State Senate Hopeful Ann Ravel Nabs Support From San Jose Council’s Centrist Faction

California State Senate candidate Ann Ravel has scooped up endorsements from more than a third of the San Jose City Council—including one from a former competitor.

The 70-year-old attorney and ex-chair of the Federal Election Commission will face off with Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese in November’s general election to replace soon-to-be-termed out District 15 state Sen. Jim Beall (D-San Jose).

During the March 3 primary, Cortese—who enjoys official backing from labor—came out ahead with 33.91 percent of the vote while Ravel nabbed 22.07 percent of the vote in the once crowded field of seven candidates.

On Tuesday, Ravel’s campaign announced that she had captured the support of San Jose council members Johnny Khamis, Dev Davis, Lan Diep and Pam Foley.

Khamis previously made a failed bid for the District 15 seat, falling into fifth place on Super Tuesday. The Almaden Valley-area representative said that he supports Ravel now because she’s someone “with a proven track record of putting the interests of the public before any special interests.”

“As a consumer champion and fiscal watchdog she has fought tirelessly for our communities,” Khamis added. “Ann has proven she leads with integrity and can work with everyone to get things done, qualities sorely lacking in Sacramento, and that’s why she is my choice for state senator.”

Ravel called Khamis’ endorsement “significant.”

“I think he understood that I’m going to be moderate reasonable voice for trying to look at facts, look at the issues, look at data, talk to people in the community and make decisions that way,” she told San Jose Inside.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ravel has had to get creative with campaign events. Over the last few weeks, she’s hosted town-hall style meetings via the video conferencing app Zoom. “I think that those are the best that we can do now to try to get the word that I really want to hear from people and I want to hear [them] personally,”  she said.

Volunteers for Ravel’s campaign are also planning on writing letters to their neighbors about why they support her candidacy.


  1. > ” . . . that I really want to hear from people and I want to hear [them] personally,”

    Comin’ attcha. Ann!

    You’ll be hearing from me!

    Right now, you’re in the lead in a two person race (or maybe a one person – one lizard race), but that’s mainly on the basis that you’re the less objectionable.

    But based on second hand reports about some of your beliefs and policy positions, I’ll try to do my best to re-educate you and save your immortal soul.

    But, you’re part of the solution. You have to WANT to be saved.

  2. “Centrist” – Establishment
    “Liberal” – Establishment
    “Progressive” – Bolshevist
    “Conservative” – Gun-toting backwoods hick

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