SJPD Investigates Officer-Involved Shooting in East Side

Police shot an armed woman outside an East San Jose home on Monday, authorities said. The San Jose Police Department, which declined to disclose the woman’s name, said she is expected to survive her injuries.

According to the Mercury News, officers went to the 800 block of Feller Avenue by Story Road on reports that a woman walked outside her house with a shotgun and began making threats against people.

Police said the woman, who reportedly suffers from mental illness, went into her house before authorities showed up, but then walked out again with the shotgun. At about 3:20pm, an officer shot her at least once, according to the Merc. The woman then collapsed, dropped her weapon and then got up and went back in the house.

A couple hours later, the woman was taken to a hospital.

The incident marks the second time this year that an SJPD officer has shot someone and happens to be on the same street where police fatally shot an 18-year-old in 2016. The first officer-involved shooting of 2017 took place on Jan. 9 when, according to SJPD, a cop fatally shot an ax-wielding man who was believed to be suicidal.

In 2017, SJPD recorded eight officer-involved shootings. Half of them were fatal and most involved civilians with psychiatric disorders.


  1. Well, if the 10 shootings are modeled on all of the previous shootings over the last 17 years then the City has a problem. Forget about the murders and concentrate on the millions being paid out for “Excessive Force” over the period. I am sure that when the call came out everyone with a functioning patrol car threw on the yellow lights and threw their Vehicle Code Books out the window. Can’t throw on your red lights and siren because you weren’t assigned to the call. Upon arrival they probably had a huge parking problem as they surrounded the residence. Now notice they don’t say who she was threatening or that she fired the shotgun. Was it a 410 Bird Gun or a twelve gauge? Did she appear to be holding the shotgun properly? Did she aim it at anyone? Were all the officers safely protected behind their vehicles? Were there to many cops there creating excessive targets? Where was the K-Nines??????? Witnesses say the cops came screaming in, jumped out of their cars and shot her without any attempt to control the situation. Simply a race “To Be First”. Same problem with all their shootings. “They wanted to shoot someone for STATUS”. Seventeen year old girl with a Black & Decker Drill surrounded by six officers, a drunk asleep with an orange toy gun surrounded by officers, a man in bed with his girl friend unarmed, an immigrant having a cig in a no smoking area, a retarded Deputy’s son on a petty theft and on and on and on.
    “Fear for Life” is all you have to say to beat a homicide rap even when you can’t show any objective danger at all. The real problem, poor education, poor training, poor supervision and poor leadership starting with the Mayor.

    So avoid them at all costs, don’t answer the door and keep your hands in the air at all times because the “Crazy Woman” wasn’t the only crazy there that afternoon!!!!!!!

  2. second time my life was spared once thank you East Side SJPD once at Walgreens & second around the corner from my residence on story. God must love me.

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