Milpitas Councilwoman Carmen Montano Joins AD 25 Race

Milpitas City Councilwoman Carmen Montano announced Monday that she’s jumping into the race for the 25th Assembly District. The news comes after two of her fellow Milpitas elected—Mayor Rich Tran and Vice Mayor Karina Dominguez—opted out of the AD 25 contest to focus on serving out the rest of their respective terms.

Montano’s candidacy brings the number of contenders for Assemblyman Kansen Chu’s seat to seven. She’ll be running against personal injury attorney Anne Kepner, Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee Anna Song, Santa Clara Unified School District trustee Jim Canova, “Silicon Valley for Pete” Buttigieg organizer Natasha Gupta, San Jose policy advisor Alex Lee and sole Republican in the race Bob Brunton.

Before winning a seat on the Milpitas council, Montano taught in the Franklin-McKinley School District and served as a Milpitas Unified School District trustee.

In a press release about her AD 25 bid, she called teaching her calling and community advocacy her passion. “As a teacher, I spent my career preparing my students for the jobs of tomorrow,” she said. “I want to continue my career in public service. I am running for Assembly because our families need a voice in California and someone who will work to make sure that California provides the opportunities for people to succeed.”


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