Nora Campos Doubles Down on Accusations against Jim Beall, CHP Report Tells Different Story

Assemblywoman Nora Campos doubled down Tuesday in accusing her election opponent of criminal behavior, but a law enforcement report suggests she may have gone too far in her comments.

After husband Neil Struthers was kicked in the balls in an April 29 fight at the Fairmont—he allegedly instigated the melee by calling another man racial and homophobic slurs—Campos created a YouTube video to end all North Korean hostage reenactments.

In the video, the assemblywoman claimed in stilted remarks that Sen. Jim Beall (D-San Jose), who she is hoping to unseat this election cycle, and Senate president Kevin de León directed “henchmens” (sic) from laborers union Local 270 to attack her husband. She added that a little more than a week later, at the senators’ behest, union associates were “intercepted” as they tried to break into her home.

The video has since been removed from YouTube, perhaps because such bold remarks put the assemblywoman at legal risk for slander.

Regarding the accusation that men tried to break into her home, San Jose Inside has obtained the report taken by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). More on that in a moment.

On Tuesday, Campos enlisted the help of Darcie Green, a county school board trustee whose husband also has a history of violent behavior, to level more accusations Beall’s way.

In the press conference, Campos suggested her accusations against the senator inspired “women from throughout the region” to tell “their stories of sexual harassment, intimidation at work and, in some incidents, the loss of employment.”

The event actually featured just two other women: Green and Maribel Moreno, who worked as a secretary for Local 270 business manager Enrique Arguello.

Green said that Sen. Beall pressured her employer, Kaiser Permanente, to force her into taking an unpaid leave while running for Assembly, or face being fired. Hoping to fill Campos’ termed-out seat, Green also claimed to have written evidence of Beall inappropriately using his influence to affect her employment status. It appears she did not provide that documentation to any media outlet invited to the presser.

Earlier this week, San Jose Inside obtained a report from the CHP, which responded to Campos’ home on the afternoon of May 10 after a neighbor saw two men in a car parked across the street.

Around 3:30pm, Darren Hampton approached a parked car and asked two men if he could help. “One of the men asked which house belonged to Nora Campos,” the report states. Hampton told them to call Campos’ district office before alerting Struthers, who was inside the family’s home.

The report notes that Struthers came outside to see a maroon Ford Fusion driving away, and he identified the passenger as Local 270 president Mario Delgado. CHP officers were not able to locate the vehicle.

On Friday, Delgado hung up on a phone interview when the CHP report was raised. He did not answer a text message and follow-up calls.

While it might be true that Delgado staked out Campos’ home, the CHP report makes no mention of senators Beall and de León, who have both denied all allegations made by Campos and Green. The report also notes that no crime was committed

Beall and Kaiser Permanente both denied Green’s allegations in a story by the Mercury News.

In a statement de León’s office provided to San Jose Inside, the state Senate president called Campos’ initial claims “absolutely false.”

He added: “These are the type of antics I expect from the circus of a GOP presidential primary. Democrats run for office in a serious and professional manner. But what I'm even more troubled by—and what I think the people of that District should be outraged by—is the obscene amounts of money that Big Oil is spending to bankroll Nora Campos for the sole purpose of reversing California's clean energy and clean air policies.”

One of the many subplots to this ridiculousness is Campos’ institutional support as she challenges Beall, an ally of de León’s in the Senate.

An independent committee supported by Big Oil has spent roughly $340,000 to assist Campos’ candidacy after she walked out of a September 2015 vote on SB 32, a landmark greenhouse gas reduction bill de León had championed. The bill died on the Assembly floor.

Campos’ allegation that political opponents are targeting her home, if true, has a bit of a karmic connection.

Campos’ brother, Xavier, won a 2010 election by 20 votes thanks to a fraudulent mailer produced by political ally and close family friend George Shirakawa Jr. During a search of the disgraced ex-county supervisor’s home, investigators found Shirakawa had printed out directions to the home of Magdalena Carrasco, now a San Jose councilwoman who defeated Xavier Campos after falling short in the 2010 race.

Carrasco said she was harassed by associates of the Campos family during both election cycles, and prosecutors suggested in one of Shirakawa’s trials that Assemblywoman Campos gave him $5,000 as payment for the fraudulent mailer against Carrasco, who has a child with Sen. de León.

