, at the time of prom in May of 1999, they were married and he had already “impregnated” his WIFE. Since I don’t know anything other than was is public record, i don’t know details, only know the basic facts and facts don’t lie. If I were the wife, I too would have filed for divorce after my husband took another girl to the prom while I was at home pregnant and taking care of our toddler child. ….but that’s just me. ;) another sad tale of babies having babies. #useacondom

      • Right, 9 months before February 29, 2000, was May 29, 1999. What a hot, steamy night! Darcie was the cocktail and Wanda was the apéritif. Or vice versa.

        By the way, that police detective sounds like a hot ticket. Can SJI print her name and number? Is she currently available?

  11. I beileve that rick is not gonna be the type of person to do this again if a persons happy why should they ruin there life when somones happy you let them be you dont just make there life miserable and everyone has there own opinion but why does everyone care what they do its there life let them live shes inlove so is he all of you guys should be getting a job and stop worrying about everybody elses problems worry about your own or better problems such as how much poverty were in right now why worry about someone elses criminal record ok whats done is done why are you all living in the past be a grown person and grow up you would do the world a favor

    • Thank you ! Seems like your the only educated one on here!! The only person with common sense, being that it isn’t so common. With so much time people should be doing worldly things instead of bring out the worst in people

      • Since you’re obviously a family member, I’m wondering how many times, during Rick’s 16 years (and counting) of being the subject of court scrutiny for domestic violence-related issues, you’ve said “he’s not going to be the type of person to do this again…?”

        • Look here pete im not a family memeber of this person and i wonder out of all the things going on in the terrifying world why would all these people be stressing out about something they have no business in this is not mine or your situation i suggest you do us a favor and just leave this conversation and state your opinion somewhere else because here no one will know the truth about him only him and why only remmeber him for his mistakes why not remember him by all the good thigns hes done why point out thhe bad when theres always good in someone so do us all the terrific favor and get back to your average life instead of commenting on what we all beileve or no thank you

          • I don’t think anyone is stressing out. The point of the story was that this political candidate, who apparently has presented herself as a feminist, has chosen to marry a man with a long and recent history of domestic violence. She has also gone as far as making him a visible part of her political campaign. These facts call into question her judgement and whether she truly means what she says. Further, his recent name change seems as if it may have been an attempt to prevent this information from coming to light, in which case there might be reason to question her integrity. These are all relevant questions for any voter. Finally, although this isn’t directly related to the topic, you might also want to consider using some punctuation in your writing.

          • I am a visually impaired person you have no idea how hard it is when someone tells you to check your punctuation when you can’t see certain letters enough about me worry about you and your life and your family instead of butting into other peoples business I am only 14 i go to school to correct my punctuation unlike you who most likely is out of school and doesn’t know how to use words correctly and I’m illiterate have a good day and go get a job or make a change in this world instead of sitting on your behind all day and waiting for someone to comment on this post

          • None of your business…as a 14 year old kid you may be too naive to understand the long term effects that mental and physical abuse. Also he abused women MULTIPLE times – this was not a one time thing. After the first time…he did it again and again. What if this happened to your mother? Also think of how long those wounds would scar a woman emotionally.

    • Damn..and the award for longest run on sentence in defense of the indefensible goes to ‘None Of Your Business’

    • Punctuation, my friend. It works wonders for readability. Look into it. (I don’t mean to be cruel, but you inflicted 150 words on us with no punctuation whatsoever and it hurts your case)
      Re: peoples’ judgement, we worry about this sort of thing for the very same reason that you read reviews on Yelp. We want elected officials that are intelligent, trustworthy, and accountable to the community. When questioned about this topic, Darcie’s response about the male dominated media leads me to believe she would use empty, vitriolic, propaganda-ish rhetoric any time she is challenged. She could have expressed herself much better.

    • The problem is this — it doesn’t affect any of us, other than one of them has promoted this situation to pad her feminism creds to voters and turns out she wasn’t entirely honest. A candidates honesty is relevant to the situation. She is free to pursue any relationship she wishes, but she is not free to lie to the public about anything when she’s running for public office and trying to argue her trust and credibility to voters.

