Endorsements: Resendez and Cardoza

Alum Rock Union School District Board of Trustees
Aaron Resendez
During his unsuccessful run for a District 5 council seat in June, Aaron Resendez went to the hospital to visit the ill father of his opponent, Magdalena Carrasco, just to say “Hi” and offer support. That would not surprise anyone who knows Resendez—he is the epitome of old-fashioned honor and integrity.

A longtime community leader who has dedicated his life to the East Side, Resendez chaired the East Valley/680 Neighborhood Action Coalition for five years. Born in Mexico, he earned his citizenship and has lived and raised his family in the east San Jose for the last 16 years.

While working as a box-printing press operator, he’s found time to volunteer in the community. He coaches kids’ soccer and spends weekends walking neighborhoods erasing graffiti and picking up trash. He was president of the Arbuckle Neighborhood Association from 2000 to 2005.

Weathering the tough June primary gave Resendez an education on how politics actually goes down in San Jose—more real world experience that will be an asset to the Alum Rock Union School District.

Santa Clara County Board of Education; Trustee Area 6
Angie Cardoza
Current trustee Craig Mann’s passion and willingness to speak up on tough issues has at times been admirable. But over the past several months he’s proven himself to be too divisive.

Several missteps have turned into petty scandals, wasting time and drawing attention away from what should be the board’s number one priority: improving education.

Mann’s past year on the board has been marked by missed meetings, meaningless arguments and an incident of flagrant race-baiting that almost got him censured this summer.

The only person running against Mann for Area 6 of the SCCBOE is Angie Cardoza. The 61-year-old businesswoman and forewoman of the 2009–10 Civil Grand Jury investigation into school district organization has received endorsements from both Republicans and Democrats, including Pete Constant and Teresa Alvarado.

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  1. I agree with you whole heartedly about Cardoza.  In previous elections I had backed Mann but lately everytime I see his name in the news (from the Metro, to local neighborhood periodicals to the Merc) he’s stirring the hornets nest. 

    I will be casting a vote for Aaron Resendez for Alum Rock School Board as well.  There are three seats up for grabs in the district and he will be one of the votes.  The only other that I will cast will be for MIGUEL BALDONI OLIVERIO.  Mr Baldoni is a man of integrity, as he showed by being willing to speak up as one of the teacher’s whose pension was misappropriated by MACSA officals when he was a teacher at their Charter high school.  He is still teaching, and last year won a Teacher of the Year award as well as a Red Cross humanitarian award for bravery when he was violently attacked by a gang of teens who had invaded his school’s campus. 

    Baldoni isn’t afraid to do what is right even if its at his own peril.  Some people might not like him because he spoke up about the MACSA pension mess but doing the right thing isn’t always popular, but it is always right.

    Alum Rock School district needs… and the students DESERVE…. a man with Mr Baldoni’s courage.  Please consider him for your vote as well.

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