NRA Flak Takes Aim at San Jose Mayor’s Proposed Gun Law

Dana Loesch, the National Rifle Association’s melodramatic propagandist, is sounding the alarm on San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s push to surveil every gun purchase in the city. In a few-minute video broadcast at the start of this week by NRA TV against a backdrop of what looks like police lights, Loesch warns her viewers of the sinister plan.

“Mayor Sam Liccardo is pushing for city legislation that would require—get this—every single firearms transaction to be recorded. It’s like a de facto registry,” she breathlessly reported. “Both video and audio recording. That’s a gun registry.”

The response included some of the kind of alarmist conniptions one would expect from gun-nut Twitter, but seems mostly to have backfired. Plenty of people applauded the mayor’s proposal and scoffed at the pundit’s fear-mongering.

“You mean like Wal-Mart does?” @TheAnderMind tweeted, noting that the superstore has videotaped gun buys for years.

“The NRA is the PETA of guns,” @wraphouse01 quipped.

“Don’t drink Dana’s beet juice,” @JohnTumor tweeted, “it’s the blood of gun victims.”

As for Liccardo, he welcomed the publicity.

“Happy Monday @DLoesch/@NRA: Thx for spreading the word about our new gun safety proposal,” Liccardo cheerfully replied. “In the hour it took you to shoot & edit this video, 4 people died from gun violence.”

Loesch responded to the mayor’s rejoinder a jab about San Jose’s relatively low prosecution rates: "Can u explain why u haven’t done anything about it or why your sanctuary policy impedes enforcement of gun laws?”

Liccardo let her have the last word and took advantage of the PR boost. He capped his initial re-tweet—which garnered about four times the “likes” as the one with Loesch’s video—with an invitation. “Other U.S. cities: feel free to DM me if you’d like a copy of our proposal to use as a template.”

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  1. San Jose is nearly a million people. Liccardo ran the first time when the voter turn out was the lowest in San Jose history. He won with a total vote of several thousand votes and beat his opponent by several votes. Now again he is the Mayor of a 1,000,000 person City. When he was in the DA’s office he hid the videos of a county doctor molesting children while pretending to examine them for sex abuse, especially the tapes of the children saying they were not molested. Many people went to jail for child molestation and were later cleared. One guy got a million dollars of your tax money. He also had a friend who placed a rehab center in a $500,000 dollar housing area next to a City park. He voted to block his friends request to expand instigating a law suit which he engineered to be settled for a million plus and allowing his friend to stay in his rehab business, now owned by the City, for a dollar a year lease. He got the City to buy the land because they needed it for the train station drop off for that Magnificent Baseball Stadium that Chucky Reid and he were going to build. Look who bought all the land involved in the stadium from the old San Jose residents and then sold it to the City quadruple priced. Guess who owes the state millions for the defunct San Jose Redevelopment Agency’s use of State Funds to buy the land for Your Non existent Magnificent Base Ball Stadium. Guess who worked for a real estate Law Firm along with Chuckle Reid’s Real Estate Law Firm on this project? We won’t talk about Rosen’s and Liccardos relationship with the San Francisco Giant’s employee who’s young relative was one of the suspects in The De Anza College Rape which got Rosen elected and which after election was dropped.


    • > Guess who owes the state millions for the defunct San Jose Redevelopment Agency’s use of State Funds to buy the land for Your Non existent Magnificent Base Ball Stadium.


      Magnificent Base Ball Stadium . . . Non existent.

      San Jose Redevelopment Agency . . . defunct.

      California High Speed Rail . . . glub! glub! glub!

  2. I think we should have a ten day waiting period, a background check, and every transaction recorded of a purchase of or to perform an abortion, or sell either a birth control pill, or devise as this involves the killing of a human being. You may not sell or give any birth control pill or device to a person under the age of 21.

    Now how flaky does that sound when the $hit is on the other foot, Fly? Try not to cry on the floor you might slip and fall.

  3. Jeepers Jack. Thats quite a tirade. You must be upset that you’ll have your picture taken from now on when you’re buying guns for your illegal gun trafficking business. One can understand your anger.
    And california’s efforts at common sense gun safety laws has resulted in California having one of the lowest per capita gun violence rates in the country. The northeastern states rack up some of the lowest per capita gun violence rates also.
    Their state by state gun safety laws vary but the demographic is more progressive overall and the gun violence rate per capita up there is simply less.
    The states with the worst gun violence per cpaita rates are in the deep south, where gun safety laws are lax or non existent. Louisiana leads the way in per capita gun violence with Mississippi, , Arkansa and other southern states having the highest per cpaita gun violence rates.
    Enjoy reading that Jack.

