Silicon Valley Power Launches EV Charging Assistance Program for Multifamily Housing, Schools

Silicon Valley Power, the electric utility owned and operated by the City of Santa Clara, has launched a new program to help multifamily properties, schools, and businesses successfully plan, fund and install EV charging stations.

Eligible multifamily housing complexes and small to medium-sized businesses qualify for a free custom EV Charging Planning Report and technical assistance throughout the planning and installation process. Otherwise, a $250 copay will be required.

The city says the program aims to increase access to EV charging stations, which can often be a barrier for increased EV adoption for people who live in apartments where there is no opportunity to charge their car where they live. This program will increase opportunities for EV ownership to people who want access to the benefits that EVs provide.

Silicon Valley Power has partnered with CLEAResult to provide technical assistance for eligible properties to support project design, assistance with building permits, bidding and contractor selection. The program will offer advanced design strategies which support more EVs at lower costs, including Level 1 and power-managed Level 2 charging ports.

Properties receiving technical assistance will also have access to preferential pricing for EV charging stations and help getting applicable rebates.

The EV Charging Technical Assistance program is part of the utility’s broader transportation electrification efforts to provide end-to-end customer support, rebates, and education to property owners who want to upgrade their property and demonstrate their commitment to reducing pollution from gas-powered cars in Santa Clara.

For more information about the EV Charging Assistance program, including details on how to participate and apply, visit


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  1. It would be much smarter to build new housing with sufficient off-street parking and also insist that space by that parking be reserved for EV charging. It also would be smarter not to rush to develop municipal and county parking facilities that are ideal for adding charging infrastructure, but which are favored targets for new apartments that intentionally feature inadequate and sometimes no off-street parking. IDIOTS.

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