Santa Clara Police Department Launches New Recruiting Website

The Santa Clara Police Department announced the creation of, a new law enforcement recruiting website for the City of Santa Clara.

"Our goal is to recruit the next generation of Santa Clara Police Department employees with quality applicants from a variety of background that represent our community in age, race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation to provide inclusive police service," the city said in a press release.

The new website will serve as a starting point for per diem opportunities, civilian professionals, prospective police recruits and seasoned police officers. It is designed to be an on-going resource through the recruitment process, including application requirements for per diem and full-time positions, salary and benefit information, a virtual tour of the Police Department, tips on successfully maneuvering the recruitment process and answers to commonly asked questions.

This new recruitment tool is intended to help the Santa Clara Police Department meet the evolving needs of our growing community. It allows potential candidates to “meet” members of the department, walks candidates through the recruitment process, showcases why individuals get into law enforcement and why the department is well respected by our community and in the profession.

“We need the next generation of law enforcement professionals to rise up and accept the challenge of not only protecting and serving, but becoming a valuable resource to our most vulnerable community members,” said Police Chief Pat Nikolai. “If you want to help others, if you want more than just a job, if you want to leave this community better than you found it, then consider applying to become one of the newest members of the Santa Clara Police Department.”

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