Endorsement: No on Measure E

Bay 101 owners are running scared. The San Jose card club’s current lease is set to expire in a few years and the city has so far opposed the casino’s request to build a larger facility closer to Casino M8trix.

Meanwhile, a state bill that would have allowed the company to move to Milpitas died in committee. Still, Bay 101 owners are hedging their bets, pouring $200,000 into Measure E, which would allow them to take their $8.4 million in yearly tax revenue to Milpitas.

The area isn’t equipped to deal with the big-city problems associated with gambling—especially since Bay 101 wants to expand from 49 to 115 card tables. Bay 101 should remain in San Jose, a city that has experience dealing with cardrooms and a regulatory system already in place.

Vote "no" on Measure E.

For official ballot descriptions of local measures, go to the Registrar of Voters website.


  1. I say if Bay 101 wants to move over the boarder to Milpitas, then let them go. Good for Milpitas. They could use the money.This paper is hypocritical for not supporting Bay 101 while also not supporting their ability to move.

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