Photo Gallery: Bernie Sanders Fires Up the Crowd in San Jose

Bernie Sanders spoke to an exuberant crowd Wednesday morning at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.

Folk legend Joan Baez had a surprise performance with her son, Gabe, and Cenk Uygur, of The Young Turks, introduced Sanders.

Between now and the June 7 election, Silicon Valley voters will finally get some attention as the presidential primary makes its way to California.

Hillary Clinton leads Sanders in the delegate count 2,293 to 1,533, and needs just 90 more delegates to the Democratic nomination. A total of 939 delegates are still up for grabs.

All photos by Jamie Soja. To see more work of his work, visit his website.


  1. Putin and the other evil leaders are salivating at the thought of this limp wrist or better yet, Hillary making it to the White House!

  2. Bernie announces proudly every chance he gets that he has taken no money from PACS, big corporations, or billionaires to fund his campaign. If Bernie becomes President, you can bet the farm that he will do his utmost to take money from all those groups and transfer it to the likes of the rag-tag folks pictured in the photo gallery above.

  3. Bernie wants Medical Marijuana so Vote Yes for measure C because it’s the smart thing to do. It is a fair measure and does keep collectives away from children by not allowing clubs in residential zone. I know alot of patients and none are happy with the collectives now. They want access, variety, and better prices that competition brings. The 16 is not enough to do anything with. There is still no access and no safe access. The zones are in dangerous neighborhoods now, where you need to wear a gas mask just for the toxic air that auto body repair shops, junk yards, and trailer parks bring. I used to like to drive to my local dispensary in a beautiful neighbor hood and I didn’t need a body gaurd to get out of the the car at night but now I need one just to buy my meds in the day with all the homeless trailers surrounding the new shops. Looks like san jose colletives are no longer safe to go into so I’d rather take my business to another city. Better yet, san jose can keep my business by voting yes on measure c.

    • Another doped up moron who says “collectives” can’t be in residential zones under measure C. Read the analysis by The City Attorney. Read the measure. Measure C ELIMINATES the former requirement that collectives be 150 feet from residential uses. The sad thing is these idiots who keep stating incorrectly that Measure C prohibits “collectives” in residential zones are allowed to vote…and breed. Little wonder this state is so f*cked up.

    • Bernie supporters don’t have jobs. They get money from the government, which the government takes from those of us who do work.

      • Some of your comments are usually quite smart. Some of your comments are telling. I’m pretty sure the nurses I met there were going to go into work the night shift so in case you have a heart attack during the night someone is there for you JohnMichael.

    • Most people that I met on the bus there were retail workers that work Saturday & Sunday. Retail workers usually must work weekends and take their two days off during the week. JohnMichael Oconnor must be one of those people that has a Monday – Friday job. I’m pretty sure JM Oconner doesn’t ring himself up at the register on the weekends. It’s quite likely that Bernie’s base has weekdays off and they work weekends.

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