4Cs Council to Close Preschools after Claiming Everything Is Fine

Silicon Valley’s largest publicly funded child care agency announced Friday that it has to close three of its preschools. The embattled Community Child Care Council of Santa Clara County, known as the 4C Council, already shuttered two other centers since 2015. In an email to staff, 4Cs Executive Director Alfredo Villaseñor lamented the loss but provided no explanation for the closures. He did hint at rumors that the 45-year-old agency could fold, which contradicts his recent assertions that the ship is running smoothly. The nonprofit, funded by taxpayers to the tune of $45 million a year, is going on the fourth week of an audit by the California Department of Education (CDE). After several years of financial shortfalls, there’s a chance the state could defund 4Cs and hand the responsibility of providing low-cost child care for low-income families to another agency altogether. At a public meeting a couple of weeks ago, county Executive Jeff Smith said he’s worried about the agency’s poor fiscal health, which San Jose Inside first exposed after the CDE accidentally disclosed an internal memo about 4Cs’ mounting debt and declining revenues. “That makes us concerned as a contractor about whether they could survive,” Smith said, referring to the county’s agreement to pay 4Cs to feed senior citizens at the Northside Community Center.

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  1. For those unfamiliar with Spanglish, the English word “audit” is to the Hispanic administrators of the various parasitic social organizations every bit as terrifying as the Spanish warning “La Migra” is to the illegal alien community. In both cases it roughly translates to, “The Gringos are on to us, run for cover!”

  2. Ah, yet another do-gooder program bites the dust due to the incompetence of the politically connected individuals who were charged with running it. No-one will screw you more than a person of your ethnicity. How else does one explain folks like Nora and Baby X Campos, George Shirakawa, Jr., Adam Clayton Powell, Charlie Rangel, Jesse Jackson, both Sr. and Jr., Al Sharpton, all of whom screw the taxpayers.

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