    • Every firearm sold should be fully registered, audio and video taped and verified. Every firearm coming into California must pass the States safety inspection and go on a roster. Anyone who applies and does so illegally should go to jail. Assault weapons are useless for hunting but necessary for people to feel safe from an unexpected State or Federal Martial Law Declaration especially in now lawless California and left wing states. So guns are necessary for security in lawless California

    • Well what about Chicago, they’ve had over 1200 shootings just since last Memorial Day. I don’t see how any city can beat that many shootings, dont think the entire state of Louisiana has had that many shootings. But Chicago does and no one says anything about that, its always some hillbilly from the south. And the mayor of Chicago hasn’t done anything. So make it harder for people to defend themselves against that many shootings, that should work out well.

      • Don’t own guns or buy guns or sell guns so it’s not an issue for me. My security staff at my home in Belaire are off duty police officers and my house is gated and video taped 24/7. 4 Rottweilers and a Dobie also help at night. I need all of this because my home and guest cottage are over 15,000 sq. feet on two acres.

    • “And california’s efforts at common sense gun safety laws has resulted in California having one of the lowest per capita gun violence rates in the country.”
      Then there’s Chicago, with the highest gun violence rate in the country despite the strictest gun laws in the country

  4. Is it just me, or is Dana Loesch, who kind of looks like Cruella Duvil, oddly arousing? The whole beet juice thing is pretty spooky however. Kind of vampire like. Its hard to quite pinpoint the craziness but man, the listeners at NRACrazy are tuning in. Which means dinero for the particularly mean, uneducated and uninformed Cruella. America has a few percent population wise of people that will tune in.

    • Och Will, I don’t want this conversation to get off topic and I mean no disrespect but you have no idea what you are talking about regarding Dana Loesch. If you have ever seen her in person, Dana Loesch is a stone knock-out. Most conservative women are. They like being women and like being feminine. Conservative women like men who display traditional secondary male characteristics and giggle at people who use terms such as toxic masculinity. Cruella Duvil is undoubtedly a liberal feminist who believes in third term abortion/infanticide.

      • Dana looks like she got too much botox in them lips of hers. She’s not all that. And a lot of conservative women are NOT knock-outs, they just try real hard. They have to. They put on a show, always afraid their misogynistic Repub men will knock them out.

  5. The only people in California who will have the freedom to keep and bear arms without government harassment will be illegal aliens.

    “May I see your gun owner ID, sir?”

    “Get lost. I’m on my way to vote. ID’s are racist.”

  6. Gun control as well is racist as the highest percentage of convicted felons are black and Hispanic. Therefore conviction rates are also racist. I suppose to make amends every released convict should be given a gun and a right to vote again.
    Makes California sense to me Willy.

    • Maybe they should just make it illegal to arrest Black and Hispanic criminals. You won’t be racist for arresting murderers, or profiling Hispanics or blacks who commit crimes, the jails won’t be full, and no one be ever be shot again. Win-Win. I love people who tell me I don’t need a certain type of gun, I can decide what I need, and Is legal for me to own. You don’t need a car, take public transportation. I’ll wait for all our idiot politicians to start taking the bus to work, then they can tell me what I shouldn’t be allowed to own.

    • Wow M.T. get a hold of yourself. You sound like you’re ready to bolt and hunker down in a reinforced bunker somewhere in the Montana wilderness. See what happens when you watch too many trump ego stroker rallies and fox news? They’re trying to scare you and holy moly you guys are so easy to manipulate. You sound like just the type of paranoid, hinky radical nut we need to make sure DOESN’T have a gun.

      • Oh Wow Mr. Mena were you the guy that broke into the house on my left last week or the house on my right last month? Both victims then called the cops who told them to bar their windows put in a burglar alarms and get a dog. Since the already had those items they asked me if I would loan them a gun.
        Hell no go fill out all that BS and wait for your background check. What is it now ten days?
        “But what if Mr. Mena comes back?”

        Mr. Meany ,
        Were you the 15 year old guy that stabbed the 13 year old on my corned 3 years ago and had his mommy drive the get away car?

        Were you the guy that dumped truck load of trash at the end of the block for Christmas? Or the guy that left a body in front of the elementary school about a year ago. Were you one of the two guys that beat to death a 89 year old woman off of McKey Rd. two years ago.

        Are you the one that keeps stealing mail and packages off our porches. Smashing car windows for change.
        Are you the one that tried to kidnap a girl walking home from school here a year so back.

        It’s not me that’s paranoid Mr. Mena, the military and police trained me to take care of scum balls.
        You sound like one of those paranoid scum balls Mr. Meany. If you are, be afraid, be very afraid because there are 100,000,000 more just like me out there.

        No Bunker , There is no crime!

  7. The best part is The City of San Jose will now have to create a whole new city department with 20-30+ new employees to store and monitor each and every gun purchase or transfer. After that, the police will have to log any and all information which will require storing the info in an already overworked computer mainframe and hiring more city employees to complete that task. Seems easier to buy a gun on the street corners of San Jose, along with my fake ID, and save the city money.

  8. Can we also take surveillance footage of everyone who buys marijuana at a dispensary and will mayor Liccardo wear a body camera so we can monitor his daily work day and conversations? Can we take surveillance photos of everyone who picks up a check at the welfare office? If not, why not? What’s wrong with transparency for all?

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