Mayor Goes Nuts

With all the problems he’s had with Rob Davis, police auditors and police-community relations during his term, the last thing San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed would seem to be equipped to do is weigh in on the management of another law enforcement agency. But that’s exactly what he did this week. Reed has endorsed long-shot Sheriff candidate Richard Calderon, becoming the first mayor anyone can remember to endorse the challenger to a sitting sheriff. Which has left everyone scratching their heads.

Victor Ajlouny, consultant to both Reed and Calderon, sent out the press release Wednesday morning. “Maybe Chuck’s so busy with the city budget that he didn’t have a chance to adquately review the candidates,” Sheriff Laurie Smith fired back. Deputy Sheriff Joe Charvez, who was in the race and decided not to pay his filing fee just before the deadline, saying his job with the Sheriff’s Department kept him too busy to run for office, expressed “grave concerns” about Calderon, a retired SJPD captain and former Gustine police chief. “It’s not like he left Gustine to come do this,” he says. “I’m not sure he wants to be sheriff so much as he wants another job.” Charvez supports Smith, as do Reed’s city hall colleagues Pete Constant, Sam Liccardo and Vice Mayor Judy Chirco,

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  1. Maybe Chuck actually picked the person he thinks is best for the job instead of who’s best politically.  That can happen, can’t it?

    I also love the rigorous journalism: “the first mayor anyone can remember to endorse the challenger to a sitting sheriff.”  How far back can “anyone” remember?  Last week?

  2. Lowden’s Syndrome which Mayor Reed has contracted creates situations where the patient develops obessive feelings for swarthy men with thick eyebrows as well as having feelings of personal frustration.  Decisions are made impulsvely and the patient like the Mayor is liable to chew his toenails.

  3. I think the Mayor picked the wrong horse.  My intuition tells me that Reed is in a rapid state of decline in terms of being an effective leader.  Yet, I must forever thank him for trouncing that Gonzales clone, Cindy.

  4. It’s very obvious why the mayor did not back the sitting sheriff. The sheriff didn’t back the mayor. She backed Chavez. Now it’s pay back time. Plus Calderon hired Ajlouny as his political strategist…Same strategist as the mayor.

    • Bingo.  That rationale was mentioned in the Metro weeks ago (it would seem they got wind of the endorsement before it was formally made).

      I’ve never been fond of Sheriff Smith, who I gather spends most of her time at her home in Lake Tahoe anyway (and really, can you blame her?), so I think I’ll take the Mayor’s advice.

  5. The real question is why did Laurie Smith, a Republican, endorse labor leader Cindy Chavez for mayor?  Mr. Reed is just returning the favor.

  6. “The Mayor Goes Nuts.” Okay Metro that title looks like something right out of the Merc.

    Do any of you bloggers even know these candidates, or even care to? I attended the DSA forums and I can tell you that this is one election that should concern you. Smith needs to go…..

  7. ” the real question is why did Laurie Smith, a Republican, endorse labor leader Cindy Chavez for mayor” 

    Republican Laurie Smith like many politicians thought that “good old gal” Chavez had Mayor’s race won over “home town boy” Reed

    National Dems “good old gals” Pelosi and Clinton were pouring campaign staffs and money in and San Jose’s Labor political powerhouse making “go for broke election bet” on Chevez campaign – all except Pelosi came out “big losers”

    “Good old gals” Chevez and Chirco back fellow “good old gal” Republican Smith with Labor’s endorsement while Calderon is endorsed by Reed and Police Officers dividing Police / Fire and South Bay Labor

    Republican Constant and Chamber’s / Silicon Valley Lead( us to money )ship Group’s “almost Republican” Sam Liccardo also backs Smith – again No surprises

    • I don’t dispute that Laurie Smith is a Republican, but I’m not sure it matters in any substantive way (even if it plays a big role in who endorses whom).  I’ve never noticed her doing anything obviously conservative (or obviously liberal, for that matter).  I can’t entirely explain why I don’t like her, despite our shared partisan affiliation.  She just gives me the creeps.  And I think I have fairly good instincts.

  8. As a matter of fact Kathleen I do know Richard Calderon, he was a neighbor and I would not vote or support him.  The stories from Gustines regarding his tactics are true and his performance needs scrutiny.  In my opinion Mr Calderon is more interested in the paycheck than being the Sheriff and serving the people of Santa Clara County.

    • I have known Richard Calderon way before he went to Gustine. And just because he did not play favorite to certain people in Gustine and kiss politic rearends doesn’t mean he is not in for the people. He fair and compasionate and a major team player. Those who listen to rumors and NOT THE FACTS should be ashamed of themselves and take another look in the mirror!  He is honost and hardworking and is in it for the safety and service to the public. ALL PUBLIC , Not the people whom think they deserve special treaatment just because of who they are!!!!!!  WAKE UP LADY !!!!!

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