Top 50 Office Deals: Google Leads List with Bicoastal Land Buys

Google’s $1 billion purchase of Mountain View’s Britannia Shoreline Tech Park put the South Bay on the map as one of the top commercial real estate deals in the U.S. last year.

The Silicon Valley search-and-advertising giant’s purchase just a mile away from its flagship HQ ranked third among the nation’s 50 biggest single-asset office buys, according to a new report by property listing service Commercial Café.

Google, which is also angling to massively expand its footprint in downtown San Jose, announced its blockbuster Mountain View deal last fall, scooping up a dozen buildings on land it had already been leasing for the past decade.

The tech company’s shoreline purchase spanned an 800,000-square-foot office park on a 52-acre property. Broken down, that’s $19 million an acre—a record even for the exorbitant North Bayshore district and the largest office sale in California last year.

Google topped the same list for its $2.4 billion Chelsea Market acquisition in Manhattan.

All told, eight high-profile sales closed in California last year, including two in San Francisco, one in South San Francisco and one in Oakland.

And neither last nor least, Jay Paul Company’s $283 million purchase of CityView Plaza in San Jose ranked 41st on the list.


    • You probably can. I am seeing more and more people choosing homelessness and saving their money to get OUT of the Bay Area. If you are young and willing to be homeless for a couple of years then you might have enough money to buy a house for ALL CASH somewhere else.

  1. This is what happens when the tech industry floods America with low cost labor on h1b visas.

    If you didn’t have h1bs then tech wages would become so high that the jobs would have to start moving out of the area.

    If you aren’t making $150K a year then don’t move to the Bay Area. I used to say you needed to make $100K a year to afford the Bay Area but those days are gone.

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