Teen Abstinence Promoter Leads Bid to Conduct County’s Title IX Gender Harassment Audit

A Scotts Valley nonprofit is set to tackle a $1 million Title IX investigation across Santa Clara County’s hundreds of K-12 and post-secondary schools, despite having neither college-level experience nor legal staff for the task. Education, Training and Research Associates is the intended awardee of a contract to assess and codify how educators countywide comply with state and federal laws on sex- and gender-based harassment and abuse, according to documents obtained by San Jose Inside. The decision will be final on June 10, if none of the other four bidding agencies protest the selection.

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When Should I Wear a Mask Now?

The New York Times asked three experts from different disciplines to respond to readers’ questions about wearing masks now.

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The Real Faces of Silicon Valley

As the valley’s tech companies have driven the U.S. economy since the Great Recession, the region remains one of the most unequal.

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