San Jose Inside Wins “Metro Best of Silicon Valley 2007” Award for Best Local Blog

We were very happy to find out that we won the Metro Best of Silicon Valley 2007 award for Best Local Blog in their annual reader survey poll. We appreciate the Metro’s award and the votes of confidence from the public. We share this award equally with every blogger who participates in the discussions on this site. It is you who make San Jose Inside what it is and we wouldn’t be anything without you.

We are very pleased with the steady growth in readership and public participation in the discussions on San Jose Inside. We may not ever agree with each other on anything, but the public airing of ideas and discussions of our differences make us all better informed and stronger in our desire to make our city, county, state and country a better place. Everyone can have a voice in this forum and be sure that others are listening, including the press and our public representatives. In our cross-section of opinion and ideas, our influence as a whole is much greater together here than it could ever be as individuals crying out for attention in the allotted one minute at City Hall.

Please keep blogging, sharing ideas, reading, thinking and listening here at San Jose Inside and make your voice count in our community.

Congratulations to all of you for winning this award.

From the Metro this week:

When San Jose’s garbage wars heated up, news junkies flocked to for daily, nay hourly, updates on Ron Master G’s latest woes. With some invaluable help from ex-Mayor Tom McEnery, the smart (and smart-ass) bloggers dissect downtown issues and bumbling pols with ruthless dispatch. Friday’s satire postings are priceless.


  1. Vinton Gray Cerf – “Father of the Internet”

    Frederick Emmons Terman – “Father of Silicon Valley”

    Forrest Williams – “Father of San Jose Inside”

  2. Congratulations on this recognition.

    I really enjoy reading the “articles” and subsequent comments.

    Thank you Tom McEnery for creating it!