Chavez Interested in Shirakawa’s Seat

Those sounds in the background are rumblings that the District Attorney’s Office and Fair Political Practices Commission will conclude their separate investigations into county Supervisor George Shirakawa’s spendy ways sometime in the second half of this month. That could be why one of his longtime closest allies, Cindy Chavez, has been voicing her interests in the not yet vacant supervisor’s job. Chavez, the previous vice mayor of San Jose and CEO of the South Bay Labor Council who now oversees the labor-linked nonprofit Working Partnerships USA, has been telling friends and colleagues that she’s attracted to the job regardless of whether Shirakawa leaves sooner (i.e. he’s indicted) or later (i.e. at the end of his term in 2016). Word is Shirakawa, who misused thousands of taxpayer dollars for personal vacations, meals and casino junkets while also failing to file campaign disclosure documents, is none too pleased with Chavez. But not to worry, Shirakawa fans. The hard-charging supe set up the George Shirakawa Legal Defense Fund in late December. It’s hard to say what was more surprising last week when the deadline for semi-annual disclosure forms arrived: that the fund actually had a contributor; or that the forms were submitted on time. Of course, it would have to be the latter, because the only person to donate funds was Shirakawa himself in the amount of $100. Shirakawa reportedly hired attorney Thomas Willis of Remcho, Johansen & Purcell to represent him in the FPPC matter, and Willis is not exactly cheap, so the Ben Franklin in his bank account is probably good for a few billable minutes.

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  1. Shirakawa did the same thing Mayor Reed did , So why is nobody in an uproar over that ?? Both Men did wrong by breaking the publics trust . I just dont understand why Everyone is Demoniziing Shirakawa but nobody talks about the Mayor

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