Title 16 and Card Rooms in San Jose

The City has been grappling with proposed changes to Title 16 for over two years. Title 16 covers the regulations of card rooms. The 125-page document reads like a novel. Although the State of California oversees gambling facilities, San Jose has it’s own regulations for two gambling facilities, which are Bay 101 and Garden City. Some say this is duplicitous since another level of government regulates this type of legal business. Others say the state does not regulate closely enough.

The City Auditor came out with a report last April that showcased some of the issues within the regulations, with an emphasis on the permitting process of employees. The process for prospective employees in getting a job can be frustrating due to how long it has historically taken to get a background check. This background process is done for a fee so it is cost-recovery for the police department.

One example of something that could change is when a counterfeit bill is discovered. If the counterfeit bill is discovered in any other business in San Jose, the Secret Service is called because this is one of their duties. However, if it happens at a card club, a police officer must drive out to the card club and respond accordingly. My guess is the Secret Service has more background on counterfeit bills than an individual police department.

The oddest part of last week’s Public Safety & Strategic Support Committee meeting, where this issue was discussed, was when it was discovered that the gaming administrator who oversees the card clubs was not at the meeting. I do not recall a person so integral to a discussion being absent. When asked about where this person was, the answer was that this person is not here. A further question determined that this person was not ill or traveling but just not at the meeting. Upon further questioning, it was finally revealed that there was a pending lawsuit and they did not want this person to speak in public.

In addition to the many unresolved questions, plus the gaming administrator not being at the meeting, the committee decided to continue the item until the December scheduled meeting.

In the meantime, if you want to partake in some other gaming, check out Bingo this Wednesday night at the Billy De Frank center on The Alameda.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor—and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.
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  1. How come the City Auditor’s reports (lately) focus on Law Enforcement (SJPD). or in this case a pol focuses on an item in the report dealing with LE?

    In this case the the Auditor is EITHER WRONG or the Pol’s interpretation of. what the AUDITOR REPORTED IS WRONG!. Enough focus on that though because in the eyes of the Auditor who works for the City Manager and Mayor and the pols – The Auditor is Never Wrong- especially when it comes to making pronouncements (really anti-nouncements) on Law Enforcement and SJPP specifically. The way it works is: City Manager/Mayor gives the Auditor their desired conclusion then that Auditor constructs an investigation that supports the preconceived conclusion and reports back – but that is old news.

    Now, why is the Auditor or PLO (or both) wrong? Because, when an individual or business comes across a suspected counterfeit US bill and they have the sense and good conscience to call law enforcement they call the San José Police Department.  Yes it is true that the Secret Service is the government agency tasked with counterfeit investigations it is one of the reasons why they were formed but, people / business (with the exception of more knowledgeable banking institutions) call 911.

    SJPD takes the call, officers are dispatched and the evidence is collected and a report is taken. Then SJPD notifies the Secret Service and then they take over the case.

    PLO (and Mayor and City Manager) how come your auditor can’t find real waste fraud and abuse?  Here is an instance actually 2:  the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office is contracted to provide Law Enforcement services for VTA – yet when it happens on a VTA bus or light rail train or on VTA Bus Stops or light Rail platforms the Sheriff’s office calls SJPD to respond and they DO?  Same thing with the Amtrak/CalTrain lines that run through San José.  San Mateo County Sheriff’s have the contract with Caltrain to police the rails and train station…. BUT, whenever there is a problem SMCO calls SJPD and they respond! 

    A tremendous drain on a police department that has been and will continue to be decimated by YOU and your Colleagues poor decisions!

    Both San Mateo and Santa Clara County have their MO down too. If it happens in their area of responsibility between 11PM and 6AM they call and say “our deputies just went home for the night and we don’t have anyone who can respond!”  Santa Clara and VTA is the worst! They will have their bus drivers/light rail train drives bring homeless/elderly to their corp yards in the middle of the night then call SJPD to welfare check on them…. Worse they will collect property left on the buses /trains and   call SJPD to take custody of it – apparently VTA doesn’t have a   Lost and Found——or——maybe the Santa Clara County Sheriffs don’t have an evidence collection/storage facility that accepts found property for safe keeping and that will attempt to locate the rightful owners…. how expensive that must be!!!