      • > She is free to pursue any relationship she wishes, but she is not free to lie to the public about anything when she’s running for public office and trying to argue her trust and credibility to voters.

        I would put it this way:

        She IS free to lie to the public about anything.

        Correspondingly, the public is free to disbelieve her, distrust her, and NOT vote for her.

  12. Democrats!
    Your all so much fun to listen to, just like the Clintoons no morels to get hung up on, no lie to big to tell.
    Just give us the power to tell you little people how to live.
    Don’t cry for me Argentina.

  13. Please tell me someone else has figured out which to posts came from them! I cant be the only one to find them!!!

  14. I love how so many people think some of these post are from me lol. I’m not angry or a jealous ex I have a husband we have been together over 10 years. This is about my kids and what they deserved from their father. I could careless who he’s with or if our marriage was a mistake. But by saying these things think about what it is doing to my kids they understand things their not little they have made judgement of their father on their own by what they went through with him. I’m not here to air out any thing this was for my kids to have a voice. And yes I have a beautiful family I have 3 more kids with my husband and a step son. So yes I do occupy my time with them not on or who my exhusband is with. Please don’t make assumptions I’m not that women you all seem to think I am I handled mine since my kids were little. Ricardo and Darcie wish you the best you truly are perfect for each other. So now everyone can leave me out of their conversation.

    • Green is quoted as saying “I don’t want to dismiss anyone who FEELS wronged by him” (emphasis added). Through her choice of words, she is dismissing those who have actually been wronged by him. It isn’t something that they only “feel.” I guess you could call her a selective feminist.

  15. I would just like to get an explanation as to why would Rick’s first wife send her son on a train to meet a man he hasn’t had contact with in 9 years. This women only called Rick to let him know where the train would be dropping off his son and the time. If she is so afraid of Rick, how could she trust this man with the safety of her children. Its clear that she couldn’t handle the two teens and thought it was best to just have Rick deal with them instead…what mother in her five senses puts her children at risks. No one is perfect and I’m far from it but i would never put my children at risk, doesn’t matter the circumstance or how hard it maybe to watch over them, that doesn’t make it right to put them in harms way, especially with a complete strange, which was what Rick was to the teens. It is needless to say that the mother of the teens has nothing better to do but try to rain on the newlyweds parade, if Rick wouldn’t have married Darcie this whole story would have gone unnoticed. Being the religious woman she is, she should be out preaching the word of God and helping the people in need, just as the bible says instead of longing for her “friends” blessings which is one of the ten commandments. She should be happy to hear about his changes and how he has turned his life around, instead of trying to get pity from the world, this world is harsh and shows no pity to anyone. We have to deal with what we get and learn how certain situations made us stronger. Nowhere in this article do i see anything about how Rick took full care of his two eldest for 2 years giving his daughter most helpful financial advice and showing her responsibility, or how he showed his son, what was passed down to him by his father, how to cut, marinate and cook a great bbq. This article is filled with all the negative things Rick has done but for all negatives is a positive.

    I also truly believe this has nothing to do with Darcie, we have Darcie running assembly candidate not Rick and Darcie would be the one we vote for not him!! Don’t judge people by there past or by their peers we are each our individual person and at the end of the day even with some input from others we choose what we want to do not what we are told to do!!

    In regards to what Rick’s son stated, may someone remind him what his mother did to him two years ago that was so horrible he decided to pack his bags and come live with someone he doesn’t know, and how that person, that complete stranger took them in willingly. If Rick’s such a bad person he could have pretended to never have received that call and left his son at the station, but instead shifted things to accommodate the kids in his new life. Needless this situation put a strain in his relationship with his younger daughters and his girlfriend, who was planning on starting a life together. The difficulty and stress of raising teens put a strain on his relationship which caused a breakup and him having to move out and support al four kids on his own. Lets remember not just the negative things people do to us, but be grateful that they took us in when the only person thats supposed to love us kicked us out into a cruel, nasty world. He may be young but that does not excuse his ignorance and his ungratefulness.

