Op-Ed: Danger, Will Robinson! Vote No on Measure S

Safe Clean Water sounds fine. Ah, but Dr. Smith has been at work.

Proponents say the Measure S parcel tax replacement is badly needed for a long list of projects. The trouble is that in exchange for saying yes, we have to give up our future right to vote since Measure S has no end date.

It’s very important that taxpayers continue to have the right to hold the water district accountable and not have that right taken away from them.

The last renewal of this tax, in 2012, had a 15-year term, ending in 2028. We still have eight years to go. We don’t need to replace the tax now. The long list of projects that Measure S proponents tout—all of them except for a couple, such as Pacheco Dam—have funding under the current tax.

To compound the problem, Valley Water’s use of our funds under the current tax hasn’t met the timetables they set.

The eight current flood protection projects, including the Anderson Dam seismic retrofit, are on average seven years behind the original schedule—and counting.

The Sierra Club opposes Measure S in part because environmental performance has been just as bad, if not worse. This lack of progress is all the more reason need to keep accountability to voters.

What’s most disappointing is that the Valley Water Board of Directors let this measure get onto the ballot in the first place. Voters shouldn’t have to choose between giving up their right to vote and extending funding on these projects. A terrible choice. Voters should get both. The good news is that there’s another election in two years—plenty of time to give us a better measure.

Please help get the word out. Tell your friends. This a classic David-versus-Goliath issue. Thanks to great media, our passionate team has only spent about $200 and countless hours so far on this effort. The “yes” side had raised $180,000 by the end of September.

To learn more, visit votenoonmeasures.org.

Please pass the No-on-Measure S message to your friends via social media or otherwise and ask them to do the same.

*Apologies to all who didn’t get the reference to Lost in Space, either the 1965 or 2018 version. “Danger, Will Robinson,” was spoken by the robot while Dr. Smith was often causing problems. Suffice it to say that series proved it was good to listen to the robot.

Les Kishler is a member of the Sierra Club water committee that represents Silicon Valley. Dave Warner is a sustainable water supply advocate and a member of the Vote No on Measure S Committee. Opinions are the authors’ own and do not necessarily reflect those of San Jose Inside. Send op-ed pitches to [email protected].

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  1. > The trouble is that in exchange for saying yes, we have to give up our future right to vote since Measure S has no end date.

    I’m not a big fan of the Sierra Club, but I agree that voting for an eternal, never ending revenue stream for ANY government activity is a BAD idea.

    I have already voted NO.

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