New Gentlemen’s Club Coming to Downtown

Downtown San Jose appears poised to add a new entertainment venue, but questions remain on whether some of the workers will be topless, fully nude or neither.

The historic San Jose Building and Loan Association structure, located at 81. W. Santa Clara St., has posters on street front windows advertising the coming gentlemen’s club, The Gold Club. A two-page website also announces intentions to open the establishment, which previously operated as nightclubs Playhouse and Vault. The building is one of the oldest structures in downtown San Jose.

A source said that the club plans to open sometime in August, but little information is known about how Gold Club will operate and what restrictions the city could impose. The location does have an operational liquor license, but the city of San Jose has zoning rules that would prevent nude dancing, according to city officials.

Planning director Joe Horwedel said a gentlemen’s club “is allowed by zoning regulations if operated correctly.” But, he added, “No nudity allowed.” That could mean Gold Club will operate as a bikini bar.

San Jose’s Gold Club operations will apparently go through a company called T&L, an East Coast licensing company. No contact information could be found for T&L, and a person contacted at the proposed San Jose location said venue operators had no comment at this time.

What seems more clear, however, is that San Jose’s Gold Club has no relationship with The Gold Club in San Francisco.

“We just want to make it clear we aren’t affiliated or associated,” said Axel Sang, a general manager for The Gold Club, which is also affiliated with other San Francisco venues such as the Hustler Club and the Penthouse Club.

Sang added that he and his partners became aware of the San Jose location a few weeks ago. “It actually kind of caught us by surprise.”

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Since Mayor Reed and the majority of the city council clowns want San Jose to grow like the city 50 miles to our north and have a major league baseball team, airport and more…I say we need a gentleman’s club or two to help complete that fantasy. And, what a better place than just 2 blocks from city hall. That way city leaders can go have lunch and get a lap dance while they are at it. Pete Constant has never been one to skip lunch. Just my sarcastic humble opinion.

  2. Rules for nude dancing???  There are alot of “cafes” in San Jose that have full nude dancing and waitresses.  All this “gentlemans club” will attrack is more shootings, stabbings, and fights downtown…hahahaha I guess the 49ers and future San jose A’s need a place to “make it rain”

  3. I’m all for it. San Jose is a big city.  If Downtown Seattle, Montreal and SF have this kind of upscale strip club, San Jose have it downtown, too.  San Jose must stop acting like a suburb and allow big city stuff in its downtown.

  4. This club won’t last if its a legit club.  The only way it will survive is if it corrupt, which won’t be difficult just look at all the prostitution downtown and at the card clubs.  It’s nice to see that the city closes its eyes to it.  The city manager, mayor and council have stripped the police department from being able to in force it.  It will only get worse!

  5. Remember Hooter’s.  A few years ago the City Council had the opportunity to bring an established tax revenue making business to downtown SJ and they put their noses up at them.  This place sounds so much better.  HAHAHAHA. 

    It’s sounds so shady already.  It’s a perfect fit for this mayor and his minion.

  6. Just another reason to not bring my young kids to downtown San Jose at night. Just another business to attract a trashy crowd to downtown San Jose. This just sends a message of how desperate downtown has become, despite Sammy and Chuckles putting on a happy face of how desirable downtown is to family and the business community. Too bad such an iconic building with great potential could only attract a strip club (Oh, I mean “Gentleman’s Club”). GREAT JOB, SAM LICCARDO!!!!

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