Christine Blasey Ford Makes Rare Appearance to Honor Gymnast Who Exposed Larry Nassar

Christine Blasey Ford broke her silence to honor a fellow survivor of sexual assault.

In her first media statement since testifying against soon-to-be-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh in September, the Palo Alto professor presented Sports Illustrated’s “Inspiration of the Year Award” to the first woman to publicly accuse ex-USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar of sexual abuse.

“Rachael Denhollander, I am in awe of you and I will always be inspired by you,” Blasey Ford said in a video the magazine posted online earlier this week. “In stepping forward you took a huge risk and you galvanized future generations to come forward even when the odds are seemingly stacked against them.”

“The lasting lesson,” Blasey Ford continued, “is that we all have the power to create real change and we cannot allow ourselves to be defined by the acts of others.”


  1. I think the reason this woman Ford can’t remember how she got to the house or how she got home is that the person who provided those services would have been a serious witness against her and told her attorneys the same. I think she was involved in local groups and came forward because she is anti-Trump and just happened to come from that area at that time. When she testified I was running VSA software on her first generation digital testimony and she failed in everything but her discussions about her normal life circumstances. I also believe that the alleged “One Question” Polygraph she took was a full Polygraph she failed and they used a non in depth question w/o follow up to say she passed. There is no such thing as a one question polygraph. There was no rape!

    • Jack, I don’t know what VSA software is (internet searches didn’t seem to know either, or else point at completely unrelated things), but based on Ford’s testimony versus what I saw that nutsack Kavanagh say in front of the Senate, I believe Ford way, way more than the alleged rapist that will soon be on the SCOTUS. That guy appears to be unhinged, and is just gonna be one more loose nut that helps to unwind our great institutions.

      Good for Christine Blasey Ford for starting to use the platform she was given to speak up in support of other survivors.

  2. > Christine Blasey Ford broke her silence to honor a fellow survivor of sexual assault.

    Yes! I think I remember her!

    Wasn’t she the deep state crisis actor who was given a fake identity by deep state Google and then trotted out to derail the Kavanagh nomination by deep state fairy godmother Senator Dianne Feinstein?

    And wasn’t DiFi, one time Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the legislative branch doppelganger for deep state king pin and former CIA director John O. Brennan?

    Small world.

    You can’t swing a dead cat in Palo Alto or Stanford or San Francisco without hitting someone involved in a silent coup.

  3. These days, anyone who is anti-Trump gets a free pass by Big Media, even when they’re lying like a child caught with chocolate on his face, standing next to the empty cookie jar.

    This despicable Blasey person has told one outright lie after another. That’s her problem, but the problem for the country is all the jockeying to prevent her from having to answer any real questions. She does lots of accusing, without having to answer for it.

    Isn’t it a principle in this country that an accused has the right to face his accuser? Blasey the accuser was protected from that because she was a new tool that the Dems needed. They were empty-handed without her. Their whole M.O. is to take down a President who was elected fair and square. That’s treason, no?

    Really, what has the President ever done that was wrong? By “wrong” I mean breaking the law, or lying under oath, or anything remotely as wrong as the previous President did — or as bad as his opponent in the election repeatedly did?

    I wasn’t comfortable with this President at first. But looking at what he’s accomplished, and then looking at his detractors’ lack of any morals, I’ve come to the conclusion that if he continues doing what he’s been doing, he’ll go down in history as one of the truly great Presidents.

    More than anything, I believe that our country dodged a bullet in the last Presidential election. If the President’s opponent had been elected instead, there would be no competiton for our medical dollars, and our borders would be completely open and as easy to cross as Sweden’s — and the UN would be well on its way to looting America (which remains its #1 priority).

    Like lots of others, I had a gut reaction to The Donald when he announced his candidacy. But that has changed from a visceral anti-Trump reaction, to being totally on-board with his agenda.

    As we’re always being told: don’t listen to someone’s words; look at their actions. President Trump is doing what’s good for the country — and thus, what’s good for me and my family. The problem is the Media and its elected cronies who pander to the Antifa types. They are so obviously filled with hatred that they’ve lost sight of the difference between good and evil. So they have become evil.