    • About putting your kids in Danger you have all there life. All 3 of them. Your sons saw your husband put his hand on u for years that’s why your oldest is the way he is. You should tell the truth about the situation first he changed his name to get away from his past. His name went from Ricardo Monzon to Rick Alexander and now it’s Rick Green. Thats facts on his name progression. Why are are his two oldest not allowed in your house molestation charges ? Why did CPS take them from your house because they where never suppose to be there in the first place ? Tell the truth It can set you free. Why are they not with him now. He had an opportunity to do right thing by them he chose women over his kids. His new marriage will fail like all others because it’s based on lies deceit and bs. Isn’t funny he has all these domestic violence issues with women but he’s never been charged with violence with another man. Makes you think how was his PRISON time

      • Excuse me, but you are mistaking me for someone else, my husband has never put his hands on me and I most definitely have put my children in danger, you don’t know me nor my children please inform yourself who your replying to before you go on someone who has no idea what you speak of! My name is Teresa Rangel, might want to get more knowledge before you speak again!

  16. Then what was the point of this whole article and the drama it sprung up? If your kids had such a horrible time with them, why were they always laughing and having a good time around the family. I was there at many point where they, both Rick and the kids, were laughing and seeming to be making up for lost time…they didn’t seem to be suffering or be in a bad situation. As a parent you should have mad the kids talk to their father about what they didn’t like instead of making a soup opera out of it. That is what grown people do! If you are so occupied you wouldn’t have had time to call the news in the first place. Just a thought!

    • Teresa oh his mother you must be. Always trying to fix his problem instead of letting him deal with things. You have a problem please do call me I don’t need to hide behind an article.

      • As an FYI I’m not his mother my name is Teresa Rangel feel free to look me up! Or call me if you please

      • look here wanda go look for cosmo and stop acting childish and then comment how people who are commenting are illiterate you would do all of us a favor if you just worried about your life and do your job take care of your kids and work about the present and future not the past the past is the past theres no going back get over it

  17. I’ve known Rick since I was about ten years old and during these six years of knowing him he has revealed his past that he isn’t proud of to me and my family although this article speaks of all the negative Rick has done I really appreciate the great advice he has given me he has played a very big role on the young man I am today I’m very greatful to have met him

    • Anonymous2: The term “hillbillies” is always a sign of one’s commitment to bigotry and supremacism not to mention a dip in classism and hate speech. Try to stay away from names and labels, you really don’t know the story.

  18. Here’s a comment from a recent column by liberal Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne, Jr.:

    ” Moreover, as a policy matter, I share the view of my conservative friends that the breakdown of the family is a social problem that both left and right should care about.”

    Looks to me like a lot of family breakdown here.

  19. The Merc needs to print this. A person with such poor judgement as Darcie Green must be kept FAR away from elected office and more importantly, power. I cringe at the thought of this her demented husband sitting next to her in the evening as she makes critical decisions that impact Californians. Uggggh.

    • I don’t know that the Merc will print this. What would that say about the Merc’s past judgement in supporting her for school board?

  20. I don’t know the man in the article that they are describing I know the kid that I was with was amazing, funny and smart. I know of the things that he has and continues to do for the community with his business. He helps people live their best life. I see how happy he is with Darcie.All it takes is one person to truly believe in you and that you have changed.Who he is now is what matters. He was always great with me and will be phenomenal with Darcie and his daughters. Who Rick is now is what matters. People can change. I have known him for twenty something years and have never known him to be anything but a great human. I am not dismissing anyone’s claims but too put this out there to be malicious is just cruel. Everyone deserves to be happy especially if they have changed. By the way Rick isn’t running for any office his wife is. Now hopefully everyone can focus on the campaign and leave Rick and his personal life alone.

    • If an article stating facts is cruel and malicious, how about Rick’s rap sheet that has gone on for many years up to at least the last couple of years – your thoughts??? Also no self respecting feminist would even associate with this creep.

      • The writers can write all they want to its where they get there information from. Obviously someone who is angered, jealous and is not happy. Like I have said before I am not dismissing anyone’s claims. What is really going to be gained by his past being out there and attacking Darcie? Nothing! The voters will vote for who they want to vote for. Everyone else on this thread just want something to talk about.

