Sam Liccardo Still Leads in Mayoral Fundraising

Sam Liccardo still holds an enormous fundraising lead over his mayoral opponents six weeks ahead of the deadline to submit mail-in ballots, but he's closing in on the voluntary expenditure limit as other candidates catch up.

In the latest deadline to report campaign finances in the bid to succeed Mayor Chuck Reed, the downtown councilman reported donation totals of $703,808, close to the limit of $795,000 limit agreed to by all candidates. Most of his support came from business owners, developers and executives, including 49ers owner Jed York, Steve Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs, philanthropist Sally Lucas and Yahoo! CFO Kenneth Goldman.

Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen came in second with $369,807, according to reports first made available Monday evening, with the bulk of donations coming from the Asian community along with various developers and business owners. Reports show that she spent much of her campaign cash on research and polls.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese, the top pick in a couple recent polls, finished third in fundraising with $364,596 in reported donations. Much of what he raised came from public safety unions and other government employees.

Willow Glen councilman Pierluigi Oliverio, who opted out of raising cash until January and has yet to host a fundraising event, pulled in $180,768 to date from mostly San Jose residents.

Councilwoman Rose Herrera reported $104,062 raised. Developers Barry Swensen, Mark Lazzarini and Christopher Maune accounted for some bigger donations, along with several business owners.


  1. Sam,

    You can cheat with you early fundraising, then lie about giving money back. Fact is once a Chuck clone and lier you will always be a lier and cannot be trusted to lead this once great city that is now spinning down the toilet. New leadership is needed to reverse our down fall and you are not the one. Raise all the money you want from outside of the city ( Most of his support came from business owners, developers and executives, including 49ers owner Jed York, Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs, philanthropist Sally Lucas and Yahoo! CFO Kenneth Goldman) PLEASE JUST GO AWAY!

  2. I find it funny that when non-union lap dogs are blamed for supposedly receiving “outside” support (as well as get labeled crooks), all of the sudden unionistas and labor lap dog supporters cry foul! But when labor buffoons and lap dogs, such as Dave Cortese in ’08 and Cindy Chavez last year (the latter actually threatened the current DA if he didn’t drop charges against her water drop, George Shirakawa…who also happens to be a HUGE labor lap dog) do the same and they win…the same people that cry foul are nowhere to be found or heard from….wow!


    • I find it funny you support a flat out liar, which is most of the current city council. This is not about pointing fingers but the need to turn this city around where we can get back on track. Under Chucks watch transparency has disappeared. There is no person running for mayor who is perfect but it is about picking someone who is better to lead this city and Sam is not that person. I am willing to vote Dave than any current sitting council member. Our votes will cancel out each other, I only hope the other small amount voters feel the same but the majority of voters sit on their hands and do not vote and only complain later.

      • Dave Cortese isn’t any different dear sir. He’s lied just as much as anyone running for mayor! He’s a career politician just like Paul Fong (surprisingly a former educator), Jim Beall and Nora Campos just to name a few.

        Notice how all of those parasites are big time labor lap dogs? Huh…go figure!

        Just because Dave Cortese has 21 years plus experience as a politician, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to lead our city into a prosperous and progressive metropolitan center it has the potential to become. When he was in the City Council, he voted time and again to increase pensions and bent over frontward to take it from the unions to please their outrageous pension demands! No wonder it drove our city into demise when we could no longer afford to pay these out of control 90%+ of salary pensions to retired public employees!

        San Jose should be identified as a business friendly progressive economic capital rather than a communist manifesto collective bargaining pigsty all these labor lap dogs want it to be. ;)

  3. Wow———“No wonder it drove our city into demise when we could no longer afford to pay these out of control 90%+ of salary pensions to retired public employees!” your post!

    Remember Chuck approved all of this. BUT you keep throwing out this 90% when the majority who retire do not work 30 years to reach this goal. Most retire with less than 15 years so do the math. This is why the voters are mislead. Post the average retirement of ALL city employees and you will see a much lower retirement payment.

    Please don’t try to say all city employees get 90% at retirement.

    Just do the research and not post misleading information. Like Sam!

    • I would like someone to do a study that aggregates the retirement benefits of public employees. I know more than a few that have have worked at more than one place and have more than one pension. So for instance someone with two $50k pensions would count as 2 people with $50k pensions instead of one person with a $100k pension.

