SJSU Student Charged With Carrying Semi-Automatic Gun

San Jose State University police on Wednesday arrested a 17-year-old student on charges of possessing a loaded semi-automatic handgun, ammo and a knife.

The teen, whose identity is being withheld because he’s a minor, was arrested without incident, according to a press release sent by SJSU spokeswoman Robin McElhatton.

SJSU police carried out the arrest at the behest of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, which was investigating the teen for allegedly making a threat on social media.

“Based on the nature of the threats, officers attempted to locate the subject,” according to a statement released by Sunnyvale police today. “Sunnyvale officers responded to San Jose State University and requested assistance with locating the student who was reported to be on campus. The subject was located by [SJSU] police and found to be in possession of a loaded semi-automatic handgun, ammunition and [a] knife.”

According to McElhatton, SJSU police arrested the student at 4:20pm Wednesday on the southern part of the school’s downtown campus.

The student was booked into Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall and suspended from San Jose State. Sunnyvale PD urges anyone with information about the case to call detectives at 408.730.7297 or SJSU police at 408.924.2222.


  1. What was this even thinking? He’ll probably get less of a slap on the wrist for carrying this WMD than if he was to be busted carrying a joint (back when it was still illegal). I bet he ain’t no member of any well regulated militia.

  2. WMD? LOL, seriously you exaggerate.

    Gun laws can’t fix this.

    He was in violation of several laws even before he reached campus. Carry a concealed weapon without a permit, minor in possession of a firearm, minor in possession of ammunition. I would like to know how he got the gun. He can’t buy it in this state until he is 21. It’s been like that for decades.

  3. WMD? Was this a nuclear powered Glock, with Bio Hazard Bullets. Thankfully he wasn’t driving a car bomb.
    Possibly an angry member of Antifa, SNVCC, SDS, ISIS.

  4. Wiping out 26 people, including 20 first graders, in just a few minutes is what I would call mass destruction. So yes, what this guy was carrying at SJSU is certainly a WMD.

    • > Wiping out 26 people, including 20 first graders, in just a few minutes is what I would call mass destruction.


      Words really don’t mean much to you, do they?

      Does it matter if they were first graders? Would your point be any different if they were third graders?

      And, would the mass destruction be any less massive if the instrument were a dump truck, a machete, an “artist community” in a firetrap building, or a lithium battery on a SCUBA diving boat?

      More people are killed as a result of obesity caused by EBT cards than are killed by “carrying a semi-automatic gun”.

      No shots were fired. No one was harmed. 26 people weren’t wiped out.

    • Yeah I get it. Your concerned, but mislabeling things or misusing words for an emotional reaction is NOT cool.

      Innocent until proven guilty. Even a dumb kid with a gun deserves a fair trial.

      • I don’t believe I’m mislabeling anything, and I’m not trying to provoke an emotional reaction. The term wmd is a bogus term to begin with; it was coined back in the early 00s, so as to help justify unnecessary wars. To your point, Jerold, *creating* words and terms like that to get an emotional reaction is not cool.

  5. A bit of an overreaction, considering the kid was moonlighting at Facebook security for AS Solutions. Permit pending. Let’s hope the sheriff lets him out to work the usual night detail so the Zucks can enjoy their pizza or whatever.

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