        • Angered, jealous or not happy? There are filed restraining orders, court appearances and convictions with time served! It appears to be much more than an unhappy ex or disgruntled child. There are multiple victims, women and children over a period of nearly two decades with some restraining orders still in effect until 2018! Any feminist and champion of women’s rights & issues would realize that this is NOT a trivial matter. Poor, poor judgment on Rick’s part for his repeated actions and poor, poor judgement on Darcie’s part for being involved with him, marrying him and then parading him about as a feminist benefactor in her campaign. All this mess is very self inflicted.

  21. I would not vote for this candidate. A person who calls themselves a feminist and marries a woman abuser is not what I would like to represent our community. He has a past since he was 19 years old up until 2013. Who knows how many since then. The minute something goes wrong, he will endanger her and maybe people around her. I am a victim of an abusive boyfriend. I saw the signs early on but stuck to it because I thought I could change him. No such luck, he almost killed me because I broke up with him.

    • Robert, don’t you have a job or just have too much spare time? Glad to see you have appointed yourself the schoolyard hall monitor for all comments left on this site. What a pity.

      • I’m not diminishing Ricks past, but if there’s pretty hard proof that the same person is making multiple accounts to write the same thing, then it’s fairly obvious that they’re trying to pretend more people are commenting then really are.

        If people want to civilly and reasonably discuss things, I’m all for it. Astroturfing isn’t being fair. The very nature of astroturfing, fake users, etc is just there to persuade the casual glancer that the majority of these posts are real.

        Also look at the time my comment was posted. It was before work at 7:26am. In contrast, your posts were made at 11:49am and 4:40pm respectively.

        On a side note.. Josh, I’ve already submitted proof that Mike/Paul are the same person. Shouldn’t you ban one of the accounts? Otherwise it looks like you’re condoning this astroturfing. I would love a look at your logs someday.

        • > Astroturfing isn’t being fair. The very nature of astroturfing, fake users, etc is just there to persuade the casual glancer that the majority of these posts are real.


          So, what’s your take on President Obama’s “gun town hall” before an audience of hand picked “concerned citizens”?

          Fake? Fair? Deceptive? Astroturfing? Typical of what Democrat politicians do all the time?

    • Well done Sherlock Holmes! I’m Paul and share a computer with Mike (and others) and the auto-complete put Mike instead of Paul, and I didn’t catch it until it was too late. None of this makes Darcie Green a viable politician.

      • Sorry it wouldn’t work that way. I do IT for a living, and I have been doing it over 22 years.

        Autocomplete works on a per-page-login basis. So if you were logged in as “Mike” on SJI, your browser wouldn’t carry over autocomplete information for the user logged in as “Paul” or vice versa. You would get a popup saying, “Do you want me to change the autocomplete info on this page? There would have been at least 2 or 3 confirmation dialogs appearing before you hit the “Submit” button.

        So let’s go through the processes in your theory.

        You would have logged out as Mike.
        You would have created a new account for “Paul”
        You would have to login to your email, click the verify account link.
        Logged back into SJI.
        Your browser would have asked, “Do you want to update the autocomplete info?”
        You would have to hit “Yes” on that.
        Your comment would have autocompleted
        You would hit submit.

        There’s enough steps there that anyone of reasonable intelligence would have caught it. (Assuming you are reasonably intelligent)

        My theory

        You created your first SJI account.
        You made your post.
        Hit refresh.. Said to yourself, “WTF? My post isn’t here yet!” (Probably not realizing it’s a moderated forum)
        Created a second account.
        Pasted the same stuff in.
        Hit submit.
        Not seeing your posts, you gave up, took a bong hit and went to sleep.
        Woke up, saw my post, and started making up excuses.

        • Log-on is possible but not required to make a post. Posts can be made with email only. Your IT skills are not very good, it seems.

          • Then even with the field “E-mail” being changed, there would still be a prompt from autocomplete, “Do you want to update your saved information for this site”

            But ya, keep trying to fit your round peg into a square hole.