      • SR,

        If a person want to get a 50% retirement, leave his place of employment and get another job it does not affect his first employer. If I go by your logic you are saying it should be illegal to seek another job. Take your 50% and stay home the rest of your life. Then that makes Pete Constant the worst poster child (which he is with his fake disability) And the IPA and city manager collect how many pensions?

  4. Retired:

    The labor-puppet mayors and city councils of 8-16 years back (think Cortese, Gonzales, Chavez…)dug the fiscal hole that SJ has been in due to unsustainable salaries and benefits, and work rules that put 2-3 city workers on a simple job that one person in the private sector does.

    Sam is little better. Sam is for Sam, not the people of SJ. Every picture I see of Sam flashing his his ever-present grin makes me want to put a “balloon” over his head and insert the words: “Wait til they see the screwin’ I’m gonna give them when I’m elected!”

    • Really , and the combined debt of RDA and Airport of almost $ 7 Billion Dollars had nothing to do with the finical crisis in San Jose ? Remember that Reed chaired the RDA , and Pushed for increased funds to airport as well as approved all increases in benefits and pay for at least the last 12 years. But you’re correct its its the $230million dollar pension debt killing San Jose. It couldn’t possibly be the incredibly corrupt politicians here in San Jose

  5. San Jose Inside comment board: The same four trolls posting as the same 10 profiles.

    Yes, we get it that every elected official in San Jose is the spawn of Satan. Wonderful. What do I do with that information? How is this helpful? It is great to wring your hands and I am sure it makes all of you feel superior to constantly complain and use hyperbole but perhaps at the same time offer us an alternative, tell me: who should I vote for then?

    • I know this might sound like blasphemy but you might consider voting for a conservative.
      Oh I forgot. You can’t vote for them because they don’t raise enough money.
      OK. Keep electing the guys that get the most endorsements and campaign contributions. Just don’t be surprised that they wind up not representing the People and don’t be surprised or self righteously above it all when some of us continue to bitch about it.

  6. David,
    Why is it so important for you to know my real name? What possible difference does my name make to you or anybody else when it comes to discussing issues and ideas? How do I know you’re really David Hollis? It doesn’t matter to me if you’re not. My ideas are the same regardless of who I think I’m talking to. Surely you can appreciate that given the widely unpopular views I voice and knowing that this website is available to be viewed by anybody and everybody that I might want to take some measures to protect my identity.
    I’m consistently “John Galt” on this site. Have been for maybe six years. Happy to listen to and consider ANYbody’s ideas regardless of their race, gender, occupation OR name.

  7. Hey Josh: what’s with the “slow down, you’re posting too fast?” I am a 2 finger typist. And when I click to go back, you have erased my post which you said I typed too fast. Not cool.

    While I’m at it, when I click on “reply” to reply to a particular post, why doesn’t my reply go right under the post I am replying to? Instead it goes to the bottom of the list. For isntance, I replied to Retired’s comment about Chuckie, but the reply is at the end, after John Galt.

    Fix your software, and teach it to read faster.

  8. This is for David Hollis:

    I wouldn’t vote for Liccardo. Maybe a good reason is because he has giving obviously unrealistic projections about current and future police staffing levels. I would love for this city to offer all the things they like. For example, community services and open libraries on every corner. However, without the police, the investments won’t attract the clients that most benefit form these resources.

    Do me a favor. Take your kids or young family members down to the MLK Library. Let them wonder around and see for yourself how comfortable you feel about how they intermingle with the transients and downtown subculture.

    The police aren’t the “fix all.” They are a vital part of our society, just like business persons, business owners, and all other professionals or laborers. We just need a mayor that values EVERYONE. And, when you are a council member, you should push for pay that is determined by the market, not just what your personal value of what a – (fill in the blank city employee) – is worth to you.

    Until then, we will be a city that trains persons who won’t stay here, employees that can’t effect change, or persons who hate their job and cause more damage than they’re worth.

    Lastly, the reality of Measure B is that it is here to stay unless it is changed LEGALLY. That would take years. So, I would suggest you do not trust any mayoral candidate who has any quick fix to it. Because if they do that – it would be ILLEGAL. Like Herrera’s suggestion we hire back officers and allow them just to come back under Tier 1 benefits. Umm, that’s illegal, and against Measure B, but Herrera’s just not worried about whether the option is feasible – just trying to get votes isn’t she (So, yeah, don’t vote for Rose Either).

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