A recent mailer from the Beall campaign, entitled “Licked,” lays out a timeline of events in the matter:



Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Once again, she just needs to take her lying lips and go away. Already sent my ballot in and she is not on it. She almost lies as the other female running for president. Go get a real job instead of sucking up public funds for doing NOTHING to help us.

    • Just as there are deceitful, untrustworthy male politicians, so are there deceitful, untrustworthy female politicians. I don’t vote for a candidate based upon gender, but on their actions, past votes, transparency and integrity (yes, the pool is very small). Needless to say, neither Nora Campos nor Darcie Green will be receiving my vote.

  2. Is that President of the Laborers Union who was sitting in a car outside a woman’s home, president of the same union which donated over 10 grand to a committee set up by Kaufman Legal for Jim Beall? Why was he there stalking a woman’s home? Oh, Kaufman Legal represents Kevin Deleon. Not relevant, is it.

      • • A president of a local union which has employed people convicted of strangling women (See TMZ Stampolis) is seen parked in a residential neighborhood of a critic of his union.
        • The laborers union gives money to Jim Beall who received money from Bloom Energy who paid workers they brought from Mexico to the United States in pesos, and was fined for doing so. Ps, VTA canceled projects from Bloom Energy due to concerns about performance.
        • Beall takes money from Tom Steyer, who invested in coal mining in the Third World, massive cave ins and black lung.
        • Arguello will be a witness in the Stampolis corruption trial (See Santa Clara Weekly)
        • Yep, these guys are as honest as Trump is for world peace

  3. All this is very interesting to those of us bloggers who pay attention to what goes on in election cycles. Dollars to doughnuts most of the folks in Nora’s district never see it since they are unlikely to be SJI readers. That’s why these corrupt morons like Shirakawa and the Camposes keep getting elected in the barrios–their constituents don’t read much, even in their native language. They vote based on surname or skin color only.

    • JMO, You possess a keen insight on these matters. What motivates her constituents?

      Doesn’t seem to be pork, patronage jobs, or customary corruption adroitly wielded by scoundrels like Adam Clayton Powell and Spiro Agnew. Campos never impressed me as sufficiently clever to be anything but a bumbling villainess. Ideas as to how to get better representation?

      • “Why it may be true that Delgaldo staked out Campos” this is ok? Don’t people get called by the Secret Service when they stake out politicians. Oh, I meant the State Police. Oh, in California that is the CHP, so I guess SJI realizes that.

      • NOES

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        Irwin O’Donnell Rodriguez

        sb 32

        where was evan low, jimster

        oh, campos did vote to reconsider

    • > They vote based on surname or skin color only.

      In other words, “tribalism”.

      It’s probably in people’s DNA: “my tribe good; other tribe bad.”

      Doing anything different is a “learned behavior”.

    • So, what real job do you think she’s qualified to perform? I certainly can’t think of one.

      • > So, what real job do you think she’s qualified to perform? I certainly can’t think of one.

        Well, this does seem to be a real problem for society: Democrat politicians seem to be unemployable in the private sector:

        “Joe Biden: ‘I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed In My Life’

        Vice President Joe Biden is worried about facing retirement from public office, and admits to a crowd that he’s never held a private sector job.

        “I’ve never been gainfully employed in my life,” he said as the audience laughed. “I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.””

        Bernie never had a job until he was age 42, and then only in government.

        Hillary DID have a “job” as a cattle futures trader. But that’s not like punching a timeclock or anything.

        Bill “Lolita Express” Clinton?

        Barack “Martha’s Vineyard” Obama?

        Jerry “Pension Dipper” Brown?

        These people seem to survive by sucking off of government or having friends and admirers fly them around on private jets and stuff hundred dollar bills in their under garments.

        In the case of Bill and Hillary, their friends discovered that too many hundred dollar bills would cause their underwear to sag, so they used hundred thousand dollar bills..

      • The resume of Jim “Blutto” Beall. Beall backed Deleon several years ago. Then was made Chair of Senate Transportation Beall, the Political Blutto of Sacramento could not get a single bill done. Then Blutto Beall arranged for green gas money diverted to LA Metro. Beall then backs fossil fuel cells at BLOOM ENERGY.
        Then Kevin “Say Hello to my Little Friend” Deleon opens special interest money for Beall introducing to Tom Steyer, the Coal Miner’s Billionaire. Geesh!