  22. This is NOT about Rick. It is all about Darcie Green. Do you really want a politician without a college degree and DANGEROUS judgement representing you? Kalra, Nguyen or any of the others are head and shoulders above Green.

    • Kalra and Nguyen both have spent years serving the public in local office. Green only served 1/2 of her initial term with Alum Rock School Board before hopping to the County Board of Education, and now has served only a little over one year in her elected County Board of Ed seat to hop to being a full time politician. She should have disclosed when running first for Alum Rock school board, and then in fall 2014 when running for county school board, that she had no intention of serving a full term, but was only using school board to try to hop to a higher elected office (with full time pay.) Would she have been elected to the county board if voters had known that she just wants to use school board to climb a political ladder? I don’t think so.

  23. Maybe the two just deserve each other. What goes around comes around and leave it at that. It they want to hide from the truth or mislead public opinion so be it. It all comes around, be patient. Both parties are aware and the facts have been published so no one will be to blame for future accountable actions

    • LASLO TOTH, true enough, as you say, maybe they deserve each other. Problem is, Darcie Green is running for Assembly and we CANNOT allow a person with her poor judgement to win that seat because The People do NOT deserve her!

          • But remember, she was running with an advantage, having been appointed to that seat. So not such a big surprise. The assembly race will be much much more difficult. And I have absolutely zero respect for her campaign consultant, Rich Robinson.

  24. Darcie Green having bad judgement in people a surprise? Bad political decisions? Come on she endorsed Sheriff Laurie Smith. Looking at the state of the sheriff’s office today, that alone should disqualify her from any office. Maybe she’s still waiting for the promise the sheriff will keep kids in school, off the streets, and off drugs to come true after 17 years.

    Well, she did make one “good” decision — she hire The Fly… I mean, the Daily Feltch…. errr…sorry Rich Robinson to run her campaign. If he could get that criminally negligent sheriff elected again why not some one who’s depth of consideration to endorse a candidate ends at their gender.

    • Isn’t Nora Campos a big time supporter and mentor of Darcie Green’s? Darcie and her new husband will drag Campos down. The negative halo of “bad judgement” will spill over to Campos. Campos needs to distance herself from Darcie Green.

    • > Well, she did make one “good” decision — she hire The Fly… I mean, the Daily Feltch…. errr…sorry Rich Robinson to run her campaign.

      WHA_A_A_A_A_T_T_T ? ? ? ? ! ! !

      ARE YOU SAYING The Fly is . . . . RICH ROBINSON? ! !


  25. You know what else would be nice? If there was some disclosure here — that her friends and her campaign manager are writing these articles in order to give them the best possible spin. Disclosure, the enemy of most candidates and elected officials. Good to know Darcie has that rule down.

    • This is a good spin? I’d hate to read the negative spin article. After reading this, I plan to make a campaign contribution to each of her rivals in the Assembly race. Also, I googled [Darcie Green wife beater] to see what pictures would come up. Guess what? First picture that Google Images showed was……………………..

      • Best you can spin a bad story anyway. Imagine if someone who wasn’t her friend wrote it. Convenient a blog with a flexible schedule couldn’t review the records “on time” for release.

  26. I had no idea about any of this. I knew Darcie Green never finished college but she seems eager and nice and presents well, so I was okay with giving her a chance. But this is a disaster. I am calling and emailing everyone about this, she will never get elected.

  27. Question, Can she or anyone actually explain a changed she manage to make in the 2 years she was on the Alum Rocks board? I am sure no one can because she makes false promises and is only doing this for her well being. I find it funny she grew up in the area she is trying to represent so she should know better then anyone else that the Alum Rock School District needs more then promises to be done. Then she jumps onto the County Board to do what allow more charter schools to come into the already poor Alum Rock District and take away from the public school we already do have. So who’s pocket is she really in to say she wants to do one thing for the area and does the total opposite. Nope I don’t want her speaking for me at all in any politically position. If she couldn’t finish college as someone has stated on this feed and any of her terms, how long will she stay in this spot if elected? Will she stay 2 years too then try to run for governor next. She needs to work on being a better explain for us the people by maybe getting an AA at least or finishing her current term on the county board. I never have voted for her in any of the spots she has ran for and I never will unless she can PROVE she is really for the people of the east side of San Jose as she says she is.

