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SJI Launches Weekly Email

Readers of San Jose Inside may have noticed the green rectangular box below top headlines inviting visitors to subscribe to the site. Don't be afraid to do it.

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Chavez Admits Pressing Rosen

County supervisor candidate Cindy Chavez has confirmed that she raised concerns about prosecuting George Shirakawa Jr. during a luncheon with Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen at P.F. Chang’s in January. Despite the intervention by Chavez and others, Shirakawa was charged five weeks later with five felonies and seven misdemeanors and immediately resigned from office. He subsequently pled guilty to all of the charges.


Was Anthony Macias Impersonated?

Prospective Nora Campos challenger Anthony Macias, a 21-year-old student at Chico State, has written that he was impersonated by an individual who posted anti-Jewish comments online. He has not, however, substantiated the claim with specific information.

In a San Jose Inside post on Saturday, Jan. 28, a commenter who identified himself as Anthony Macias wrote “Regarding [Campos’] charges of antisemitism: Those are entirely false. I have never posted anything of the sort on any Yahoo! message board or forum. I think that someone was pretending to be me.”


Pose Questions to SCV Water District CEO

In an effort to keep readers better informed about and involved with community issues, San Jose Inside is unveiling several new features in the coming weeks. Our Q&A series allows readers to become reporters and ask questions. If you’ve ever wondered why a certain question wasn’t posed, this will be your opportunity to step forward and ask. This week, Santa Clara Valley Water District CEO Beau Goldie has agreed to answer your questions.


Mayor Reed Answers Readers’ Questions

This is the first installment of a new San Jose Inside feature that allows readers to pose questions to public officials. This week, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed has answered 10 questions selected out of hundreds that were submitted by San Jose Inside commenters. The topics range from pensions and public safety to a proposed ballpark. The next public official to be interviewed by readers will be announced on Friday.—Editor


Pose Questions to Mayor Chuck Reed

In an effort to keep readers better informed about and involved with community issues, San Jose Inside will unveil several new features in the coming weeks.The first new weekly feature will allow readers to become reporters and ask questions. If you’ve ever wondered why a certain question wasn’t posed, this will be your opportunity to step forward and ask. To begin the Q&A series, Mayor Chuck Reed has agreed to answer your questions.

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Payday Lending Reform

By Ash Kalra

The San Jose Inside April 27 article “Manny Diaz Shilling for Loan Sharks” seems to imply that the lobbying efforts of Mr. Diaz have resulted in a decision by the City to delay accepting Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s grant to study the impact and breadth of the payday loan industry in San Jose. This is simply not the case.


Neighborhood Safety Meeting

From Kathleen Flynn: The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Association of Santa Clara Valley and co-sponsor Council member Kansen Chu invite you to attend a Crime Prevention and Neighborhood/Child Safety Meeting.


Rants & Raves: 2010

Best of times? Worst of times? Both? How did our fair city do in 2010? What were the highlights and low points from where you sit? (Holiday bonus points for the SJI commentator who comes up with the best high-point for the year: What’s the one thing that happened over the past 12 months that made you glad you got out of bed that morning?) 


Holiday Rants & Raves

It’s a holiday reprise of the always popular Rants & Raves, where SJI’s contributors set the agenda, determine the topic and reel off the spiel of their choice. What’s on your mind?


Vote Today: Endorsements Summary

Next week, voters will have the opportunity to create real change in San Jose and in Sacramento. In addition to choosing a new governor, we must decide on eight state initiatives and referenda, all of which will have a deep impact on California politics and culture. Locally, two measures could rescue the city from a crippling budget deficit, and deal with an imbalance of power that helped create it. At the same time, two tight races could put a couple of candidates on the San Jose City Council who promise to bring some much-needed independence to that body.

In the months leading up to today’s vote, the editorial team at Metro/SJI has been interviewing candidates and studying the issues. Posted here are our suggestions.


Endorsement: Yes on Measure B

San Jose voters face several difficult and contentious decisions tomorrow—this is not one of them. Measure B will create a $10-per-vehicle annual fee to repair San Jose’s neighborhood streets and thoroughfares. The countywide initiative would provide $14 million per year, every year, to transportation Authority—more than $5 million to San Jose. It’s necessary because San Jose has the worst roads of any big city in the nation.


Endorsements: Resendez and Cardoza

Alum Rock Union School District Board of Trustees
Aaron Resendez
During his unsuccessful run for a District 5 council seat in June, Aaron Resendez went to the hospital to visit the ill father of his opponent, Magdalena Carrasco, just to say “Hi” and offer support. That would not surprise anyone who knows Resendez—he is the epitome of old-fashioned honor and integrity.

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Endorsement: Yes on Measure U

Measure U would do three good and important things. First, while it would not explicitly legalize San Jose’s medical marijuana dispensaries, it would no doubt offer them a powerful degree of legitimacy, and make it easier for them to provide services to their patients, it would protect. Second, it would begin the process of creating a regulatory framework under which medi-pot clubs and collectives operate. Third, it would create a potentially significant new revenue stream for the city.