    • SF CHRONICLE has for a number of days reported that the State Senate voted to lift the ban on special interest financing for candidates for reelection citing Jim Beall needing special money. Now to his credit, Beall voted no.
      However, Beall has set up a committee to receive thousands of dollars using Deleon’s lawyer as treasurer. It is like the Claude Raines character in Casablanca talking about being shocked about gambling going on. The bulk of Jim Beall’s largess, construction money. But I thought coal magnate (in the Third World, Tom believes in climate change when it his mansion is involved, but Steyer made his fortune on the coal fields in Asia) Tom Steyer opposes construction unions. Oh, well, Jim has never been consistent.


      $1,000.00 6/19/2007 7/24/2007 1279945-INC143

      JIM BEALL 2008

  4. Next week, all these people will be featured in in a mud wrestling contest in the fountain in front of city hall.

    • Hmm, the mailer that Beall sent out using terms like “licked” and the bullying of Darci Green. Could Beall be as anti women as this all sounds?

    • Well, Jim Beall lied, you support liars? Beall claims It was Big Oil demanded gas tax be weakened. Bills were opposed by Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau

  5. From a link iin the article, which states: The video has since been removed from YouTube, perhaps because such bold remarks put the assemblywoman at legal risk for slander.

    I don’t think slander applies to public officials, like it does to regular folks:

    43. Besides the personal rights mentioned or recognized in the
    Government Code, every person has, subject to the qualifications and
    restrictions provided by law, the right of protection from bodily
    restraint or harm, from personal insult, from defamation, and from
    injury to his personal relations.

    But maybe John Michael O’Connor or another lawyer here can clarify that.

    • > oh, right after Beall backer Steyer made his billions making the air toxic, he got the faith

      Good one, Jack!

      Unfortunately, the greedy Washington Post doesn’t permit me to read the whole article. But I get the gist.

      This is so typical of “liberals”.

      Someone once referred to it as “pulling up the ladder”.

      Coal miners not welcome on HIS yacht.

  6. Josh:

    The major metropolitan newspaper tells me that the election is over and that Beall is the winner.

    It’s one of the advantages of living in a one-party satrapy. No need for the people to get all worked up over electoral politics. There is an established, orderly progression for our rulers, and too much uncertainty can result in traffic jams, global warming, and social friction.

    So, since the election is over, can we focus on the good stuff.

    How about more reports of Democrat on Democrat violence, fist fights, and thugs kicking other thugs in sensitive places?

    I think it helps to engage people in the governing process.

    Some videos would be nice.

  7. The Campos bro and sis act is a saga that won’t go away. Similar to the Darcie Green saga. Their insatiable appetite for feeding out of the public trough is unending.Neither brother or sister have ever produced anything of value to society. The same for Darcie Green. None have created jobs, met a payroll or successfully managed others. Why the Mercury News or NBC Bay Area News doesn’t investigate these alleged criminals is beyond me.The Metro seems to be the only news reporting organization doing so. Thank you! What mystifies me more is how Darcie Green, and the Campos siblings not only show no shame, but actually get voters to vote them. Please, make them all go away.

    • Why wouldn’t the Murky News or NBC/LSD not investigate this?
      Nepotism, insest, coruption, ether that they are all on the same football team!

    • The company Jim Beall ran was what? Beall has been a politician since the 1980s. BTW Beall has taken oil money since 2006.

    • Last week someone joking suggested that Nora and her kicked in the balls drunk in public hubby double date with Darcie and her wife/gf abusing too many babies by different momma’s hubby. Now Campos and Green put this video up of them as the champion of women who are bullied? You have to wonder if they’ll ever get it that they’re the joke.

  8. “Last week someone joking suggested that Nora and her kicked in the balls drunk in public hubby double date with Darcie and her wife/gf abusing too many babies by different momma’s hubby. Now Campos and Green put this video up of them as the champion of women who are bullied? You have to wonder if they’ll ever get it that they’re the joke.”

    Gee, how progressive, but this guy smashes beer cans and has 56 tatoos

    • Is progressive the buzz word for women who champion women’s rights but hook up with habitually abusive and/or drunk men? Just wondering.

  9. New surprise for our Assembly Member. A Committee called “Valley Neighborhoods United to Support Jim Beall for Senate 2016” put out a mailer that landed in my mailbox just now claiming that she went on vacation “while the state faces a $6 billion budget deficit.” Accusations include gifts over $20,000 “from special interests.” Just reporting.

    Full disclosure: I sent Beall’s committee a check for $1000 at the beginning of February.

  10. Once again SJI refers to Struthers being “kicked in the balls”. Struthers has no balls so no harm was caused as Campos suggests.

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