  28. Domestic Violence is not such a black and white issue. It is very complicated, and often crosses generations. It has the potential to meet the standard model definition of a disease in the same way alcoholism and addiction is classified as a disease.

    I do not know either of these people but I have studied the issue of domestic violence in great detail. I would not be so quick to judge either Ricardo or Darcie. I won’t speculate on the choices he made or the situations but making a pariah out of them because of this is unconscionable. Coupled with San Jose Insides Dubious standards of investigative journalism and human interest makes it doubly so. That being said people have the capacity to change especially given the right environment and support.

    • The Professor of Domestic Violence has weighed in. I’ll put my 20 plus years as a police officer responding to domestic violence calls, and the training that has gone along with it, against your “study” of the topic. While it isn’t a simple issue, neither is a serial abuser a victim of his circumstances or simply someone who suffers from a disease. Monzon/Alexander/Green is man who has been documented to have used violence and threats against multiple women. There isn’t any grey area here in which he can hide. He is an abuser. Darcie Green is a supposed feminist running for office. Her choice to marry an abuser, and her attempts to minimize what he’s done to other women, throw her judgement and integrity into question. She’s entitled to marry whoever chooses. As a political candidate, she’s not entitled to avoid public scrutiny for her choices.

      On her campaign Facebook page, she attempts to portray the legitimate questions raised by this story as “the intrusion of male dominated media into the personal choices of women and the public shaming of women when we choose a partner or reproductive option another man can’t understand or agree with.” So now she’s equating the raising of these questions to opposing abortion? Please. I guess she’s quickly become pretty desperate, as she sees her campaign slowly circling the drain.

    • Can you find even a single father/mother would would be comfortable with Monzon/Alexander/Green marrying their daughter? Case closed.

  29. > “the intrusion of male dominated media into the personal choices of women and the public shaming of women when we choose a partner or reproductive option another man can’t understand or agree with.”

    If this is the type of stuff that’s going on inside of her head, she is in no way equipped to be an elected leader of a diverse society that includes people other than feminist abortniks.

  30. Wait didn’t the candidate whose husband this article about also date one of the two other frunt runners in this race?

    If her judgment is flawed because of who she is with…

    This story just seems like a private matter.

    I guess we won’t be talking about UC-SJ…gossip over substance for the win!

    Who judging this situation from afar is perfect?

  31. After reading all that, I’m going to start writing a soap opera script. Maybe you could all help me come up with some titles.
    “Days of our Slimy Lives!”
    “One Life to Live, Over and Over”
    “General Hostile”
    “Silicone Shuffle”
    “Falcon Crust”????????????

  32. > How many pieces of paper she has is not being used to being to say “her education policy knowledge or advocacy is bad” it’s being used in an unfair and elitist way….?

    I agree.

    No, wait. I disagree.

    Ummmm. I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

    • Sorry – I’ve always enjoyed your humor on this website (honestly, no web snark).

      What I was trying to say in response to what you said. My reading of what you said was that because she had held herself out as a education policy “shaman”, whether she had a degree (“pieces of paper”) was relevant.

      My point was fine, if you can show because she doesn’t have a degree she proposes this policy that is bad or because she has a degree she doesn’t have this information or ability to learn it, then fine. But honestly, getting some polisci degree Harvard doesn’t actually make u better at doing local education policy.

        • if someone proves that because she doesn’t have a degree she can’t learn the issues or make the reasonable decisions, then it seems relevant.

          Otherwise it just seems mean and elitist to me to bring up how many degrees she has…

          • She lacks the commitment to finish college (like she couldn’t complete her School Board assignment). You’re not getting this, are you Sparky?

          • She seems committed enough to her political career…so I’m not worried about her follow through if that’s what your are saying…

  33. Does it matter if your doctor has a college degree? Politicians impact our nation, our lives. If they can’t complete 4 years of college, they have a flaw. In fact, Darcie Green cannot finish anything she starts, including her School Board assignment. She’s a quitter, 100%.

