VTA Transit Union Members Get 10 % Raise over 3 Years

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's Board of Directors has approved a new three-year collective bargaining agreement with its largest employee union, the Amalgamated Transit Union ATU Local 265 -- and it includes a one-time $3,500 "appreciation pay" for all ATU members.

Stacey Hendler Ross, a VTA spokesperson, said the agency's board approved the agreement at its monthly board meeting Thursday after ATU membership overwhelmingly ratified the contract in a vote taken Wednesday.

The contract provides a 10 percent pay increase over three years, reached months ahead of the current contract expiration that would have occurred in September.

“We are heartened to come to such an expedient agreement with our largest union as our workforce continues to heal from an especially arduous year that included not only the protracted pandemic, but a crippling cyberattack and the horrific shooting attack at our Guadalupe Light Rail Yard,” said VTA General Manager/CEO Carolyn Gonot.

“ATU applauds VTA General Manager Carolyn Gonot for prioritizing our request to commit to a new contract,” said John Courtney, ATU Local 265 President and Business Agent.  “With a new agreement in place, we are optimistic both parties can work towards positive substantive changes to the culture at VTA.”

The new contact goes into effect in March.



  1. The union is grateful the VTA figurehead caved without even a faux protest…

    shocked, I tell you, I’m shocked!

    What does it tell you they don’t even have to LARP like the UC/CS “professors?”

  2. Has full funding been pre-arranged for this pay increase, bonus, and future pension obligations related to it? What arrangement, what money, gotten from where? By the way, what about funding other expenses, including future pension and other employee retirement obligations?

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