City Council to Discuss Pot Clubs, Priorities

If recommendations from the Rules and Open Government Committee are accepted, the City Council will repeal its medical marijuana ordinance at Tuesday’s meeting. If not, the council will prepare the matter to go before voters on June 5.

Also at the meeting, the council will consider raising the tax on dispensaries at a meeting and public hearing on a later date.

Other items going before the council include:

— Approval of mid-year budget actions.
— The city’s auditor’s annual report on Team San Jose.
— Establish the city’s Top 10 Priorities for the fiscal year 2011-12. (See below for the Top 11 and their current status.)
—    Make modifications to the city’s Gaming Control policies.

There will be a council budget study session Monday. Click Here to Read the City Council’s Agenda for February 14, 2011.

City Priorities for Fiscal Year 2011-12

1. Off-Sale of Alcohol at Grocery Stores streamlining (Lead Dept.: PBCE) Description: Define criteria for grocery stores.
Status: 50% Complete/Estimated Completion: March 2012

2. Off-Sale of Alcohol process streamlining (Planning Commission recommendation to Council instead of mandatory detail) (Lead Dept.: PBCE)
Description: Change process so Council makes final decision without requiring an appeal.
Status: 75% Complete/Estimated Completion: February 2012

3. Payday Lending (Lead Dept.: PBCE)
Description: Staff to do preliminary research and explore the feasibility of an ordinance to limit payday lending businesses.
Status: 20% Complete/Estimated Completion: March 2012

4. Sign Code Major Update (Lead Dept.: PBCE)
Description: Next portion to Council includes skyline signs, assembly uses, and other streamlining. Future phase addresses billboard relocations and signs in the public ROW and City properties.
Status: 50% Complete/Estimated Completion: Next Phase: Feb. 2012/Final Phase: May 2012

5. Smoking in Outdoor Areas (Lead Dept.: PBCE)
Description: City received County grant funds and is developing an ordinance to limit smoking in outdoor areas. Status: 50% Complete/Estimated Completion: March 2012

6. Tree Removal Ordinance - Streamlining and Cost Recovery On private property) (Lead Dept.: PBCE) Description: Streamlining and cost recovery on private property. Status: 20% Complete/Estimated Completion: May 2012

7. Zoning Ordinance Quarterly Modifications (Lead Dept.: PBCE)
Description: Minor revisions to Zoning Ordinance that do not require major analysis, raise community concerns or cannot be found exempt from CEQA. This is a recurring ordinance placeholder.
Status: 50% Complete/Estimated Completion: March 2012

8. Zoning Standards - Main Street/Alum Rock (Lead Dept.: PBCE)
Description: Alum Rock Ave. rezoning project. Rezone land on ARA to the new zoning district. Requires legal descriptions, outreach and diagram creation.
Status: 0% Complete/Estimated Completion: June 2012

9. Medical Marijuana (Lead Dept.: CMO/CAO PBCE)
Description: Title 6 operational regulations and Title 20 land use regulations pertaining to use of medical, marijuana. Status: 90% Complete/Estimated Completion: Completed Sept. 2011—Title 20 subsequently suspended. City Council to consider Title 6 status in Feb. 2012

10. Social Host Ordinance (Lead Dept..” CAO/CMO)
Description: Ordinance that could impose liability on adults that host social events where alcohol is served to minors. Status: 50% Complete/Estimated Completion: March 2012

11. Real Estate Streamlining Transactions (Lead Dept.: CAO/OED)
Description: Amend Municipal Code to streamline process for selling and acquiring real estate, providing easements, right-of-ways, and entering into below market rate leases with non-profits.
Status: 20% Complete/Estimated Completion: April 2012

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Before we go any further, what happened to the measure U funds.  Seems the City Mgr office doesn’t need to respond.  Wait she can respond to the 650 million dollar quote.  As a taxpayer “Show me the money”

  2. 650 million got a little Merky News on the local page and now has completely gone again.  Chuck really does have some big fans at the paper.

  3. let’s get back to the mayor being a flat out liar!

    This city is going down the tubes, it is so sad that the mayor and most of the council continues to hide the truth!

    what is sad that Chuck is focusing his anger on council members who do not agree with his BS pension reforms.

    We need to put the truth out to the public.  We all know the Merky News will not publish the real news. Thanks to Chucks in laws!

  4. It was withing the last week or two that Mayor Reed said that we weren’t going to discuss pot clubs because it was a waste of time while the matter was still unresolved at the state and federal level.

    Hmm? no lying, no cheating no stealing? didn’t this mayor change the City Oath of Office and add these sentiments along with “allegance to the city charter…”

    Lets discuss the Mayor repeating $650million when the acutal number was about $400million. He only exagerated the real number by 162% on numbers off the top of Crosby’s head.

  5. I think Reed is smoking all the profits from the pot clubs if he thinks anyone will ever buy his lies again. he counts like a man on drugs .. 1, 2 .4 400 million … 650 million…  What does the number matter now pass me that joint !!!!

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