    • When you look at the current requirements to get a teaching credential in the state of CA – a 4 year degree, plus graduate school to get a credential (and often a masters) plus state testing plus the fairly new Teacher Performance Assessments, plus then after that is finished teachers only have a preliminary credential and have to go through more assessments to finally clear your credential and then continue with professional development and continuing education credits throughout his/her career – it is mind boggling to me that anyone would think that a school board member who has never gone to college could possibly understand what our teachers and administrators are dealing with (Admins have to go to school to get an admin credential.)

      I agree with you, it’s important that elected officials in Silicon Valley have at least a bachelor’s degree.

  34. > “I am a very strong feminist and absolutely stick up for women every day I breathe,” said Green, the 2015 president of Democratic Activists for Women Now. “I wouldn’t marry someone who would diminish my ability to do that.”

    Just about every time Darcie Green opens her mouth she sounds like a head case.

    Parse this quote. What is she saying?

    She’s not saying she married Monzo because she loves him and wants to have a family. (Imagine that!)

    She’s marrying him because she’s a “very strong feminist” who “stick[s] up for women every day I breathe” and Monzo won’t “:diminish” her ability to do that.

    Sounds like a deep, meaningful relationship.

    Someone once said that people go into politics either because they want to BE someone or they want to DO something.

    Darcie Green has wanted to BE a State Assembly person all her live. Good for her.

    I guess we all get to be extras when they make a biopic of her life: “Darcie Green, Fighting Assemblywoman”.

    • I read her as saying:

      1. I’m a feminist
      2. I’m wouldn’t marry anyone who would diminish that

      NOT I married him because I am a feminist but instead I am comfortable as a feminist marrying him.

      • I read her as a distant last place in the Assembly race. Kalra and Nguyen are miles ahead in achievement, qualifications, endorsements and campaign funds. In 30 years, she’ll say “School Board was my career high point”.

        • How sad for the people who voted for her for County school board in Nov. 2014 because she didn’t disclose to them that she had no intention of serving even one 4 year term, but was instead going to use County school board as a springboard to higher (full time) state elected office. Would people have voted differently had they known that only a few months after the Nov. 2014 election she would announce a run for state assembly?

        • I agree with you on that – it’s Kalra (Labor) or Nguyen (Chamber). I’d take Kalra as the favorite.

  35. Darcie Green- GET OUT NOW!!! Before you have any Children of your OWN and make that Your First CHILD and HIS SIXTH CHILD. Then at that point you will be a product of what you are trying to prevent! I am from the East Side of San Jose and Went to all East Side Schools. You have a lot of people rooting for you. But, you have to leave that low life. You have a Great Family. He does not. He is trying to Gain everything to you have. Be the Smart Woman that you are. I said, I was from the East Side because people like to say you are a product of your environment. Your are not. You come form a Great Family and He is the product. Why didn’t his mother ever come out when his Ex’s were screaming. Clearly he needs way more help then you could ever give him. He is the product of his environment. Clearly stated in the article, him and the ex were going back to his MOM’s house… The Other EX said that he was living with her. HE DOES NOT HAVE A POT TO PISS ON. DARICE YOU ARE A SMART GIRL!! LEAVE HIM BEFORE HE BEATS YOU!! He has nothing going for himself. He is on you like flies on poop. Go and get a divorce. I know the both of your were high school sweet hearts and it seems like a romantic story, but I hope that your DAD is very close by to you at all times. Trust me he is not the man for you. I know your PRINCE and Shinning Amer will be waiting for you with the carriage and you will LIVE Happy Ever After.

    • Get out Darcie you write like the ex wife Wanda .If it’s you why don’t you get a life.Didn’t you remarry ? don’t you have other children to wory about? Get a life!!

  36. The, “He has changed. He will change. He has had a difficult life,” are the most used reasons by victims of abuse for why they stay in an abusive relationship. And, the majority of abusive relationships start as world-wind romance that move at light speed.

    For Mrs. Green to campaign as a feminist but not understand the most rudimentary aspects of abusive relationships, then that goes to show that she’s using feminism as a campaign tool but knows nothing about it.

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