1. Every time I read an article like this, I’m glad I never signed up with Facebook. Beside being a yuge time sink, the management of FB represents everything I don’t like about big business.

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg comes across as one of the most odious, self-serving, dishonest, conniving, reprehensible characters inhabiting the world of business. He has no humility, but acts as if supreme intelligence was the reason for his success.

    But IIRC, sites like Friendster and MySpace set the stage. Zuckerberg saw their mistakes, and avoided them. Facebook was at the right time and place for it to succeed by providing an alternative to those struggling platforms, AKA: it was at the right place at the right time.

    Zuckerberg’s success was mainly due to luck. He could have run the business as an upright, honest CEO, for the benefit of subscribers. Instead, he’s been a voyeur, always building his database of personal, confidential information on Facebook users. Whether his voyeuristic inclinations are used for profit or pleasure, I seriously doubt that FB subscribers would agree that it’s OK for him to collect information on them without first telling them and getting their approval.

    Is Zuckerberg a good businessman despite his flaws? It doesn’t look like he is, after he spent $14 BILLION to buy what is essentially software, with subscribers.

    That’s a lot of money, even for Facebook. It would be easy to justify — if he’d found a way to earn a profit on the purchase. But seven years after buying WhatsApp it still earns nothing, and it regularly gets fined by various regulators for its shady business tactics.

    Those problems are all made worse by the Facebook CEO. That’s where the buck stops, isn’t it?

    The best thing Zuckerberg could do for his company would be to step aside, and let someone else run it. The odds are that any new CEO would be more ethical than the self absorbed voyeur who’s still riding on his past lucky break.

  2. how can you idiots use facebook or twitter or ig


    you understand you the product

    no wonder you’re broke and can’t pay rent

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