    Pierluigi – it has long been the joke that SJPD and the rest of San José career employees (not the term-limited fly-by-night carpetbaggers and their appointed staffs) are the ones who do more with less and here is another example that bears it out. What are you going to do about this? Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your Bingo game.

    ——Professore Vaf Fanculo A.B.D.

    • This is very true. We take many, many calls because VTA kisses them off onto San Jose, and we get dispatched and deal with the call. There are so many other instances where San Jose ends up taking the call from another agency, because that is just how it has always been.

    • As a taxpayer, when can I expect the City of San Jose to start billing Santa Clara County and San Mateo County for the services that the San Jose Police Department are providing to VTA and CatTrain?

      The current scenario is is very similar to the way that Mayor Reed’s San Jose in so many other areas.

      Like? Like? Anyone, anyone? The “something—-Agency? Purchasing something with someone elses something and giving that thing away to someone else?”  Anyone, Buehler? C’mon the Redevelopment Agency buying land with taxpayer money then giving it to Lew Wolfe on the cheap?”

    • In many areas of the city there are intersections where San Jose borders another city, two cities, or even another city and country jurisdiction.  I’ve been witness to several events where SJPD, Campbell, the Sheriff’s Office, Santa Clara PD or other agencies officers all stand around and argue over who is supposed to take the accident.  Well, traditionally the SJPD tells their officers whenever there is a dispute to “take the high road” and just take the accident. 

      The longstanding rationale for this decision was that San Jose was the biggest agency with the most resources. We can see what that has done for us.  Most of the cities around San Jose are far more solvent with better fiscal management and a more supportive city council and community.  Yet, San Jose still shoulders the burden routinely by taking on tasks that really belong to other departments.  The citizens of San Jose really should step up and ask where their tax dollars are being spent.  Why should John Q Public living in San Jose have one cent of their tax dollars spent doing the work that other jurisdictions are responsible for handling.  This same scenario routinely plays out with investigating other crimes in the detective bureau as well.

  2. PLO why does it seem as if you enjoy seeing things less regulated?  Hasn’t the pot debacle taught you anything yet?

    There’s a reason Nevada mandates a background check for any casino employee.  Just like there’s a reason the Alcohol board doesn’t allow guys that committed crimes of moral turpitude to own bars.

    Just did a quick onceover of title 16 right now.  Sure, it’s large, but it is workable (we do have 2 card rooms, which is 2 too many imho) I’ve got 2 tiled browser windows, one is open to title 16, the other is to the Nevada Board of gaming.  Title 16 looks as though it was copied verbatim.

  3. boring, the city just wants more tax money which is great.  Have you every gone to one of this buildings and see how is there! Just my opinion , but 90+ % is Asian. 

    PO, I think you drink to much when writing these posts.  You are all over the board.  Is this someone we want to run for mayor.  Bingo?

    Please go to rehap so we can get this city in order.

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    Josh Koehn

    • >>The Card Clubs should be Downtown or in the Airport.

      Let me fix that for ya.

      The Card Clubs should be in a Nevada or Native American Reservations downtown or airport.

      • To quote the esteemed City Councilmember from D6, “some say this is duplicitous…” Really? Duplicitious?

        Duplicitious means “marked or characterized with deceitful speech or conduct; speaking or acting in two different ways with the intention to decieve; double-dealing.”

        Perhaps you meant “dualistic, parallel” or even “repetitive” – but, duplicitious?

        One who acts in a duplicitious manner, such as a councilmember who steals campaign signs from the city streets because he/she doesn’t agree with the opposition’s viewpoint; a politician that ignore the will of his/her constituents; someone that demonizes the hard working, dedicated city employees just to perpetuate a myth that they are the root cause of all that is wrong with this city… that is a person filled with duplicity and thus acts in a duplicitious manner. (Sound like anyone you might know?)

        Where did you go to school anyway, Oliverio? Maybe someone on staff should check your homework before turning it in? I’m a former teacher. You get an F on this one! Dumb-ass.

        Daphne Definitions

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