Ziptied: California’s Presidential Money Race by ZIP Code

Vertiginous blue spires on the urban coast and crimson plateaus stretching from the Central Valley to suburban SoCal—this is the presidential race for California cash, in 3D.

In the map below, each ZIP code is colored according to the candidate who amassed more individual contributions from its residents.

That’s blue for former Vice President Joe Biden and red for President Donald Trump. The taller the ZIP code, the bigger that candidate’s haul.

Biden’s most towering haul: 94114, San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, home to many of the region’s tech luminaries. Trump’s most lucrative California zip: 92660, in Newport Beach, Orange County.

Here’s how to explore this dichromatic view of the state:

  • To zoom in and out: Use the plus/minus buttons in the top right corner or press your command-key or control-key and scroll
  • To adjust the angle: Hold down both your command/control button and your mouse’s left-click button, before moving your mouse up and down or left and right
  • If you can’t see the map on your phone (it appears on most mobile devices but not all, and we’re working to figure out why), please see this version.

Ben Christopher covers California politics and elections for CalMatters, a nonprofit nonpartisan media venture.

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