SV411 Podcast: SCC Supervisor Dave Cortese on Trump Lawsuit, Jails, 2020 Run for State Senate

As a heat wave surges through the South Bay, people are seeking out all manners of ways to stay cool. Shockingly, they might have overlooked the soothing sounds of Metro’s SV411 Podcast.

This week editors Josh Koehn and Nick Veronin discuss a cover story profile on standup comedian, poet and emcee Mighty Mike McGee. We also take a closer look at allegations of sexual abuse by a recently deceased and celebrated teacher at Bellarmine Prep, as well as the continued upheaval at the county’s largest nonprofit for child and senior care.

The podcast then takes a deep dive into local politics by sitting down with Dave Cortese, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. (If you don’t want to wait for that, jump to the 26 minute mark.—Editor) Topics discussed include the county’s lawsuit against the Trump administration, who’s responsible for the systemic issues plaguing county jails, the lack of compassion in how homeless residents are treated in Santa Clara County and Cortese’s plan to run for a seat in the state Senate in 2020.

Last, Josh and Nick run down the top nightlife events for this weekend, including shows at The Ritz and the 2nd Annual Sonido Clash Music Fest taking place Sunday at Mexican Heritage Plaza.

Let us know what you like, dislike (hate is such a strong word) and if there’s anyone you’d like us to have on the show.

Thanks for listening and stay cool.


  1. > the lack of compassion in how homeless residents are treated in Santa Clara County

    Those people who don’t have compassion for how homeless residents are treated in Santa Clara County should be shamed.

    Oh, wait. They already have been.

    • Time for homeless to get another free bus ride out of town or I still like homeless homes in front of city hall and not a encampment in the back. And put a couple of those free shower/ bathrooms as well. Of course all homeless should use city hall as a illegal safe zone. Why can’t they sleep in the hallways, it is public place. It would be a warm place to sleep and a safe zone from ICE.

  2. > and if there’s anyone you’d like us to have on the show.

    How about a talking unicorn? Or, maybe a Trump supporter?

    It might be easier to get the unicorn.

    If you do get a Trump supporter, you should probably do your broadcast from a secret undisclosed location.

    Keep in mind, though, that you may have to get a CCW, a bomb sniffing dog, and have a food taster for the rest of your life.

  3. I’m kind of over the career politician. I’m hoping for a slightly better candidate but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Good example of why our government never changes. Look at all the losers from SJ council move up and fail us at the city, county and state level. But just keep running for another pay check. Reed is the poster child. Oh that female who I won’t name who verbally abused her state workers. What a jerk.

  5. Anon says:

    “I’m kind of over the career politician.”

    So are a lot of people—which explains why we got President Trump.

    For more than forty years now, we’ve gone along with the current group of liberal politicians and their failed ideas. But where has that gotten us?

    Our taxes are FAR higher—but things are getting worse, not better. And the same liberal politicians keep pandering to tiny fringe groups instead of tending to business by making infrastructure repairs a priority. So our streets are full of pot holes, etc. Worse, they want to tax us again for repairs we’ve already paid for!

    Their ‘solutions’ have been a total failure, but these pols never step back and admit the obvious: that their ideas simply don’t work. Instead, they make the folks who are footing the bills the recipients of escalating hatred by the same fringe groups. And no matter how much more they demand, it’s never enough—but the folks who are forced to pay the freight still get the blame.

    Now they’re trying to divert our attention from the problems they caused by filing suit against the President—on behalf of citizens of foreign countries who have no legal right to even be here, and who are breaking our laws every day they remain!

    Who do electeds like Cortese represent, anyway? American taxpayers? Or foreign scofflaws?

    The best thing Cortese could do would be to step down from every poilitical position, and take the rest of his treacherous pals with him. But that would make him an “honest” pol. Fat chance of that happening, eh?

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