Google Expands Footprint in North San Jose, Mountain View

Google continues its rapid Silicon Valley expansion with a pair of real estate deals that will increase the tech giant’s presence in North San Jose and Mountain View.

In North San Jose, the tech giant has struck a deal to pre-lease four buildings currently under construction, a Google spokesperson confirmed to San Jose Inside on Wednesday. The company plans to move into the space by 2021.

Once filled, the buildings on the corner North First Street and Brokaw Road could accommodate 3,600 to 4,900 employees.

Google has been snapping up properties in north San Jose as it readies a dramatic expansion into the city. In addition to the four properties leased Wednesday, the advertising giant has also purchased three industrial buildings for $117.3 million north of State Route 237 and two office buildings on North First Street for $154.4 million.

The North San Jose effort is separate from Google’s plans for an extensive transit-oriented village near Diridon Station in downtown. There, Google plans to accommodate about 25,000 workers, 15,000 to 20,000 of whom would be Google employees.

Since 2016, Google has spent millions shoring up land in San Jose to hold its increasing workforce, which has ballooned to about 23,000 in the Bay Area alone.

Google also purchased three office buildings in Mountain View for $250.2 million, a Google spokesperson confirmed to San Jose Inside. The buildings had already been occupied by the company before the purchase this week.

Totaling 167,000 square feet, the Mountain View buildings are located at 900 Alta Ave., 1489 Charleston Road, and 1053 Joaquin Road. According to the Mercury News, citing sources familiar with Google’s plans, the company had been eyeing the purchase of these buildings, which are located near its GooglePlex headquarters.

But real estate company Peery Arrillaga would only allow the sale of the Mountain View buildings if Google also leased the north San Jose properties.

Google’s presence in Mountain View is part of the company’s larger plans for the North Bayshore area of the city. Over the next decade, Google plans to redevelop a massive mixed-use entertainment park complete with office space, retail, parks and housing. Although, the company’s plans for North Bayshore are currently tied up.


  1. God help us! Take Google out of San Jose to a place like Alaska. Google can build a massive Google land in the wilderness of Alaska and be neibor to Sarah!

    • > God help us! Take Google out of San Jose to a place like Alaska.

      Dear FEXXY:

      If President Trump turned loose the anti-trust dogs on Google and tore them limb from limb, THEN would you like Trump?

      • I do not deal with the devil’s follower. Trump is a racist and a sexist; Ilhan Omar an anti-Semite. Those on the extreme left and extreme right that defend what those two are quite similar, but fall on the extreme and left and right side of the curve. For this, they engage in the same behavior, defending bigots. Most Dems and Reps fall within one and a half standard deviations from the middle of the curve, to the left and right, of the political curve. Trump and Omar are more than two standard deviations from the mean of the curve. They are bigots and elements of divisiveness. I am a democrat, a feminist, and a Christian; I dislike bigots Trump and Omar. Voters at the center are saving this nation from the insanity of the extreme left and right! OUT OF MY CITY GOOGLE! RECALL ROSEN, LICCARDO, EMEDE…

        • > I am a democrat, a feminist, and a Christian;

          You left out “socialist” this time. Did Bernie get thrown under the bus?

          Also,what about Mayor Pete? It seems to be the case that he likes other men more than he likes women. It might even be the case that Trump likes women more than Mayor Pete does.

          I would imagine that it might be a struggle for Mayor Pete to be a committed feminist.

          If the democrats nominate Mayor Pete, THEN are you going to vote for Trump?

          • Oh yes Bubble, Trump likes women a lot; he likes and brags about grabbing women by their pussi…….s…so on and on. I am not a Bernie’s supporter. AOC and her ignorant and bigotry club do not represent me. I am a feminist. I do not support the bigots of our society even if they are females and democrats. Trump does not represent all Republicants and Omar does not represent all Democrats, they are the extremists and outliers of the political and societal expectrum. SHAME ON TRUMP AND OMAR!

        • I don’t think Trump is really very extreme at all on policy.
          He’s pretty centrist about gov’t spending; he hasn’t really reigned it in or addressed the deficit.
          He’s said he won’t touch gay marriage, if SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, it goes to the states, many of which have already passed relevant legislation.
          Trump’s prison reform legislation was _quietly_ cheered by progressives and African American leaders.

          I just think there are people that hate him extremely badly, mostly for sounding like a blowhard salesman when speaking. I understand.

          Trump’s marquee issue is border security. But he’s not really too extreme there either.
          Compare with Bill Clinton:

          You can see even more “extreme” clips on immigration from Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, even Bernie Sanders!

          So, do you see any real difference vs. Trump on this? I think the only change is that now there are 1.7M illegal crossings per YEAR, where in Bill Clinton’s time, that was probably roughly the total number of people illegally in the country.

      • These county supervisors and local politicians are so corrupted that I do not know who will actually investigate them. It is like everyone knows what they are up to, but no one is doing anything. Who investigate this Public Corruption? FBI…I urge local San Jose residents to call San Francisco FBI hotline and file complaint against these officials in the following order, Rosen, judiciary (family court), Liccardo, Cortese, and Chaves. It is known some of these officials have investments in Google and receive other favors…political contributions. Most of these corrupted politicians have a state office in mind. For this, they want to keep google happy, so google can finance their political careers one way or another. These people really know how to cheat the system. They do not care about Santa Clara County residents. They care about themselves.

  2. Google is also buying politicians.

    Three real estate firms including SARES Regis, contributed thousands to Dave Cortese, a Google vendor. Cortese refused three inquiries made to him about his relationship with Google vendors doing most of the land purchases in downtown San Jose. As for Ravel, she was completely ineffective at the FEC when it came to regulating Google and Facebook. Now, Ravel works for a law from firm that boasts about its use of Google Analytics, and targeted Lisa Gillmor, who asked Santa Clara city planners to raise questions about Google Property acquisitions. So Ravel sues Gillmor and loses a court case that will retard campaign disclosure laws. Google is purchasing land, local politicians, and now candidates like Cortese and Ravel. Does it surprise anyone that state laws are being made to curtail local regulation of development in Mountain View and San Jose? Ravel and Cortese also privately invest in companies that do business in medical insurance plans involving county government.

  3. > Who is mayor Pete by the way? Sorry I do not watch TV.


    It’s probably better for your physical and mental well being if you DON’T know anything about Mayor Pete.

    He’s probably not going to matter in another month or so.

    Save you brain space for something useful, like organizing a homeless caravan to San Francisco.

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