    Those people have never given the President a chance. There was never a “100 day Honeymoon,” like every other President has been given. Furthermore, they’ve thrown the longest juvenile tantrum ever seen in this country. I just shake my head over their despicable words and actions. Who among them is fit to be your neighbor, or mine?

    While the Media is promoting its hate-fest, treacherous electeds in Congress still walk free after allowing Middle Eastern illegals to download thousands of gigabytes of Top Secret data and send it overseas — something that would have been Front Page, above the fold news only 20 years ago. Now, the public is spoon-fed the Media’s pablum without being given the other side of the story. We only get the information they wanty us to have. Everything else is censored out.

    More than 90% of the print and broadcast Media in this country is owned by only six (6) corporate entities, — and they all broadcast the same stories in lock step. There is no opposing point of view. None. Given that cozy setup, is it any wonder that our country is going down the tubes so fast?

    I also used to wonder about the “Deep State.” But no more. Why? Because of what I imagine the people who created this country would say, if they came back here and saw what was happening: “What? You let them confiscate HALF of your income?! WHY? We revolted over a 3% tax, and we kicked out that King! Why are you electing the same kind of people? They’re thieves!”

    Working people in this country are paying HALF of their income in order to prop up a huge army of bureaucrats — almost all of them unnecessary. Why do we have a federal EPA — plus fifty other state EPA’s? That redundancy and waste is repeated across most of the other Cabinet departments, too.

    It is those bureaucrats who hate this President. They’re the “Deep State”. They perceive him to be a threat to their (unnecessary) jobs. But what about the working stiffs who have to pay the freight? Who represents THEM? The electeds don’t; that’s obvious.

    Finally, the bureaucracy is very fortunate there isn’t someone in the Presidency who didn’t care if he was liked. They just don’t realize how nice a guy President Trump really is.

    If there was someone more hard-nosed, and less concerned with his image, then they’d have to deal with someone who might really worry them. Recall that President Lincoln declared Martial Law, and canceled Habeas Corpus. At this point, that’s about the only thing that would fix the rot…

  4. Blasey-Ford was clearly either lying or confabulating when she testified at the Kavanaugh Hearing. She is certainly no one to be admired or anyone whose respect is worth earning. Consider:

    A police officer I know well contacted a victim of a brutal rape that occurred in 1983. (1983, that is not a typo). He can still recall the victim’s complete name, height, weight, hair and eye color, the drops of blood on the torn white peasant blouse she was holding against the front of herself after the attackers had torn it off of her, as well as the blue shorts she was wearing with her sandals. He remembers the location where he found the victim after someone called in to report a suspicious female knocking on doors and muttering for help then walking away. He recalls the dazed look on the victim’s face and her 1000 yard stare.

    He can recall the description of the suspect vehicle. He can tell you the names of two of the three suspects (ultimately only 2 of the 3 suspects were identified and caught) and where they lived and where he located and arrested the first suspect. He can tell you the name of the emergency room doctor at VMC who told the officer the location where he had to place 7 (not a typo, 7) stitches in a certain delicate area of the victim’s body (This was definitely not a case of consensual contact). He can’t recall the Emergency Room nurse’s name but would probably recognize her if he saw her again but he does remember her pained anger when she told him “These people (the suspects) are animals. I hope you catch them and shoot them” (again, that’s a quote etched in memory; nurses don’t generally talk that way).

    It was the last call on his last work day of that work week on midnight shift, about 2:30 or 3:30 in the early morning. Developing and following-up investigative leads immediately, the officer remembers working almost 36 hours straight without sleep, and eating only candy, coffee (and, OK, stereotypically a “donut” or two from Lou’s Donuts on Santa Clara Street) until locating and arresting one of the 3 suspects. He recalls bringing the suspect to the interview room and the name of the detective who got the confession.

    My friend remembers the name of the DA who prosecuted the case and the name of the defense attorney for each of the suspects. He remembers many of the questions he was asked at trial and the answers he gave. All this and more the officer recalls. He wasn’t even the victim, and even after 35 years, this officer still remembers practically every significant detail of this case.

    And Blasey-Ford can’t remember, with any specificity even where or when her supposed attack even happened?! Actual victims don’t forget those things; Folks, she’s not telling the truth, pure and simple. Yet, she tries to hold herself up as some sort of paragon of women’s rights? She needs help.

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